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Winter Wonderland Adventures in Manali: Beyond Skiing

Manali undergoes a mesmerising transformation during winter. It looks lovely, turning into a magical wonderland. Most tourists visit during winter to experience the best of the place and enjoy skiing. But if you take a closer look, the town has more to it and is not limited to skiing. The place boasts numerous picturesque locations to explore and multiple other activities to indulge in. 

If you are planning to experience the vivid nature of Manali during the winners, continue ahead. We have listed multiple winter adventures and the best places to stay. Each offers a unique glimpse into the rare spectacle that Manali becomes during winter. To further amp up your experience, book into any OYO family hotels in Manali and explore the place as you deem perfect. 

Manali’s Unexplored Winter Adventures

Manali is at its best from October to February. Owing to the latest Himachal floods, check out the status of Manali flood-affected areas for a seamless journey. Once done, continue with the list below to delve into some thrilling adventure activities you can experience during the winter.

  • Ziplining

Ziplining is one of the best adventure activities to participate in the winter season. It is a hidden gem that delivers unparalleled thrills, leaving you feeling accomplished for the day. It caters to all levels of thrill-seekers. Haripur and Solang Valley are the ziplining spots in Manali. These places provide an exhilarating adventure starting from Rs. 1300. For a comfortable stay nearby, you can search using the phrase the ‘best OYO family hotels near me in Solang Valley’. 

  • River Crossing

Experience a unique adventure in Manali by crossing the river using a rope suspended from above. Much like boating or swimming, this activity allows you to meet your adventurous side and make memories of a lifetime. It’s an absolute must-try during your trip to Manali, offering a different level of excitement. Van Vihar and Solang Valley are the places where you will get to partake in such experiences by paying a fee of  Rs. 350 per person.

  • Zorbing

Zorbing, a long-standing adventurous sport in Manali, involves rolling downhill inside a human-sized plastic ball and bouncing back to the starting point. It may sound shaky, but it’s safe. Another variant involves being inside a floating, water-resistant plastic ball for a unique zorbing experience. You can find it in scenic spots like Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley and participate by paying Rs. 500 per person. Due to Manali’s current situation, the availability of Zorbing or any other adventurous sport might vary. 

  • Snow Scootering

Snow scootering is a fun adventure sport in Manali that’s become incredibly popular among tourists. You can ride up to 2 km in the snowy landscapes on a snow scooter. Drive with a trainer’s assistance, or enjoy driving alone. Head to Solang Valley or Rohtang Pass to participate in this activity. The per-person prices range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000. For a convenient stay, book a family suite in Manali.

Why choose OYO?

At OYO, we help you with the most comfortable stay at quality family hotels in Manali, adhering to a strict standardisation process. All our properties have trained staff and meet specific quality and service criteria. Emphasising cleanliness and hygiene, OYO family hotels undergo regular inspections. Additionally, our hotels offer round-the-clock customer service, contributing to an enhanced overall guest experience. 

The list comprises some of our affordable family hotels in Manali:

Discovering our property is just a search away. If you’re in Manali, search for “Best OYO family hotels near me,” you’ll find multiple OYO accommodations suitable to your budget. Choose from single rooms, rooms with double beds and a view or rooms for large groups. You can also look for OYO Manali hotels near Mall Road, and we have exclusive properties awaiting. 


So that is all about you participating in the winter adventures of Manali, other than skiing. Remember, the most comfortable thing to do for a fulfilling trip is to book the best accommodation, where you can relax and unwind yourself comfortably. OYO family hotels in Manali have your back in this case. Ensure you get yourself pre-booked, as winter is a peak time for tourists visiting Manali. Book into a wizard Mamber OYO for a flat 5% discount.  

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