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3-Day Goa Itinerary – Unleash the Best of Goa Tourist Experience

Goa is no less than a darling to those who want to explore the best Indian beaches. Think of the best beaches in India and Goa’s name would pop up without fail. Beaches, sand, sea food and cheap beer are all available in Goa. If you are fond of the sea, then Goa is a destination that should not be skipped at any cost.

However, Goa is a lot more than just a bunch of beach destinations. Take this for an example: Goa is also known for the various Portuguese settlements it houses. The likes of Panjim and Candolim are known to house several medieval structures. Make it a point to visit these regions if you wish to gain deeper insights pertaining to Goa and its history.

In all fairness, there are several places that one needs to explore in and around Goa. Here is a 3-day itinerary that would help you in your bid to explore the absolute best of Goa:

Reaching Goa:

As Goa lies in the western part of the country, it would not be a good idea (at all) to travel from Delhi to Goa via road.  However, if you reside in Mumbai, then you can travel to Goa with ease. A journey from Mumbai to Goa via road would take somewhere around 12 hours via road. So, all those who love long and elaborate road trips with several exciting stopovers can give Goa a try.

If you wish to travel by air, then book a flight from Delhi to the Dabolim airport in Goa. The centre of Panjim happens to be an hour’s drive away from the airport. Book a cab as soon as you get down at the airport and make your way to the hotel in order to catch a breather. A trip to Goa is best enjoyed when you’re well rested.

Here is how a 3-day itinerary to Goa should look like:

Day 1: Get up Early in the Morning and Make Your Way to Aguada Fort

Aguada fort is a symbol of the medieval architecture in the region. If you are someone who has a taste for seaside forts, then do visit the Aguada Fort. Also, this fort is just about ideal for all those who want to get a few photographs clicked. To top it all, this fort is a photographer’s dream destination.  Make your way to the Anjuna Beach and explore the best water sporting activities, right from parasailing to water scooters and everything in between. Roam around the beach as you’d be able to find various peaceful spots to rejuvenate yourself.

The Curlies Beach Shack is one of the best places to eat for those planning to visit the Anjuna Beach. This bite-sized restaurant is known for all the lip-smacking sea food it serves. Also, this restaurant is known for cheap booze and good music. So, you can say it is one of the most economical and happening places in Goa.

Do make it a point to visit the Reis Magos Fort as well. The place is a must-visit for you if peace and serenity are the two things you crave for. This fort served as the residence of some of the most popular Portuguese Viceroys, and is an undying symbol of the city’s culture and history. Curlies Beach Shack is open all day long and serves mouth-watering fried fish. The restaurant is open till 3 am in the morning.

Day 2 : Check Out Some of the Most Popular Flea Markets in Goa

After you’ve enjoyed a hearty breakfast with coffee within the confines of the hotel, do make it a point to check out the various flea markets scattered in different parts of Goa. To begin with, if you happen to have a taste for handmade items, then do visit the flea market@ Anjuna Beach. Apart from handmade items, you will also find economical everyday apparel, right from T-shirts to boxers.

Another popular flea market in Goa is the one located @ Arpora. The island houses one of the liveliest and happening markets in Goa. This market has vast scores of street food up for grab. Be it crabs or prawns, this market has it all. To top it all, it is a foodie’s paradise. Junk jewellery, chilled beer cans and fresh fish happen to be available in abundance @Arpora.

Also, if you love prawns, then have them for lunch and dinner because the market houses some of the best eateries in Goa, including Rosa, a restaurant known for its seafood. If chilled beer and prawns are sitting atop your mind, then enjoy a lavish dinner at this restaurant without fail. After you are done with shopping, eating and drinking, make your way to the hotel and enjoy a hearty sleep.

Day 3: Walking Through Goa’s Portuguese Settlements

If you are anywhere near Baga, then do make it a point to check out this restaurant, named Toro Toro. This bite-sized settlement has a small, but exciting breakfast menu. If ham and omelette are sitting on top of your mind, then do not think twice before paying this eatery/restaurant a visit.

After you’ve had your breakfast, visit Goa’s little Portugal. Yes, you heard that right. Fountainhas is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and offers deeper insights into the history of medieval Goa. You’d come across several colonial-style settlements and building as and when you ride of a scooter through the lanes and alleys of Panjim. It’s no less than a heritage walk, to say the least.

Also, do make it a point to buy a bag of cashews in Goa. A trip to Goa would certainly be incomplete without getting your hands on the best varieties of cashews.

Also, check out the best Goan delicacies on your last day in Goa and make it memorable. Viva Panjim is one of the finest Goan restaurants near Fountainhas, and serves a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies, right from prawns in coconut milk to cocktail-style fish lollypops.

Once you have enjoyed a trip to Fountainhas, get ready to pack your bags. Well, it isn’t easy to wave bye-bye to a place as rich and vibrant as Goa. However, all good experiences come to an end. Get yourself ready for the trip back home and make it a point to get your luggage packed well in advance in order to keep all last-minute problems at bay.

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