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Discover Noida’s Lesser-known Art Galleries and Hidden Gems

Noida is famous for its industrial and commercial setups. Also, the place is recognised as one of the best shopping places in India. But if you want to avoid the city hustle and participate in a mesmerising journey of art and abstract mindsets, then Noida has multiple places to experience. So come along, be a part of the journey and look at the beautiful Noida ensembles by both pro and amateur artists. Also, in the process, we will help you learn why it is best to book into OYO hotels and then carry on with your artistic pursuits.  

Top Art Galleries and Hidden Gems in Noida

Here is a list of the top art galleries in Noida which also fulfils the criteria of being a hidden gem for Art enthusiasts: 

  • Kalakriti Art Gallery

Centrally located in Sector 18, Kalakriti Art Gallery is a paradise for art lovers and is considered one of Noida’s top art galleries. This place features contemporary Indian art and various sculptures and paintings. To help the audience witness a diverse art collection, this gallery exhibits the creations of existing and new artists. The Kalakriti Art Gallery hosts regular discussion sessions, exhibitions, and workshops.

  • Srijanart Gallery

To celebrate the country’s artistic diversity, Srijanart Gallery, situated in Sector 38, Noida, features a mixture of traditional and modern art forms. The Sirjanart Gallery has earned its standing as a hub for portraying various cross-cultural interactions through art and promoting prosperity. In this art gallery, the exchange of ideas, dialogues, and art forms of various religions and cultures is common. Visit the Sirjanart Gallery when you wish to exchange knowledge and traditions of different cultures.

  • Art Life Gallery

Art Life Gallery, situated in the dynamic neighbourhood of Sector 62, stands as proof of Noida’s constantly evolving art scene. The place features a contemporary, stunning collection of Indian art reflecting the country’s socio-cultural quality. The art gallery emphasises innovation and experimentation by different artists. This gallery allows us to exhibit the works of artists who get out of their comfort zones and try their hands at new horizons, pushing their creativity to the next level. The Art Life gallery regularly hosts interactive sessions, art talks and panel discussions for numerous art lovers. 

  • Nav Siddh Art Gallery

Nav Siddh Art Gallery, located in Sector 62, is the perfect place for people who want to witness new and fresh talents with their unique perspectives to view things. It is dedicated to new artists who want to share their art and talent with the world. The artworks featured in this gallery often portray the energetic vibe and enthusiasm of the young artists. The efforts are to turn this gallery into an ideal version for various art collectors seeking new perspectives and original art. 

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Avoid the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy various art galleries in Noida. These impressive collections spanning traditional to modern styles will mesmerise you and your friends. Visit this gallery on weekends or any time you wish to experience peace. Support existing and new budding artists by appreciating their talent and art. Also, do not forget to book your stay at an OYO family room hotel with OYO, and enjoy warm, high-quality hospitality 24/7.

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