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Valentine’s Day Food Trail in Bangalore

Live in Bangalore and wondering how you can add more sheen to your upcoming date with your partner? Well, for starters, you can consider taking him/her on a food trail throughout the city, hopping across restaurants and cuisines or simply indulging in a one-time memorable meal at a sophisticated eatery of your choice. Bangalore is dotted with several wonderful restaurants that are just perfect for memorable and lingering V-Day celebrations with your special someone in tow. All you need to do is find the best couple friendly hotels in Bangalore which are located in close proximity to some of these top-rated restaurants.

There are tons of options available online for couple friendly hotels near me that you can readily check out in proximity to several leading eateries in Bangalore. You will be surprised to know that you can book 100% safe, secure and comfortable couples getaways within the city of Bangalore itself and in strategic locations which are located near top restaurants and other fun activities galore.

Top restaurants that are a must for Valentine’s Day

  • Rim Naam- This marvelous restaurant at The Oberoi is located along the MG Road where you will find several couple friendly hotels The restaurant offers a nature friendly ambience with its Alfresco seating and a captivating ambience that will add a special touch to your Valentine’s Day celebrations with your special person no doubt! The name means by the water and this is a spectacular floating restaurant which can be accessed via a faux stone tunnel that intriguingly leads till the Alfresco Pavilion. Nothing can be more romantic than this! The menu comprises of authentic Thai dishes and fresh and lip-smacking seafood preparations alike. From Tom Kha soup and spicy green papaya salads to several other authentic recipes like glass noodles with sweet basil and lobster or sizzling stir fry, there is a lot that you can expect here. The restaurant is located away from the buzz of the city and the surrounding water body lends it an exquisite charm of its own. Nearby hotel options include Capital O 46356 White MG, Capital O 68524 Hotel Brigade Legacy and many others.
  • Blue Ginger Taj- Taj West’s End has the Blue Ginger, one of the very first restaurants in India that served up fabulous Vietnamese cuisine and spectacular dishes galore. This has a charming open air pavilion which creates the mood for a lingering and romantic dinner with your beloved with a surrounding pond for company along with private candlelight dinner provisions which are secluded from other seating zones too. Special dishes on offer include Jasmine Rice and Chicken Curry or even Noodles with Vietnamese Chicken which is a specialty here. You can also order Spring Roll and Asparagus Soup for starters which is another favorite option for diners here. There are sumptuous cocktails offered along with a strategic location along the Race Course Road which is easy to find. You will find several hotels nearby for your stay.
  • Olive Beach- Olive Beach is a premier and elegant Italian restaurant which is located in Ashok Nagar, Bangalore. Olive Beach has a special vibe of its own which draws diners in large numbers. It has impeccable hospitality to offer along with a strictly European ambience with its outdoor seating options, smoking zone and dim lighting. The cozy vibe makes it perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebrations. The cuisine on offer encompasses a wide range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes including must-trys such as the Pepperoni Pizza, Calamari, Ravioli and Beef Carpaccio among others. There is an extensive cocktail lineup as well. Top hotel choices include Capital O 68524 Hotel Brigade Legacy and OYO Townhouse 364 Richmond Road along with the acclaimed OYO 432 Hotel Victoria Heights too.
  • Om Made Café- Om Made Café offers an ambience which is lighter, possibly friendlier and warmer than most other joints on Valentine’s Day. There are several couple friendly hotels near me that you can choose for staying in close proximity to this marvel. This is a casual dining restaurant with a scintillating look and feel and you will love the fine dining expertise with a rooftop setting, starry nights, nature-friendly ambience and picturesque surroundings and most importantly, the delicious cuisine on offer. This café whips up absolutely authentic Italian and Continental cuisine while the bar menu is vast and comprises of several delicious finger foods to whet your appetite. The terrace is what you will really adore while the Bruschettas and Spaghetti should be tried for an amazing experience along with the white sangrias and rose wine. The pasta and chicken platter will leave you feeling fuller and more enriched as well. The pocket-pinch is not that much and the location is right on top of Gold’s Gym in Koramangala 5th Nearby hotels include OYO 72492 A K Residency, OYO 431 Hotel Maple In and OYO 8252 Aayush Corporate Stays among numerous others.
  • Persian Terrace- Persian Terrace is all about luxury and you will find multiple couple friendly hotels nearby for your stay. T/he restaurant is located in close proximity to the well-known Orion Mall. You will first have to venture to Malleshwaram and then find the Orion Mall where the Sheraton Grand Hotel lies at just walking distance from the same. This is where you will chance upon the Persian Terrace restaurant. This 5-star luxury restaurant is all about pulling off a mega surprise for your beloved on V-Day! This restaurant plays on its Arabian theme with its Alfresco seating choices and rooftop setting which offers breathtaking bird’s eye views of the city. The glass huts are hugely recommended for couples seeking to create memories and private moments in a luxurious setting while candlelight dinners are immensely charming experiences here, to say the least. The cuisine comprises of authentic Arabian cuisine and flavor-packed dishes which are otherwise balanced for suiting diverse tastes and preferences alike. Some of the top dishes offered here include Tiramisu and also the Koobideh Kabobs. Vegetarians will find limited options although there is a wide spread available overall. The Mocktails are hugely refreshing and worth a try for those looking for some much-needed accompaniments with their meals. The authentic desserts from the Middle East are also worth waiting for!

Now that you have seen the numerous options for couple friendly hotels in Bangalore which are located in close proximity to the best restaurants in town, simply book right away without further ado! Give your loved one a surprise that is absolutely unforgettable this Valentine’s Day with booking assistance from OYO Rooms!


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