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Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Trip A Total Breeze

Traveling is all about ‘fun’ until small hassles like always taking the wrong turns or finding yourself wallet-less the next morning can ruin your trip in a second.

To make you truly stress-free and enable you to enjoy your vacation with utmost conviction, here is a list of some travel hacks you can put to use on your next trip.

1. Turn on “Private Browsing” for cheaper flights

Most people have a budget fixed for their trips and all their decisions are governed by that. Hence, if you want to avail the best opportunities backed by some key hacks to lessen the burden on your wallet- here is one ultimate way to do so.

Flight prices change frequently and some travel sites are able to track what you are looking at online, and will raise the prices accordingly. That means if you visit the site more than once, you might find a higher price. Turning on the “Private Browsing Mode’ to look for cheaper flights is your way out of this ordeal.

2. Pack smart to save space and carry an extra bag

Good packing skills are life-savior. Ever gone on a trip with someone who knows how to pack everything appropriately while you look at the mess your suitcase is in? The horrors are truly undeniable.

Learn to roll your clothes, pack your belt in your shirt, choose your outfits wisely and bring only what you need. We know that the temptation to pack everything before a trip is truly unbeatable but this time around, try convincing yourself, you do not need ten tops for a two- day trip. Also, keep in mind to never leave packing for the last moment!

Do make sure that you carry an extra big with you for any emergency situation.

3. Always carry a portable charger

travel hacks

In today’s times, your phone is your friend, your guide, your mentor and your personal source of entertainment. Just the prospect of carrying around a dead phone without a charger at a hand’s reach seems like a nightmarish reality, doesn’t it?
Just in case, you need to fight such circumstances, always make sure to carry a portable charger and a power bank with you.

4. Email yourself a scan of your passport

While a hard copy is certainly important to carry around, sometimes forgetfulness can be a disease that plagues you forever. Emailing yourself a scan of your passport is the safest way to ensure that a copy of your passport is just one click away. Simple steps like these can save loads of trouble in the future.

5. Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets

You don’t want to wake up with not a single penny in your pocket, in a foreign environment. While the picture might sound very entertaining and movie-like, the result can be quite unpleasant. While you might want to travel without any worries, pickpocketing can be quite a common occurrence if you’re having an unlucky day. To fend yourself from such experiences on your trip and to enjoy every moment without having to constantly reach for your pocket to ensure if the wallet is still there- carry a dummy wallet with you to confuse pickpockets.

6. Download Google Maps for offline use

travel hacks

If you don’t trust your data connection or are someone who always likes having backups to feel safe, you can always try downloading Google Maps so that you can use it even when you are offline. All you need is enough storage on your phone. The process to download Google Maps is one simple step- Go on the map to the area you want to save, type ‘ok map’ into the search option and then press ‘Download’.

7. Fight jet lag with exercise

A jet lag leads to insomnia and fatigue and can be a real buzz kill in your vacation. To fight the aftereffects, try exercising as it may help alleviate the disruptions to a person’s body clock. You don’t necessarily have to jump into a high-intensity workout. Light to moderate exercises such as yoga, jogging or light resistance band training seem to have the same effects.

By compelling your body into physical activity, you can overcome fatigue, insomnia, and other jet lag symptoms better than you would by suffering through it. While exercise has little direct impact on your internal clock, it can increase the length and quality of your sleep during the adjustment period. By increasing your heart rate and respiration through exercise, your body will respond in much the same way: by peaking at times when it might otherwise be winding down. This can have a direct effect on how long or short your jet lag symptoms will last.

8. Wear compression socks to make your flight more bearable

Long plane flight?

Compression socks can be your ultimate lifesaver.

Spending long slights cramped up can ruin your whole trip, when you land and find your ankles swollen and hurting when you walk to get your luggage. While the risk of developing blood clots on a flight is low, it goes up as travel time increases. To fight such circumstances, compression socks come to your rescue. These stockings help increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling or worse deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and clotting on a long flight. 

9. Mark your baggage as fragile

travel hacks

This process simply requires you to request a ‘fragile’ sticker at the counter and it does not cost you a penny more. Not only does the sticker assure you that your luggage would be handled with care, but also that you will not have to wait for your luggage to come on the belt for long as most often the fragile tagged luggage come on to the belt first.

10. Keep a pen in every bag/pocket

Pens usually come in handy in the millennial world and asking a stranger for one every time you need to sign a paper or just note down a detail- can be quite an annoying task. So, always keep a pen in every bag or pocket while you travel, so that it saves up your personal time and things can be handled conveniently.

So, this was our list of a few steps that can make your vacation more hassle-free. Try giving a few of them a shot and who knows, maybe you will come back with an interesting tale to tell about how your jet lag wore off in an hour or how you saved yourself from a pickpocket.

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