Our CSR Program ‘OYO REACH’ Unveiled

Our CSR Program ‘OYO REACH’ Unveiled

“Promoting sustainable tourism, we assisted over 83% OYO hotels in Shimla to become rainwater harvesting compliant”

We are excited to announce the unveiling of our CSR program – OYO REACH. Our CSR program activities commenced from the Himalayan city of Shimla with a focus to solve the water scarcity situation Shimla faced in recent years. With this in mind, we took the initiative of implementing a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system across our hotels in Shimla.

Through our CSR assistance program, OYO REACH, we provided the necessary technical and financial assistance to our hotel owners in Shimla to implement rainwater harvesting techniques and systems. With this, over 83% of our Shimla properties are already rainwater harvesting compliant. Sensitizing our hoteliers and asset owners about the need for managing water resources efficiently, we were able to successfully secure the active participation and collaboration of majority of hotels that are part of our growing family in Shimla. Implementation of this technique will lead to an enormous increase in the savings of potentially 81,000 liters of water requirement for hotels.

We have been a frontrunner in modernizing small and budget hotels with the use of latest technology and first-of-its-kind innovations. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to harnessing technology and resources towards cultivating a culture of sustainability, focus on skill development, and economic opportunity creation in the cities where we operate and help to boost the local tourism


Meet the author / Aatif Hashmi