At OYO, every decision we take is to drive a stellar end-to-end customer experience. We do this by leveraging technology to drive efficiency, reduce friction, and even predict customer behavior. This is where data science plays a critical role.

Our data science team constantly gathers insights and feedback to make the OYO experience more personalized and consumer-centric. The idea is to understand what exactly the customer wants and how can we best deliver it to her. When analyzing data, the common questions we ask are –

Who is our customer?

What do they want?

How can we help customers find their stay better?

Where and why will we open the next OYO?

The answers to these and a number of other questions help us understand our customers better so we can provide them with a more personalized, near-customized experience.

How do we do this?

As you scroll down you will find some of the findings which came up in a recent exploration exercise.

We plotted the normalized geo-locations of our booking sources to find out where and when our guests need to stay at OYO. We rendered the locations of a few million bookings on a blank chart and naturally a complete map of India emerged.


Insights derived from OYO Map: We found that people from all over India are booking our hotels. One interesting thing we observed was that we could see the lines connecting major cities. After further overlaying with a map, we found that all these were major highways. It came out that our guests book OYO, even while they are on the road.


The above interaction (Click on map to activate) showcases the origin state of customers and the destinations they travel to.

Key findings and highlights:

Digging deep into this analysis has helped us in driving offline marketing and promotional activities. We know which cities feed demand to which cities. It is also helping us explore regions to set up more OYOs.

OYO Growth and Beyond:



Implications for our data science thrust:

These are a few of the many things we are driving. We are constantly trying to make the exploration, booking and stay experience seamless for our customers by embedding data-based decisions in all our processes.

From giving the best deals to our guests at the right time to optimizing our operations. With our data science team working on our big data setup, we will confidently beat the growth benchmarks set previously by us.

Here are some other interesting insights:

infographic final-01


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