Summer Sojourns: Embrace The Undying Beauty And Charisma Of Dehradun

Dehradun is counted amongst North India’s best tourist attractions. Those who wish to explore the plains of north India should definitely plan a visit to Dehradun this summer. Also, Dehradun’s close proximity to some of the major hill stations in India has also played a major role in enhancing the reputation of this bite-sized town in Uttarakhand.

Also, the place is known for its peaceful look and feel. Every year, countless tourists travel to Dehradun in order to rediscover peace and contentment. Moreover, this city in Uttarakhand tends to open up the gateway to some of the best (and popular) hill stations in India, including Mussoorie and Shimla.  Moreover, Dehradun hotels are packed with all the major facilities and amenities to make your stay easier and comfortable.

How to Reach Dehradun?

The Best thing about Dehradun is: it is well-connected to almost all of the major cities in the country. It will take a fraction over six hours for the touring parties to reach Dehradun from Delhi via road. Also, it needs to be noted that the road conditions in Dehradun are just about perfect and allow the tourists with ample opportunities to enjoy a hearty drive. Do remember to book a hotel in Dehradun as soon as you finalise the trip because Dehradun tends to attract a great deal of visitors and tourists during the peak tourist season.

Also, those planning to travel by train can board a train bound for Dehradun. The Shatabdi also runs between the two cities. This means you would be able to travel with ease to Dehradun without worrying too much about the distance.  Also, Dehradun has a railway station of its own, which is located a distance of just a couple of kilometres from the city. This makes it all the more convenient for the masses to travel to Dehradun by train.  Remember to book hotels in Dehradun before going ahead with the trip this summer.

Dehradun can also be reached via air. All you need to do is: book a flight to Dehradun and get down at the Jolly Grant airport. The airport is located at a distance of about 20 km from the main city. Cabs and/or taxis can be booked from the airport to reach Dehradun with ease.

The Best Places to Visit in Dehradun

Clock Tower

Clock Tower (or the Ghanta Ghar) is one of the major attractions in Dehradun. The tower sits bang in the middle of Dehradun’s commercial district. All those who wish to gain insights into the colonial history of Dehradun need to visit the Clock Tower without fail.  Even though the tower isn’t functional anymore, it doesn’t fail to attract vast scores of tourists towards it.


Lachhiwala is a nature park that is loved by families and solo travellers alike.  There are man-made pools to be found in Lachhiwala, which makes it possible for the touring parties to enjoy a hearty vacation in the north. Also, the place offers a fresh and lively feeling to everybody as it is brimming with people throughout the year. The parks is stationed at a distance of 22 kms from Dehradun can be accessed easily through the roadways. Surrounded by thick forests on all sides, this tourist attraction is one of the most popular picnic spots in the region. Also, Dehradun hotels around Lachhiwala are equipped with the best-in-class services for the tourists to enjoy a heart little stay.


Shasradhara (the thousand fold spring) is one of the major tourist attractions in Dehradun. Sulphur water springs happen to be a major attraction in and around the region. Also, the Tapakeshwar Mahadev Mandir lies nearby. Plus, the Sai temple is located at a considerable height and can be accessed using a ropeway. Moreover, do make a point to visit Joyland, which is an amusement park that ends up attracting a lot of kids to Shasradhara. Enjoy the serene beauty of this tourist attraction and lose yourself in its undying beauty. Also, hotels in Dehradun near Sahasradhara can be booked by going online.


Robber’s Cave
Think of peace and the robber’s cave would automatically come to mind. Travel for about 8 km from the centre of Dehradun and you would be able to reach this very popular tourist spot. The place is known for its scenic beauty and silence. The cave sits right in the middle of the forest, which lends it a largely ‘fresh’ and secluded look and feel. These caves are located near the Sahasradhara and happen to attract a great deal of tourists and travellers throughout the year.  Book Dehradun hotels near the Robber’s Cave to explore the very best of nature and its wonders in Dehradun.

Dehradun is a Shopaholic’s Best Friend
Right from the age-old Paltan Bazaar to the ever-popular Rajpur Road, there is absolutely no dearth of shopping destinations in Dehradun. All those wanting shop for footwear, clothes, gifts and handicrafts can make their way to the Paltan Bazaar. The place is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Dehradun and happens to be brimming with people (and tourists) for most part of the day.

Moreover, the Rajpur Road is known to house some of the best shopping malls in Dehradun. All those who want to explore the best shopping destinations in North India should definitely make it a point to visit Dehradun without fail. Also, book the best hotels in Dehradun to enjoy a memorable and comfortable stay this summer.

Appease Your Taste Buds in Dehradun

Milk rusks happen to be a popular thing to buy and eat in Dehradun. There are various bakeries that prepare fresh rusks for the tourists to buy. Also, do try out the chilli moms at Kalsang. In short, Dehradun is the ideal place for all those who plan on appeasing their taste buds this summer. Right from North Indian delicacies to South Indian culinary delights, visitors will get to treat themselves to a lot of food in Dehradun.

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