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Safety Recommendations and Must-See Places for Solo Travel in the USA

Solo travel lets you listen to your instincts, make independent choices, and discover more about life in every possible way. Out of all the places, a solo trip to the United States of America will surely be a life-changing experience. From pristine and gorgeous beaches to rich natural landscapes, the USA will be fun to explore alone in every possible way. 

In this experience, you will be guided through some of the most unique places to explore in the USA. Besides, safety tips are included to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Additionally, you will get the gist of the best services provided by OYO Hotels and explain why you should consider choosing them when traveling solo in a foreign land. 

Must-See Places While Traveling Solo in the USA

The United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, with 50 states each run by their semi-autonomous government. It is never possible to complete the entire USA in one single trip. However, if you plan to cover unique locations while traveling solo, here are some of those places.    

  • Central Park, New York

A picturesque beauty of green landscapes, sprawling waters, unique bridges, and lively music performances, this can be a great start to your solo trip. Irrespective of the season, the Central Park in New York City offers something unique to the locals and visitors from far-off places. If you want to make the most of your visit, explore the Imagine Mosaic – Strawberry Fields, Conservatory Garden, and Central Park Reservoir.    

  • Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Jackson Ms

If you are a history buff and would like to discover the past of far-off places, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson Ms is your place to be. Operating since 2017, the museum offers a detailed overview of Mississipi’s history. The artifacts here elaborate on the state’s role in the US Civil Rights movement. Remember that the Museum operates through fixed timings, so plan a visit while it’s open.

  • Indulge In  Bird Watching At Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi

The PAIS is a nature preservation point off the unperturbed South Texas coast! It is a long beach and part of the world’s longest barrier bar system. You can always come here to get close to nature and indulge in bird watching for a day. The place has 380 bird species, including black-necked stilts and great egrets. 

Well, seafood is one of the major attractions in Corpus Christi. While here, you can definitely unwind with some delicious seafood dishes from the multiple Gulf seafood restaurants. For your stay, book an OYO hotel near Corpus Christi Beach and enjoy the comfort and convenience.    

  • Bricktown, Oklahoma City

Let’s help you end the trip with some unfiltered entertainment! Bricktown in Oklahoma, USA, is a historic enclave with old warehouses renovated into contemporary restaurants, bars, and hotels. Before you board your plane back home, experience the nightlife of this place. Michael Murphy’s rock-and-roll dueling pianos and Part concert are recommended.  

Solo Trip Guide- Safety Recommendations

Nervousness & discomfort are normal feelings when traveling alone. This is far more intense, especially if you’re traveling to a different country for the first time with no known faces. Luckily, there are many smart ways to continue safely while traveling solo. Here are some suggestions to help you feel secure on your solo trip to the USA:

  • Share your travel itinerary with a close friend or a family member: Share exact travel plan details with your best friend or a family member at home. Stay connected to them while enjoying your trip, and always keep them posted. 
  • Have an emergency plan ready: ‘Precaution is always better than cure!’ Be prepared for the worst possible scenario and have the backup plans ready. Write down atleast 4 emergency contacts on paper and keep it safe in your handbag. This will help you in situations when your phone’s battery is dead. Also, stock your handbag with allergy presents, handy tools, and your passport.  
  • Choose your accommodations wisely: As a solo traveler, you must do a background check of the accommodations before booking them. Read what other visitors have reviewed about those places. You can trust OYO hotels & homes always. Open the website or download the app, search by the USA location you are visiting, and check each property page. You will find ratings by real travelers sharing their experiences.    
  • Be mindful of your surroundings: While outside the hotel, observe your surroundings and avoid conversations with suspicious people. Also, note down the location of your country’s embassy in the USA city you are visiting.      

How to Find the Best Hotel in the USA? 

You can always trust OYO hotels during your solo trip to the USA. All our properties have trained staff and completely CCTV-surveilled common spaces. We prioritize the convenience of visiting guests over everything else. 

Even if you are on a budget trip, OYO is there, ready to help! Book cheap hotels in any part of the USA, and find rooms with all the necessities. Each room has a unique vibe; you can select ‘room for singles’ when traveling solo. All OYO rooms have a bed, TV, attached bathroom, and on-call room service. You are also provided access to complimentary meals in some of the places.

There are multiple OYO hotels & homes strategically located all over the USA. The ambiance is, of course, different, but you will receive the warmest of hospitality and a convenient stay. Even when traveling from one city to the next, you can always search online “OYO hotel near by me” and find a convenient place. 


Traveling solo to the USA will broaden your horizons, forcing you out of your comfort zone and helping you meet new people and create new memories. OYO hotels are adding more zeal to your stays with the most prompt services and guaranteed top-notch safety. From hotel search to your stays, we ensure the ultimate flexibility. You can complete your booking from our range of OYO rooms online or call +1 6282027586 for inquiries.  

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