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Unearth Splendid Shimla Travel Experience in 3 Days

Shimla, an iconic tourist destination to experience the beauty of the Himalayas in all its majestic glory! As you walk along the trails dotted with evergreen oaks, fir, pine trees, experience the charm of this colonial hill town while enjoying the cool weather and breathtaking mountain views. The lockdown restrictions are easing in Himachal Pradesh, which makes it the perfect time to visit the picturesque hill station of Shimla.

Whether you are planning a family holiday, a honeymoon, or a solo trip, we have the ideal 3-day Shimla itinerary for a memorable vacation. Here is the Shimla Travel Itinerary for three days:

Travelling to Shimla

Plan your travel to Shimla by air, road, or train from any part of India.

By Air: Book a flight from New Delhi to Jubbarhatti Airport 25 km away from Shimla. Once you land at the airport, book a taxi to reach your hotel.

By Road: For a scenic road trip, drive through the NH 44 highway to reach Shimla approximately 7-8 hours from Delhi. For a more relaxed travel experience, book a luxury Volvo bus from Delhi to Shimla.

By Train: The nearest railway station from Shimla is the Kalka Railway Station 90 km away. Once you’ve reached the station, take a local Himachal tourism bus or taxi to reach your hotel.

The weather in Shimla gets a bit chilly during the evenings. Make sure to pack some light woolens, scarfs, and shawls to stay warm and comfy. Once you have reached the hotel, get plenty of rest to wake up refreshed and embark on the 3-day Shimla itinerary.

Day 1: 

Sunrise at the Ridge

Located at the heart of Shimla, the Ridge is an ideal spot to enjoy a morning walk or jog while enjoying the majestic sunrise on the backdrop of the verdant hills. Bask in the sunrise views and snow-capped mountain peaks overlooking an azure skyline. Do not forget to capture some Instagram-worthy photographs with your DSLR at the Ridge.

Breakfast at Wake & Bake Café

After a power walk along the scenic trails of the Ridge, head to the Wake & Bake Cafe for a delicious and filling breakfast. Enjoy fried eggs, toasts, coffee, and fresh orange juice, or go for a delectable Israeli breakfast. For a delicious brunch experience, order hummus, freshly baked pita bread, and eggs at the Wake & Bake Cafe. For a sweet treat, order their freshly-baked apple pie with a cup of freshly brewed latte.

Trek to Chadwick Falls

Go for an adventurous trek along the scenic mountain trails to reach the Chadwick Waterfall nestled in the exuberant Glen Forests. Capture some photos with your DSLR camera of the cascading waterfall on the rocky mountain terrain and cliffs. Take a stroll in the surrounding area dotted with deodar and pine trees while listening to the songbirds serenading in the background. Reach back to your hotel, rest, and wake up refreshed for day two of more adventures!

Day 2: 

Christ Church

Located on the corner of Mall Road, Christ Church is adorned with beautiful neo-Gothic style architecture. You will be fascinated to discover the history of this church that dates back to 1857. As you walk by the colossal pillars, check out the intricate stained glass window artworks, brass church bell, and organ. If you are visiting on a Sunday morning, attend a morning prayer service and bask in the beautiful melodies of the live organ music.

Lakkar Bazaar

One of the largest handicrafts and souvenir markets in Shimla, Lakkar Bazaar is a must-visit place for all tourists. Take a stroll on the northern part of Mall Road towards the Lift to find the shops stocked up with wood carvings, handicrafts, and various souvenir items. Shop for some key chains, photo frames, candle stands, fans, and jewellery boxes for your loved ones.

Indian Institute of Advanced Study

Plan a scenic hike and sightseeing tour to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Pack some delicious burgers, pastries, and cakes from the Trishool Bakers & Confectioners to enjoy a takeaway lunch picnic at the manicured gardens of the IIAS building. This historic building initially served as a residence for Lord Dufferin, a Viceroy of India during British rule. After Indian Independence in 1947, this historic building served as the summer retreat of the president of India and was known as Rashtrapati Niwas. Enjoy walking around the lawns while exploring the majestic Victorian style of art and architecture. This historical site is closed for tourists on Mondays, so plan your trip on any other day of the week.

Head back to your hotel after an eventful day to get enough rest and wake up for day three of Shimla Itinerary.

Day 3: 

Kalka Shimla Toy Train Ride

Take the Heritage Train from Kalka Railway Station to Shimla for a fun ride while exploring the picturesque views of the valleys and mountains. Keep your camera handy to capture scenic photographs as the train meanders through the narrow rail track. A pro-tip is to book the train tickets in advance to avoid the crowds and get window-side seats.

Enjoy a delicious lunch on board the train ride while basking in enchanting mountain views. Plan a detour to nearby tourist spots like Mashobra, which is in the vicinity of Shimla. As a less crowded hill station, Mashobra enchants visitors with pleasant weather and fun activities, sans the crowd. Whether you want to slide on the slopes on your ski or build a snowman with your kids or go foraging local honey, Mashobra is a popular place to visit near Shimla.

Savor Himachali Cuisine

No trip to Shimla is complete without savouring some authentic local Himachali cuisine. For a delectable lunch meal, head to Himachali Rasoi located at the Middle bazaar in Shimla. Enjoy a traditional Himachali Thali in a Baithak-style setting at this restaurant.

Evening stroll at Mall Road

For the perfect ending to a memorable trip, head to Mall Road for an evening stroll in the social hub of the hill town. Walk along the pedestrian-friendly walkways or sit back and bask in picturesque sunset views. Go shopping woolens at the local garment stores and pick up some handicrafts at the local stores. While enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains from Mall Road, get yourself a soft-serve ice cream for a sweet treat.

Capture some photos and videos to cherish the memories of this trip when you reach home. Get your bags packed and head to Shimla for a fun and enjoyable trip with this 3-day travel itinerary.

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