Essential Guide For Maximising Space

Essential Guide For Maximising Space

Step 1: Get Excited About A Trip
Step 2: Start Packing

The Journey From Step 2 Onwards Can Sometimes Really Takes Its Toll On Your High Spirits And Ruin All The Excitement You Had Stored For The Trip. Packing Can Be One Tedious, Time-Consuming And Exhausting Task. Not To Mention, The Excessive Planning That Goes Into The Process, Yet Somehow Always Ends Up Futile When You Look At The Mess Of Clothes On The Floor And An Overflowing Suitcase.

At Times Like These, Saving Up Space In Your Suitcase Proves To Be One Herculean Task. To Make The Process Just A Bit Easier, Here Are Some Hacks That Can Help You Maximise Space While Packing.

Packing Tips:

1. Buy a lightweight suitcase

Not only are they easier and more comfortable to handle, but a lightweight suitcase also offers the perfect solution to limited space for packing. Less weight of the suitcase ultimately equates to more room for your belongings. Lighter baggage means that you can carry more of what you want to take with you, without having to worry about weight limitations and constricted space. You can also bring back multiple souvenirs from the trip without making any sacrifices.

2. Place rolled-up socks inside your shoes

Essential Guide For Maximising Space

It’s somehow always the small objects that cumulatively end up taking half the space in the suitcase, right? While your socks might be tugged away in a corner, or gently layered one over the other- they can still end up taking a lot of space and you realize that once your packing is done. To make the packing experience easier and productive, simply roll up your socks and place them inside your shoes. This will not only make it easier for you to find them when you unpack but will also save you the trouble of running out of space.

3. Roll your clothes instead of folding

While layering your clothes in the suitcase might seem like the most reasonable way to pack, the alternative- rolling up your clothes- can be a much easier step and one that maximizes space as well. Rolling does not only keep your clothes crease and wrinkle-free but also makes your luggage more organized, makes unpacking a much easier process, and optimizes the space in your bag.

4. Use air compression bags

If you are someone who loves keeping their things neat and organized, then this is just the right way to pack for you. First, place your clothes in compression bags, and then decide how to place the bags in the suitcase as per your convenience. This saves up a lot of stress, as you can easily do the ‘trial and error’ method to see what fits where without messing up any of your outfits. Compression bags are even better as they remove access to air, save up space and prevent overpacking.

5. Do not pack things ‘just in case’

Essential Guide For Maximising Space

Pack what you need.

Follow this mantra every time you start packing. While it is always advised to plan ahead and prevent future inconvenience, by packing things you feel you might end up needing; you need to learn how to be decisive when it comes to picking these items. Pack what you feel tops your priority list first and if by the end, you still have extra space, you can always go ahead and pack your ‘just in case’ items.

6. Plan outfits before packing

Yes, we all love to carry cute and dapper outfits on vacation because that’s the ultimate attention-catcher on all those Instagram posts but you really don’t need 8 outfits for a 2-day trip. Somewhere down the line, you have to make a choice between that flamingo-imprinted t-shirt and the black polo.

Always, plan out your schedule ahead of your trip and your outfits in accordance with that so that you can pack just the right number of casuals, nightwear and other attires.

 7. Pack fast-drying, compact clothes

Fast-drying, compact clothes will not only be the perfect comfortable companions on a trip but will also aid in the process of maximizing packing space in your suitcase. Fast-drying clothes save you from the trouble of packing other ‘just in case’ outfits and compact clothes fit in snugly inside the suitcase, saving loads of space.

8. Pack liquid items inside small straws and add little labels

Packing liquid items can always be a hassle. The prospect of the containers leaking or taking up too much space, always hinders the packing process. To combat such issues, the next time you start packing, try packing liquid items into tiny straws that get sealed easily and save you from the added worries of leaking containers. They are also easier to take out and use when you feel the need to do so. Also, add labels to each straw to keep things more organised and identifiable.

9. Wear your heavy clothes and pack the light ones

If you are traveling in the winter season, packing heavy woolen clothes can be one tedious task. One heavy sweater can eat up so much space in your suitcase, that you wouldn’t be able to fit in anything else. No amount of rolling, layering, and other techniques can save up on the limited space in your suitcase. In these situations, one alternative that always remains is to wear your heaviest clothes and pack the lightest ones. 

Besides, packing for winter trips, if you have to choose between heavier articles like sneakers and a pair of flats, then you should choose to wear the sneakers and pack the flats to maximise space in the suitcase.

10. Pack the heaviest and the less urgent items at the bottom of your suitcase

The heaviest items end up taking a lot of space, so always pack them at the bottom so that once the lighter objects begin to be packed over them, they ultimately end up occupying less space than they originally were. Also, this saves up time and effort while unpacking as all the things you require more, are found just at the top.

So, here is our mantra for making you the ultimate pack hacker. Have a few more steps in mind, try it with these ones and make the packing process as stress-free as the trip itself.

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