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Visit These Destinations to Witness the Fervour of Durga Pujo In 2022!

Durga Pujo is one of the most well-observed and cherished festivals among Bengalis. Every year, people wait for this festival to reunite with their friends and family and go for pandal hopping. A few months before Durga Puja’s arrival, the artisans prepare the idol of Goddess Durga and start putting up the pandals. All Indian cities celebrate the festival in their style and welcome ‘Maa Durga’ with grandeur. So, if you want to experience the puja vibe in different parts of India in 2022, visit the seven cities mentioned below. Book a room at one of the best family hotels in India in advance to explore the towns seamlessly.

1. Kolkata

If there is one place that celebrates Durga Puja in the best manner, then that is Kolkata. At Kolkata, you’ll see many pandals decorated in different themes and made with jute, glass, and cloth. Besides, you can also experience ‘Dhunuchi Naach’ during the ‘Aarti’. While here, you can try the ‘Bhog’ and pay homage to the Durga idol in different pandal settings.

Book a room for a stay at one of the best family resorts in Kolkata, like OYO Flagship Shree Residency, during your vacation and visit the pandals at your pace. You can also buy different products or try delicacies from the stalls outside the pandal to enhance your experience.

2. Delhi

Durga Puja festival in Delhi is also one of a kind in India. In Delhi, you’ll find plenty of pandals decorated in a traditional style. The puja committee organises different events during the Durga Puja. You can participate in cultural programs or enjoy the grandeur of the festival with your friends and family. Reserve a room at a family suite in Delhi, like Townhouse 483 Hotel Rivasa Regency, for your stay. Be among the enthusiastic crowd and experience what it feels like to celebrate Durga Puja in Delhi.

3. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is no less when it comes to celebrating Durga Puja. While in Ahmedabad, you’ll see the city celebrating the festival with fireworks. You’ll find many pandals embellished with flowers and other items. Besides, there’ll be stages in the pandals where you would see people dancing and singing to cherish the victory of Lord Rama over Ramayana. For all these reasons, you can consider visiting Ahmedabad during Durga Puja. Book a room at one of the family resorts in Ahmedabad, like Collection O 62857 Hotel Rest, to experience the city’s splendour at your leisure.

4. Guwahati

Guwahati is also an exceptional place to visit during Durga Puja. Here you’ll see people indulging in ‘aartis’, trying different ‘prasad’ and going shopping with friends. Besides, you’ll witness the pandals decorated with flowers and other decoration materials.

Book your room at one of the best family hotels in Guwahati, like OYO Flagship 79490 Jp Guest House, for a stay and explore the pandals to the fullest. Guwahati artisans are well-skilled in their work and decorate the deity and the pandal in the most artistic manner.

5. Mumbai

Mumbai is also among the best destinations to visit during Durga Puja. Like other pandals, you’ll also see people joyously celebrating the festival. You can engage in the traditions and rituals of Bengalis at this place. Besides, you can also engage in dance and music programs on your visit. Book a stay at the best family room hotel in Mumbai, like SPOT ON 45283 New Ushakal Lodging & Boarding, and explore the ‘City of Dreams’ during Durga Puja.

6. Patna

Another excellent location to experience the enthusiasm of Durga Pujo in 2022 is Patna. Here, you might witness various puja-related activities taking place in the pandals. You can book a room at one of the family-friendly hotels in Patna, like OYO Flagship Hotel Dream Inn, for a stay and explore the city’s pandals as much as you prefer. The idols in Patna’s pandals are worth seeing. Additionally, it is worth admiring for its decoration.

7. Mysore

Mysore also celebrates the Durga puja festival with pomp and grandeur. If you’re a devotee, you will love the 10-day Durgashthami celebrations at Mysore celebrations. You can consider booking a room at one of the best hotels in Mysore, like OYO 90707 Nisarga Residency, to stay during your trip and participate in their celebration. The artisans embellish the pandals and the idols beautifully before the ‘Utsav’, which is worth witnessing.

In a Nutshell

You can pick from any places specified above and plan a trip at the earliest to witness Durga puja in full bloom. Book a room at one of the hotels near these places and take a trip to participate in the puja vibe. Participate in the religious rites, enjoy the feasts and appreciate the incredible work of the artisans with your friends and family. Explore the ethnic themes of each pandal and pay homage to the deity during your visit.

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