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The Post-Quarantine Guide To Exploring Tamil Nadu

It seems like only yesterday, when we were going about our normal days and making travel plans for the much-awaited summer months! Perhaps, those travel plans did not get executed in the way we would have liked them to, but there’s always a new day. Now, that different parts of the country are gradually returning to the normal pace, we are sure your WhatsApp travel groups are reviving again!

If you are still finalising your travel wish-list, be sure to add Tamil Nadu to it! Be it its ancient temples or picturesque little towns – the place has a charm of its own. Also, with Tamil Nadu going through the Unlock 4.0 phase, religious places, hotels and other transportation services are also resuming. So, to make your travel plans a tad bit easier, here we have a list of some of the not-so-usual things that you can do in Tamil Nadu to get a complete travel experience!

Offbeat Things To Do On Your Trip To Tamil Nadu

1. Chase the waves at the Kovalam Beach

You will find utterly beautiful beaches swarming with people at almost every location. After all, is there a better way to destress than to soak in the warm summer light as you hear the fain crashing of the waves?

However, if there is one thing that makes Kovalam Beach so special is that it combines the two worlds of calm and chaos. While the slow, reggae vibes of the place can put anyone in a good mood, its popularity as a surfing location gives you just the adrenaline rush you need. Just rent a surfing board and get ready to ride a wave!

2. Lose yourself in books at the Anna Centenary Library

‘Go to a library, get a card, it’s FREE!’ – Jacqueline Wilson
We know what you are thinking! Why exactly would I want to go visit a library once my self-quarantine ends?
For starters, libraries are one of the safest go-to destinations that have opened up during the Tamil Nadu 4.0 Unlock period. Also, for all the literature enthusiasts who have been cooped up at home, the musky smell of old books in libraries have surely been missed.

The Anna Centenary Library is like a paradise for all book-lovers. Running across 9 floors, it is one of the largest libraries in Asia. A quiet day in one of the library corners, escaping into the pages of your favorite book sounds like the perfect way to go on a date with yourself!

3. Visit the Potter’s Village in Madurai

Artistic villages that carry a unique cultural heritage always make a beautiful visit. The village of ‘Vilacheri’, also commonly known as the ‘Potter’s Village’ is a warm place whose people welcome inquisitive travelers with wide smiles and open hearts. As you witness the villagers make beautiful artworks out of mud and clay, you can be that one person who asks innumerable number of questions and for once, nobody will tell you to zip it up. The villagers are proud to display their traditional handicrafts and always make you feel welcomed. They are also famous for two particular creations – papier mache dolls and Navratri golu dolls.

4. Get a taste of vintage at the GeDee Car Museum

Do your ears perk up whenever you hear car conversations? Do you feel an instant bond with the person who is driving the same car as you? Are you someone who refers to themselves as a car lover?

Well, if you are an automotive enthusiast, you cannot miss out on this location! This museum is home to some of the most iconic cars in the history of time. From Hitler’s people car and the Volkswagen Beetle (the first rear engine car) to the Benz motorwagen (first ever car in the world like) – a visit to this vintage museum is like a direct trip to the past.

5. Go Café hopping in Pondicherry

Be it travelling solo, having a romantic rendezvous or finally embarking on that much-awaited family trip – Pondicherry offers something unique to everyone. No trip is complete without a little treat to your taste buds every now and then. This charming city is well-acquainted with cafes – be it the quirky, colourful kind that are lined by the street or the expensive diners – you will find something that fits your taste perfectly. Also, if you are one to enjoy French cuisine, Pondicherry will have amazing surprises in store for your inner foodie.

6. Go on a day trip to Auroville

If there is one word to sum up the experience of Auroville, it is ‘catharsis.’ Even though we have had a long break from our normal life in quarantine and have gotten time to be alone with our thoughts, there is something about travelling that activates soul-searching like nothing else. If you had to go to one place to find your peace of mind – let it be Auroville. This experimental, universal township is home to about 2,500 people from 49 countries and carries the vision of human unity beyond cast and creed. Do visit the famous Matrimandir while you are here and get your hands on the organic Auroville food. We are sure, what might have looked like a day trip plan to you, might just turn into a fortnight long trip!

7. Go on a shopping spree at Express Avenue Mall

We have spent almost an entire season in self-quarantine. Now, with the Tamil Nadu Unlock 4.0, as Malls are gradually re-opening – we have an entire season wardrobe to update. Go unleash your inner child at the gaming arcade, buy some cute souvenirs to take back home and have an amazingly fun day out at the Express Avenue Mall.

The mall also has the largest gaming complex in South India. Kids play zone, eight screen cineplex – it is the one stop destination for everything you can possibly want.

Find a place to Stay while you are Travelling in Tamil Nadu

If you are planning a trip to Tamil Nadu and having doubts about where you can stay, there is always an OYO residence near every key spot in the region. To ensure the safest and best possible experience for our clients, we also have the hotels sanitized as per professional guidelines. If you are traveling on a budget, you can always book a homestay without burning a hole in your pocket.

At the end of the day, our concern is to provide the best possible customer-friendly service and cater to all your needs. If you want to find a homestay in a peaceful, close to nature environment or a hotel near the key attractions in the city – you can go browse on the official website to spot an OYO residence that fits your bill and make a booking!

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