Christmas by OYO

Christmas by OYO

Sorry for a late Christmas post. We were busy playing Santa, and now let’s tell you how.

Nothing represents joy and happiness like Christmas does and so, we decided to put our heads together and started thinking about how could we make this Christmas even more joyful for our customers. Our Operations and Customer Delight teams came up with the idea of playing Santa for our customers and our office, including the senior management, donned the red hats.

While Ritesh and other super bosses spent their time writing messages on the Christmas cards, the other elves of OYO got custom chocolates designed and chose funky JBL speakers and Sennheiser headphones along with other goodies to gift the customers.

When the day came, our employees went and delivered the gifts to select customers. What made this mission a success was seeing the element of surprise and happiness on the faces of our guests. However, nervousness seems to be integral to new ideas and we had our own set of apprehensions. Will people be willing to meet without knowing about the gifts? Will they like the gifts? Will the team be able to pull off the deliveries with their packed work schedules?

Turned out that our team touched the right chords with our guests yet again. Whether they were just out of bed or partying on the beach, whether with family or with friends, the guests really celebrated with us. You can witness the joy shared on our social media platforms. Just search for #OYOPlaysSanta. There is a smile on our faces as we write this, because we are truly delighted!!

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