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Road Trip Essentials: Packing and Planning for Your USA Adventure

As of  2021, 22.1 million tourists visited the USA; since then, the numbers have only grown. Because of the dynamic locations in the USA, international tourists and residents find it alluring to explore the place. And of all, they are mostly fond of road trips! From leaf-peeping in New England to park hopping through the Southwest, road trips are hands down the best way to explore the States. You can venture out to unique and unknown spaces, make new friends, and cross territories with amazing stories. 

But you must always be prepared and ensure every minute essential is rightfully packed in your car’s trunk by the time you leave your place. This blog will help you with all the essentials you must include in your USA road trip packing list. Also, book OYO hotels in the USA to enjoy a comfortable stay while or after completing your road trip.    

101 Guide: USA Road Trip Essentials  

Road-tripping in the USA is different from other countries. There are well-maintained highways, and you can travel to any space within the US via road. Though the distances can be long, even temperatures can fluctuate at an extreme rate. But we definitely want you to be prepared. To make it happen, here is a complete list of essentials that will keep you and your car free running smoothly through the entire road trip. 

Road Trip Essentials to Pack in the Car

Because a road trip is never possible without a car, consider accommodating these things in your car while you plan to hit the road in the US.

  • A Travel Map

Travel maps are practical and the easiest solution to refer to while traveling via road. In areas where you do not have access to the network, a map will save your day. No more awkward conversations with tourists or trying to find a way through deserted regions on highways.  

  • Car Phone Mount

A car phone mount is a useful object, yet the most underrated! If your car lacks a built-in GPS, you can use your phone for directions. Install the phone mount on your car’s dashboard. And navigate through the roads easily!   

  • Car Powerbank/Charger

You will travel with so many gadgets; for the rest of the days, it is your car, you, and the road ahead. Travel with a USB charger or a power bank to ensure your phone’s battery does not die or the laptop can connect to the internet. 

  • Emergency Kit (Road Trip Edition)

An emergency kit is a must-have for you to incorporate! Get one with jumper cables, a first aid kit with essential medicines, and a flashlight. It is always better to be prepared rather than be clueless. 

Road Trip Essentials to Include in Your Backpack 

The essentials mentioned apply to both local and international tourists traveling via road in the US:

  • Identity Card, Passport And Travel Insurance

In the USA, there are 63 national parks and 350+ national monuments. While some are free to visit, others require you to pay for the entrance. Getting a National Park Pass is economical if you plan to visit the parks on your road trip. Also, do not forget to carry an identity card, passport (applicable for foreigners in the USA), and travel insurance. 

  • Portable Wifi

There are free Wi-Fi zones available all around the USA. But you should always carry your own Wi-fi. Foreigners have to complete a lot of paperwork to get a SIM card in the USA. If you are traveling with a local SIM, things are always great!  

  • Travel-Friendly Clothing

A road trip is all about constant exposure to the Sun, fluctuating weather conditions, and evident pollution levels. So make sure you pack weather-appropriate clothes and all the essential accessories. Do a quick rain check and jot down the possible weather conditions of the areas you plan to drive through. If you are traveling with your pet, pack all their essentials. For example, if you are passing over Jackson, MS USA, and want to take a break from driving, search for pet friendly hotels in Jackson Ms. There are several top OYO properties in Jackson, US, that will help you with the most convenient stay.  

  • A Comfort Kit With  Regular Essentials 

Road trips are one of a kind! It is the most adventurous way to explore the amazing wonders of the USA. But you should be prepared for the unknown in every way. So, pack your comfort kit with regular essentials. Add pillows, blankets, reusable water bottles, and hand sanitizers. Also, for the fluctuating weather, carry an umbrella, a rain jacket, and windcheaters.   

How to Find the Best Hotels in the USA?

In the USA, you can book into OYO hotels & homes with minimal documentation and opt for a budget-friendly stay.  

You will find OYO hotels in the most prominent parts of the country, along with the off-bit places. We believe in consistency and assure the best accommodation wherever you stay. The OYO rooms come completely furnished, with all the basic amenities intact. You get an attached bathroom, bed with linen, appropriate room heating and cooling technology, and TV.  

If you are traveling during the peak seasons, it is always recommended to get a pre-booking. Otherwise, you can also search online using the phrase “OYO hotel near by meand check out some of the convenient properties that suit your budget. We have property-specific pages on the website and the app. You can browse through them for reviews and other exact details.     


Thanks to the school holidays and the warm weather, most families plan a road trip during the summer days. Then again, people seek to take a road trip with their families and friends during the winter holidays. Overall, spring and fall make for the shoulder seasons when most parts of the USA experience high crowds, all traveling via cars, living their bucket list out of the diary. To amp up your travel experience, you can choose OYO rooms always, 

Also, for hotel booking-related inquiries in the USA, call us at +1 6282027586. Whether traveling solo, with a family, or with friends, there are unique OYO properties to book and enjoy.

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