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Eight Most Charming Cities During Christmas

The Christmas season is coming soon. You can witness lighting, markets, decorations, and well-lit celebrations. Let’s see the eight cities that are all decked up for this Christmas season!

Eight Cities to Visit During Christmas

  • Kolkata

Popularly known as the ‘City of Joy,’ the people residing in Kolkata celebrate Christmas with much zeal, making it a must-visit tourist destination in India during Christmas. Light and sound carnivals, music performances, sparkling decorations, and huge discounts in various shopping malls make the Christmas celebration in the City of Joy a happening affair.

You can visit Park Street in Kolkata and become a part of the Christmas Carnival. Park Street is one of the top sightseeing spots in Kolkata on Christmas Eve. There are several family hotels in Kolkata around Park Street. Some of them are OYO Flagship 703330 Om Shanti Plaza, Flagship 700520 Hotel Green Leaf, and OYO Townhouse 143 Hotel Royal Garden.

  • Shillong

If you think there are no good places to visit in the North-East on the eve of Christmas, you should think about it again. With an ample Catholic population, the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong, celebrates Christmas with enthusiasm, eagerness, joy, and warmth. It is a good holiday destination in India during Christmas. You can visit the mass at midnight and see the old fir tree lighting.

There is much top sightseeing in Shillong, and you can check out all the family hotels in Shillong and book a room according to your convenience. To enjoy your Christmas holidays in Shillong, you can book OYO Rooms like OYO 9097 Home Stay Laban and OYO Flagship 702928 Evergreen Guest House.

  • Hyderabad

The residents of Hyderabad celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm and grandeur. Many cafes and restaurants in Hyderabad offer discounts so that people can enjoy a delicious Christmas feast.

You can be a part of the Christmas celebrations in malls. You can visit multiple top sightseeing spots in Hyderabad and look at family hotels in Hyderabad. You can search for OYO Rooms in Hyderabad and book the one that is right for you. OYO 71916 New Cyber Grand Madhapur, OYO 30151 Golden Hive, OYO 9405 Hotel Stay Home, and numerous other OYO rooms are available throughout the city.

  • Ooty

Ooty is a hill station in Tamil Nadu with plenty of churches that attract tourists from across the globe. The refreshing climatic conditions and the scenic beauty of the hill station make Ooty a must-visit place during Christmas celebrations. You can experience the fun, festive activities in the churches. In Ooty, you will also find festive activities like Christmas feasts, carols, and midnight masses.

The hill town has multiple comfortable OYO Rooms like OYO 7665 Home Stay Fable Stay, OYO Home 78034 New Star Cottages, and many more.

  • Gulmarg

If you wish to experience Christmas celebrations in the snow, you can visit Gulmarg. It is an ideal destination to experience a white Christmas celebration. Book any one of the family hotels in Gulmarg and enjoy the celebrations. You can book OYO rooms in Gulmarg. A few OYO rooms available in Gulmarg are OYO 8789 Hotel Noor Palace, OYO 19811 ABC Residency, and many more.

  • Shimla

In Shimla, you can attend prayers at Christ Church, ride a toy train, witness the hills covered with snow, and eat at cafes and restaurants on Mall Road. You can visit the top sightseeing spots in Shimla and enjoy the festive activities in churches. Stay at any one of the family hotels in Shimla and enjoy Christmas Eve. To celebrate a snowy Christmas, you can book OYO rooms like OYO Flagship 702571 Hotel Himani Mall Road and OYO Flagship 703056 Solo Home Shimla, even though there are many more affordable OYO rooms in Shimla.

  • Bhubaneshwar

Popularly known as the City of Temples or Temple City, Bhubaneshwar is also a remarkable tourist destination you can visit on Christmas. You can visit churches and attend festive events around the city. Book any one of the family hotels in Bhubaneshwar and enjoy the Christmas celebrations. In Bhubaneshwar, you can make the most of your trip by enjoying the comfortable environment of OYO rooms like OYO 3553 Nayapalli and OYO 4108 near Kalinga Hospital. Many more comfortable OYO rooms are available in the city.

  • Pondicherry

Pondicherry has become one of the top tourist Christmas destinations. It offers many festive activities

for tourists, like delicious crunchy cookies, Christmas decorations, gift ideas, etc. If you plan a trip to Pondicherry during Christmas, you can attend the mass at midnight and visit the Christmas markets. There are multiple family hotels in Pondicherry. To have the best experience in the union territory, you can enjoy the comforts provided by OYO rooms, OYO Townhouse 1026 De Heritage, OYO 62555 Victoria Heritage, and other OYO rooms that will make your celebrations memorable. 


Christmas celebrations in India are quite a happening affair, specifically in the cities mentioned in the article. There are family hotels in Kolkata, Shillong, Ooty, Hyderabad, Gulmarg, Shimla, Bhubaneshwar, and Pondicherry. OYO Rooms are available in all the cities mentioned above. Book any of them in whichever city you visit this Christmas with great enthusiasm.


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