Weekends In Western India: Experience The Unmatched Beauty Of Jawhar

Jawhar is one of the premiere hill stations that sit near the Maharashtra-Gujarat border. All those who wish to explore the rich and illustrious cultural heritage of India’s west should make their way to Jawhar without fail. Also, the place is happens to be popular amongst those who wish to explore the various hill stations scattered around Maharashtra.

Also, the place is just the destination to explore if the idea to spend some time away from the noise and commotion that city life contains in abundance. Do book hotels in Jawhar as soon as possible because the place tends to attract a lot of visitors and tourists over the weekend (throughout the year).

How to Reach Jawhar?

All those residing and/or working in Mumbai will not require more than 2-3 hours to reach Jawhar.

By Road:

Those travelling by road can reach Jawhar in about 3-4 hours. The distance between Mumbai and Jawhar is 140 km, which means you will need somewhere between 2.5-3 hours to reach this mesmerising hill station. The roads to Jawhar are well-developed. Also, do make it a habit to book hotels in Jawhar whenever you plan on visiting the place anytime soon. Do note that a journey from Mumbai to Jawhar is going to bring the visitors closer to some picturesque roadways and hills.

By Train

As far as train journeys are concerned, Jawhar doesn’t have a railway station of its own. However, the Igatpuri railway station is the nearest railway station that connects Jawhar with other parts of the country.  A distance of about 70 km tends to sit between Igatpuri and Jawhar. However, you can book cabs and/or taxis in order to reach Jawhar from Igatpuri. Get ready to be mesmerised by the unmatched beauty of this hill station near Mumbai. Also, get going and book hotels in Jawhar beforehand if and when you are planning to visit this destination.

By Air

Travelling to Jawhar by air? Please note that Jawhar does not have a dedicated airport of its own for the tourists to use. However, those travelling to Jawhar by air can de-board at the Nasik airport and make their way to Jawhar (from Nasik) with ease. The distance between Nasik and Jawhar is 80 km, and can be covered with ease by hiring a cab.

Jawhar Has a Bunch of Mesmerising Tourist Attractions for People to Take Notice

Jawhar houses some exquisite tourist attractions that would be loved by those who want to explore the natural beauty of Maharashtra (and its vicinity). Also, the place offers a peaceful environment for those who wish to introspect and spend some time in peace and tranquillity.  Do not forget to book hotels in Jawhar before finalising the trip.

Here are some of the best places that tourists need to explore without fail in Jawhar:

Sunset Point

The Sunset Point is one of the best places to visit in Jawhar. All those who happen to be searching for a mesmerising (and romantic) destination to spend some time with their spouse can pay a visit to the Sunset Points. As the name suggests, witnessing a sunset from this point happens to be an experience unlike anything else. The place is a must visit for all the nature lovers out there and needs to be visited by all those who wish to explore the beauty that one associates quite frequently with Jawhar. Moreover, do remember to book hotels in Jawhar near the sunset point because it is where everybody wants to be.

Dabdaba Falls
Dabdaba Falls is one of the most frequently-visited places in Jawhar. You can visit this place to treat your eyes to its stunning natural beauty and peacefulness. All those who wish to leave behind the fast-paced city life for a while can give this place a visit. The Dabdaba Falls needs to be visited by all those who wish to spend some time in the arms of nature. Aldo, photography happens to be a popular activity and is practiced by almost everybody who gets to visit this natural wonder. Visit Dabdaba Falls and book a hotel in Jawhar near it to enjoy a memorable weekend getaway,

Bhopatgad Fort
Most of the fort is in ruins, but people still visit it because it happens to be a popular trekking destination for many. Also, the place gives a fairly secluded look and feel, which makes it ideal for all those who wish to spend time whilst introspecting. Also, the vicinity is green and bright. Visit this fort during rains and you will get to enjoy an adventurous trek. Moreover, do not forget to book hotels in Jawhar near this fort to enjoy a hearty weekend.


Shirpamal is yet another popular destination that can be explored by all those who wish to get insights into the rich and illustrious history of the Maratha Empire. Also, the place has become a popular tourist attraction in Maharashtra because of its association with Shivaji Maharaj.

What to Eat in Jawhar?

There aren’t too many outlets for eating out in Jawhar as it is a bite-sized tourist attraction. There are, however, some exceptional eateries and restaurants in Jawhar. The Parsi Dhaba is one of the premiere restaurants in and around the area and offers the tourists an opportunity to indulge in various Parsi delicacies. Please note that the dhaba serves only vegetarian food. This means all those looking to indulge in several non-vegetarian delicacies might end up feeling a bit disappointed.

Also, get a hotel in Jawhar near the dhaba as it would make it easier for you to move around with ease.

Shopping in Jawhar This Summer

Handicrafts happen to be one of the most popular things to buy in Jawhar. Also, it is important to note that Warli paintings (on canvas) can be bought by people. Traditionally, these painting were made on walls, but quite a few improvisations have taken place in recent times. Consequently, these paintings can now be bought with ease by the tourists visiting Jawhar.

Visit Jawahar this summer and give rise to countless fond memories.

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