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Why You Should Add Thane To Your Post-Quarantine Travel List

With the world closing down, our travel plans also came to an abrupt stop. Yes, we are going to pretend like we were not going to cancel the trip or get ditched last moment. The following months of self-quarantine made a great soul-searching journey for some and a constant repetition of “I wish I had not said no to that plan” for others. Fret not, as different parts of the country are going through their Unlock Phase, various facilities are being resumed and life is gradually returning to its normal pace.

Now, that all your travel plans will soon start coming up again and maybe the last moment ditching friends would also finally end up joining you on the trip – we have some ideas about the locations that you can add to your wish list. Thane or “The City of Lakes” is certainly a popular go-to spot for adventure junkies, nature lovers, families and friend gangs. Here, we have a list of some of the things you can do in Thane while you’re enjoying your post-quarantine trip!

1. Go bird-watching at Thane Creek

For those who are used to taking treks and trips in order to be close to nature, this is a must-visit spot. We are sure that after months of isolation, you would want to visit your favourite travel company again. After all, for those of us who have been quarantined in cities, we don’t have the luxury to sport lush greenery from our homes.

Thane Creek is an inlet in the shoreline of the Arabian Sea that is a perfect spot for your rendezvous with nature. You can even take a boat ride to the Thane Creek mangroves and spot a flock of flamingos that are known to frequently visit the spot. The solitary, quiet atmosphere will certainly put your mind to ease and allow you to breathe every part of nature in its essence.

2. Take a short drive to the Hidden Village

A short drive to a rustic retreat sounds like a perfect day out! It would take you about an hour to drive from thane to the Hidden Village. No, we are not playing games! The retreat is literally called the “Hidden Village”. It is a personal favourite of those who are travelling with their families and friends. This quaint little village offers services like indoor and outdoor games, spas, pedicures and more. It also shows the way to some of the most beautiful sights of nature.

A weekend in the Hidden Village, wherein you wake up for a short hike early morning and come back to get a relaxing spa- undoubtedly combines the best of both worlds and makes the trip worth every penny that you spend,

3. Rejoice in the colours of the Elvis Butterfly Garden

Situated at a distance of 7.6 km from Thane, the Elvis Butterfly Garden is always swarming with curious and inquisitive visitors. This one is a personal favourite of those who are always seeking to learn more through their travels. The garden is home to more than 132 species of butterflies. The best part is that you witness all these colourful creatures in their natural environment. The park owner also accompanies the visitors, letting them explore the premises and telling them about the metamorphosis stages of the butterfly. We don’t know if you will witness a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but a visit to this butterfly garden is surely an informative metamorphosis for your brain!

4. Unleash your inner child at the Vardhaman Fantasy Amusement Park

Let’s be honest, children and adults alike have the time of their lives in amusement parks! While the kids frolic around from one ride to another, you too can unleash your inner child and create a memorable experience at this popular tourist spot in Thane. The amusement park is specially known for its miniature models of the Seven Wonders of the World. However, the fact that amazes its visitors is that they are all made of thermocol! The park also has several themes like Viva Las Vegas, Lake Venetia, Colo Theatrum, Texas Cowboy and Greek Village. After all, we can all do some collective screaming on amusement park rides to blow off that self-quarantine steam!

5. Sunbathe at the Kelva Beach

A weekend getaway to the Kelva Beach is just the right healing experience for your mind and body. The experience of sitting near the deep blue waves crashing softly near you as the golden sand slips though your fingers cannot be summed up into words. If you decide to pay a visit to the beach, leave after you have watched the breath-taking sunset from its shore. As the sky is filled with variant hues of orange, red and purple, it really looks like a scene out of a fantasy movie. You can also do different activities like horse riding, camel riding at the beach and visit other tourist spots like the Kelva Fort in the area.

6. Trek to the top of the Mahuli Fort

Get your body some natural exercise after months of self-quarantine. What is a better way than trekking in the lap of nature! This trail is a popular go-to spot for rock climbers and adventure junkies. The best part is that you don’t have to be an experienced trekker to get the best experience out of this little trip. Just gather your trip mates, pack some munchies and head over to the top of the Mahauli Fort!
Visit the iconic Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort is not only a monument protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and a repository of heritage, but also a frequented spot by the entertainment industry. If you visit this spot and find it strangely familiar, no it is not a déjà vu feeling! You probably recall it from the popular “Hymn of the Weekend” video by Coldplay and Beyonce that was shot here. If you haven’t heard the song, then you have probably watched one of the Bollywood movies like Josh, Aag and Khamoshi that were filmed here!

Find yourself a place to stay at Thane

The OYO hotels situated at various key points in Thane are sanitized professionally and seek to provide the safest travel experience to its visitors. Be it hotels, homestays or townhouses – you can find something that fits your taste best. The different locations of the residences also vary from hotspots in the city to accommodations near relatively solitary neighbourhoods. We hope to offer a comfortable experience for you that can make your first post-quarantine trip absolutely memorable.

Sanitised Hotel In Thane

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