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Why is Goa the Perfect Place to Celebrate Christmas?

Goa is a well-known travel destination in India. It is popular for its beaches, nightlife, sporting activities, etc. The place is on everyone’s bucket list, and it is unique in its own way. The top sightseeing places in Goa offer something for everyone to enjoy and make memories.

You can search for family hotels in Goa and book the hotel that is right for you. There are many comfortable OYO rooms available in Goa. You can book them and make your Christmas celebrations more blissful. 

Reasons Why Goa is the Perfect Place to Celebrate Christmas

  • Attend Mass at Midnight

There are more than 400 churches in Goa. Visit churches around where you booked your hotel, offer prayers, and sing Christmas carols together with other people. You can visit Bom Jesus Church, Church of Our Lady Immaculate Conception, etc. Church services begin at 10 am and midnight mass gatherings begin at 10 pm.

Our top pick for a family hotel in Goa would be OYO Flagship 702984 Hotel La Parla. 

  • Fireworks Show

Watch the cracker show all around Goa for the most memorable Christmas experience. The entire city turns into a dreamy show.

  • Homemade Chocolates

Cakes are the most special delicacies during Christmas. Different types of chocolate cakes and other Christmas delicacies are a treat in Goa. Food lovers must try delicious Goan dishes. The homemade chocolate cakes in Goa are appetizing. You can visit Pastry Cottage, Cream Choc, Ice Cream, Jila Bakery, etc.

  • Dance with the Goans

Goa is full of party lovers dancing on the dance floor. On Christmas eve, you can enjoy the booze, join the crowd, and dance with them. You will love dancing and interacting with other tourists and locals. OYO Flagship 702956 Seven Seas Guest House is a cosy and affordable option in Goa. 

  • Participate in the competition.

Crib-making is a well-known festive activity in Goa on Christmas Eve. You can participate in crib-making competitions and come up with unique ideas related to interior design. 

You can participate in cake-making competitions and take gourmet classes, where the festival is celebrated by mixing dry fruits with wine. Crib hopping is another well-known festive activity. You can hop around, visit crib-making exhibitions, attend Christmas plays, and party across the city. Many clubs in Goa host Christmas parties. Check out OYO Flagship 703389 Blue Ocean Pearl and other OYO Rooms in Goa. 

  • Bike Ride

Bike Riding is a popular tourist activity in Goa. You can hire a bike, visit churches around the city, and have a feast at different restaurants, cafes, and eateries in Goa. Go on a bike ride and explore Goa lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and other decorations.

  • River Cruise

Book a river cruise or organize a party on a private boat with friends. Christmas is the perfect time to visit Goa. You can book a river cruise like the Mandovi River Cruise and enjoy a spectacular Christmas evening. A Christmas evening spent cruising will be special. Book a cruise for yourself and your dear ones and enjoy the Christmas celebrations in Goa.

  • Christmas Feast

Goa is well-known worldwide for its enticing cuisine. You can visit a restaurant and have a traditional Goan Christmas dinner at a high-class restaurant. The delicious delicacies include stuffed chicken, varieties of grilled seafood, plum cakes, etc. You can also visit posh restaurants and participate in Christmas dinner buffets.

  • Party Hopping

While Goa is well-known for its nightlife, many clubs and pubs across the city host parties on Christmas Eve, and you can hop with your friends. You can party on the beach all night. 

  • Participate in the ‘Burn the Old Man’ Festival

If you plan to spend your holidays in Goa, you can participate in the Burn the Old Man festival. The traditional festival of Goa takes place on the eve of New Year. On the festival day, people burn the effigies of old men, which implies burning troubles and problems of the past year.


You can spend the Christmas holidays in Goa in various ways partying on beaches, visiting churches, attending midnight mass, and simply taking some time to explore Goa with your near and dear ones. You can visit the top sightseeing spots in Goa. Look for OYO Rooms to book the best family hotels in Goa for your family.


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