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Weekend Vibes: Here’s Why Karjat Should Be There on Your Travel List

Karjat is a popular weekend destination for those who wish to spend a jolly good time with friends and family over the weekend. All those wanting to enjoy a memorable time this weekend can get hotels in Karjat booked online. All those who wish to explore the various hill stations scattered in and around the western part of India can give Karjat a try.

Karjat happens to be a popular destination for all those who wish to take some time off with friends and family.

Reaching Karjat

By Road

All those residing in Mumbai can visit Karjat with ease. A drive from Mumbai to Karjat will take less than a couple of hours. It is for this reason that Karjat happens to sit atop the travel list of all those who live and/or work in Mumbai. The distance between Mumbai and Karjat is 63 kms, this makes it convenient for people to travel to Karjat over the weekend. Also, various roadways connect Mumbai and Karjat. Those wanting to travel to Karjat can also go for buses and other forms of public transport. Moreover, do remember to book hotels in Karjat without any delay as the place tends to get crowded during the peak tourist season.

By Air

Those who do not reside in Mumbai can book flights to Mumbai. A distance of 72 km needs to be covered in order to reach Karjat from the airport. This means it will take 2 hours (approx.) for travellers and tourists to reach Karjat from the station. Also, do remember to book hotels in Karjat before materialising the trip because searching for a hotel in Karjat after landing in Karjat is not a smart idea, to say the least.

By Train

Karjat station connects Karjat with other parts of the country. All those travelling to Karjat from Pune can make use of the shuttle trains that connect the two cities. Railway connectivity tends to make Karjat a popular holiday destination for people living in Mumbai and Pune.

Karjat Has Some of the Best Tourist Attractions for People to Visit and Admire

Yes, Karjat is one of the best weekend destinations for those who wish to explore the charming beauty of the hill stations scattered in and around Mumbai.  Also, Karjat has a lot in store for those who wish to go sightseeing. Here are some of the best places to visit for tourists in Karjat:

Kothaligad Fort
One of the best places to visit in Karjat, this fort sits between vast green spaces and hills. Those visiting the fort will get to witness the beauty and charisma of the Konkani hills. Located in the eastern part of Karjat, the place is a must visit for those who wish to visit a peaceful destination that is packed with greenery. Visit this place during rains to explore its unique beauty and charm. Also, book hotels in Karjat near the Kothaligad Fort to enjoy a hearty little vacation this May.

Bhor Ghat

The Bhor Ghat is situated in the middle of the Konkan coast and the Deccan Plateau. Also, the ghat is a perfect place to visit for those who wish to try their hand out at photography. Driving around the Bhor Ghat is going to be a memorable experience as the place houses numerous breathtaking views. Again, visit this place when it is raining and you will not be able to get enough of this place, ever. Also, do get hotels in Karjat booked as soon as possible in order to make your trip to Karjat easier and memorable.

Bhivpuri Waterfall
Bhivpuri Waterfall is the ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy a day out in the woods whilst admiring the natural wonders of India. The Bhivpuri Waterfall is packed with natural beauty and surprises. Those visiting Karjat do not leave the place without paying this waterfall a visit. Also, there are various food outlets and stalls that can be found around the waterfall. Visit this place during monsoon and lose yourself in the never-ending beauty and charm of this waterfall.

Kondeshwar Mandir

The place has become quite popular with devotees and admirers of Lord Shiva. This beautiful temple is one of the most peaceful places for people to visit in Karjat. Also, the architecture of the place is one of its striking features. The Mandir is also a popular attraction during ‘Mahashivratri’. Book hotels in Karjat near the Kondeshwar Mandir to make your travel easier and convenient.

The Backwaters of Pali Bhutivali Dam

As this dam sits in the middle of mesmerising mountain ranges, people tend to visit it in order to gain some much-needed visual respite. Also, sunsets tend to look no less than splendid when seen from near the dam. It is one of the most popular weekend destinations for people in Karjat and Mumbai.

Places to eat in Karjat

Karjat is the best place to visit for you if you happen to be a foodie of epic proportions. All those who want to enjoy a blend of the south and the north can visit Karjat this summer. Do try out the brand-new farmhouse restaurant in Karjat that serves some excellent cuisines and snacks. Right from the Idli-Dosa to the paranthas, the visitors will end up finding just about everything in Karjat. The Sattu Vada Paav is one of the best dishes that need to be tried out by people who happen to visit the place. Also, make it a point to get hotels in Karjat booked well in advance before making your way to this very popular tourist spot near Mumbai.

Shopping in Karjat Happens to be a Delightful Experience

Karjat is the ideal place to visit for those who want to happen to be running on a tight budget.  Pots and handicrafts happen to be a major thing to buy in Karjat for all those who wish to take home a few pieces of the culture and tradition of Karjat. Also, do make it a point to book hotels in Karjat beforehand if you are willing and planning to visit the place this summer because vast scores of tourists would greet you as soon as you make your way out of the Karjat station.

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