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Traveling with Kids? Family-Friendly Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

Do you remember that one summer vacation or family trip from your childhood that is still your favorite vacation memory? Now, put your kid in the same place and consider planning a similar memory for them! It is theoretically proven that kids and adults are more relaxed and happier when returning from family vacations. 

Besides making memories, a planned vacation with the family helps everyone rejuvenate their bond over ideas and little details. It is a journey away from the monotony, a pledge towards everyone’s sound mind and health. Read on the most understanding fun vacation tips that are family-appropriate and kid-friendly. And make your stay comfortable and enjoyable by booking into OYO Hotels and enjoying yourself with your child, spouse, sibling, and parents.  

Tips For A Stress-Free Kid-Friendly Vacation With Family

The family who plans together travels together! And when you have a little one to take care of, it is always important to put their needs in the forefront. Here is the perfect guide to help you make things work the ideal way! 

Decide on a Mutual Trip Goal

Remember to equalize everyone’s voices when traveling with family and kids, and work on your observation levels. Ensure everyone is on the same page! Discuss the travel itinerary with all the members and then continue with the bookings ahead. You would never want to see your parents struggling with edgy terrains or your toddler struggling with deep sea levels. When traveling with a toddler, consider their age and the travel place’s temperature, elevation, and humidity. You need to remember kids and adults have different tolerance levels.  

Pack Light to Help Simplify Your Travel

Remember, “the little the merrier.” Refrain yourself from packing unnecessary luggage! Instead, pack the essential stuff that will keep your kids entertained throughout the journey. When flying, limit every member to one checked bag and one carry bag to avoid extra boarding charges. Get your kid a small backpack with enough space for toys, medicines, and small miscellaneous items. Don’t forget to pack medications for yourself and other elderly travel companions accompanying you. Maintain a separate emergency kit with all the fast aids.

Choose to have Patience with Everybody’s Temperaments

You are well versed with your family members’ disposition, especially the kids. And know the triggers that will inevitably make them cranky or uneasy for the rest of the day. Make sure everyone gets their best from the trip. It shall be a team playing and not an individual commanding on everyone else.  Planning a trip with everybody’s temperaments in mind will prevent unwanted conflicts and long-term petulance among kids and adults. 

Remember, while traveling, food & hunger play an important role in defining one’s mood. So, if your kids tend to get hungry quite often—especially after spending a few hours outdoors—plan meals ahead so that no one gets too hungry. If someone in the family is not that good with long lines, avoid crowded places or reach the theme park early. Little steps will help you plan a fulfilling family holiday.

Schedule Plenty of Downtime

Once you are at your destination, include plenty of downtime – take afternoon naps or sleep through the morning. Overtired kids can turn your dream vacation into a travel nightmare in seconds. Don’t plan to hit every major inducement in a particular destination – just select the ones with appropriate uniqueness and schedule a relaxing itinerary around them. Also, take a day off before the trip. You can use the time to make last-minute preparations. Do not plan anything on the day after you return! Rest and sleep through the day to ease into your everyday routine.

Limit Screen Time

Make it a travel ritual to limit screen time on vacation! This will ensure the right amount of engagement throughout the trip. And the laws should apply to everyone in the family, including the parents. As an adult, you cannot just ziplock your kid’s phone and get scrolling on yours. That will only add to the dissatisfaction, causing more problems. If you are worried about cranky kids not being able to live without phones for a day, encourage the little ones to write or draw their experiences in a travel journal. When dealing with teenagers and young adults, make the most of the time to bond with them. 

Share Responsibilities

Divide the responsibilities rather than deal with everything alone and get all tasked up before or during a trip. Make a list, list the members’ names traveling, and assign duties to each. Let the kids pack snacks and bring books so everyone is occupied while traveling! As an adult, you can take care of the bookings and surprise the entire family with the most astounding stay. Try OYO hotels & homes and choose from a range of quality properties within a convenient budget. 

How to Find the Best Place to Stay?

OYO properties can always be the most prominent accommodation for a fulfilling stay with family. Across all the hotels, we have trained staff who are always just a call away. When traveling with kids or if you have elderly parents, we will ensure you experience the utmost convenience. 

We make it a point to cater to individual family choices and have the rooms well accommodated with all the required facilities, irrespective of the budget. Our OYO rooms come fully stacked, with TV, room heating and cooling equipment, and on-call room service. 

While planning a family trip, you can book OYO accommodations from your home after going through all the hotel-specific pages. You can always check out the reviews about OYO rooms of the hotel and then confirm. 

Use the app or book from the website. In both, there are multiple filters available. For occasions when the kids have specific criteria, select filters like a ‘hotel with pool near me’ or a ‘pet-friendly hotel,’ and choose a property you deem convenient.    


The key, of course, is using proven strategies while traveling with the family, with kids being part of the play. Ensure you always listen to others and plan accordingly to avoid hectic conversations and unwanted tassels while away. Also, book into OYO hotels & homes to receive a warm welcome and the right treatment throughout the trip. You can complete your bookings online or call +1 6282027586 regarding inquiries. 

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