Weekends In Western India: Lose Yourself In The Tranquillity That Surrounds Bhandardara

Bhandardara is a popular weekend destination for those who plan on leaving behind the monotony that surrounds city life.  Bhandardara is not just a tourist destination, but also a popular weekend spot for those who want to enjoy a jolly good time with friends, relatives and families.  Those who wish to explore Satara should definitely start by exploring Bhandardara.

Also, since Bhandardara is a popular tourist spot, Bhandardara hotels can be booked with a lot of ease (by going online). All those wanting to leave behind the commotion associated with Mumbai can give Bhandardara a try this weekend.

Reaching Bhandardara by Road, Rail and Air

Reaching Bhandardara is easy as the place happens to be well connected to Mumbai (and with other parts of the country as well). Mumbai and Bhandardara are separated by a distance of about 165 km. Those travelling from Pune to Bhandardara will have to cover a distance of 160 km. All those travelling on their way to Bhandardara from Mumbai can travel via NH 160. Do start out early in the morning as traffic happens to be quite a problem in Mumbai. Book Bhandardara hotels before you choose to travel to this destination over the weekend in order to keep all of the trouble at bay.

Also, Bhandardara does not have an airport, but those planning on visiting this hill station can choose to fly to the Mumbai airport, which is located at a distance of about 160 kms from Bhandardara. Do make it a point to get Bhandardara hotels booked as soon as you possibly can as the place tends to get fairly crowded during the weekends.

Igatpuri is the nearest railway station that connects Bhandardara to the rest of the country via rail. Get down at the station and book a taxi/cab to reach Bhandardara from the railway station. The distance between Igatpuri and Bhandardara  is less than 40 km, which makes it possible for people to commute to Bhandardara (from Wathar) quite easily. However, do make it a point to book Bhandardara hotels beforehand as searching for a hotel after reaching Bhandardara is going to be a tough ask.

What Does Bhandardara Have in Store for the Visitors?

Kalsubai Peak

Night treks to Kalsubai are quite popular among the masses. It is one of the most picturesque trekking destinations in the entire country, and is Maharashtra’s highest peak as well. It needs to be noted that the summit invites cold gusts of wind, which means it would certainly6 be a great idea to carry warm sleeping bags, clothes and flashlights.  Moreover, the trek is quite lengthy, and it takes close to four (4) hours to complete the trek. Therefore, those planning to trek need to pump up their spirits. Also, book Bhandardara hotels as soon as you plan on visiting the place.

Ratanwadi Village

This village in Maharashtra is a visual spectacle, to say the least. The place sits near the Arthur Lake, which makes it possible for the travellers to access this village by going for a boat ride. Also, it is a picturesque location that should definitely make its way to the travel list of all those who wish to try out their hand at photography. Plus, there is an old temple, dedicated to lord Shiva, which can be visited by the tourists and visitors.  Do remember to book Bhandardara hotels without any delay if and when you are willing to visit the place.

Randha Falls
The Randha Falls is yet another popular tourist attraction that sits in the middle of thick forest cover and mountains. The waterfall remains active throughout the year and offers some mesmerising views. The vicinity is covered with thick blankets of green, which provides the visitors and tourists with ample visual relief. Also, the area is a popular picnic spot because of the presence of plants and mountains. Moreover, there happens to be a temple near the waterfall that provides the viewers with a mesmerising view of the vicinity. Book Bhandardhara hotels this summer to enjoy a hearty vacation in the western part of the country.

Arthur Lake
If you happen to visit the Wilson Dam, then do make it a point to visit the Arthur Lake as well. It is one of the ideal tourist attractions for couples as sunsets near the lake happen to be nothing short of splendid. Also, bird watching happens to be a popular thing to undertake near the lake. There are various exotic species of birds that can be watched taking flight in the vicinity. Book Bhandardhara hotels near the Arthur Lake to enjoy a hearty time with family and friends this summer.

Check Out the Best Eating Joints in Bhandardara

Bhandardara is known for its colourful culinary scene. Those wanting to enjoy an authentic Maharashtrian cuisine can try out some of the best restaurants in and around the area. Also, there is a coffee house that can be accessed by those who wish to check out some exciting snacks and beverages. Make sure you try out the Gujarati thali without fail. Book the best hotels in Bhandardara and enjoy a memorable weekend trip/vacation in the western part of India.

What to do in Bhandardara?

Camping is one of the most popular things to do in Bhandardara. Also, Igatpuri is no less popular as a camping destination than Bhandardara. Moreover, there are trekking facilities available in Bhandardara that can be availed by those who have a taste for adventure and adrenaline. Those who wish to explore the beauty of India’s Western Ghats should definitely get hotels in Bhandardara booked as soon as possible.  Star gazing during night-time is also a popular thing to undertake in and around the area. Plus, nature lovers cannot afford to give Igatpuri and Bhandardara a skip because some of the Mother Nature’s magnificent wonders are located in this part of the country.

To top it all, the place is just about perfect for those who wish to introspect in peace.

Happy vacationing, folks!

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