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Top Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is popular for being the country’s second-largest IT hub and the home to some of the most mesmerising malls and high-budget brand enclaves. But besides these, there are multiple specificities that you can indulge in on a budget-friendly stay. Irrespective of your age, Gurgaon has something to offer everyone! Continue with the blog to get a thorough glimpse of the budget-friendly things to do in Gurgaon. Also, we will help you with the necessities of why you should check into OYO hotels during your stay. 

Top Pocket-Friendly Things To Do In Gurgaon

Gurgaon has fun places to visit for all age groups. Let’s take a look at these various budget-friendly things to do in Gurgaon:

  • Rangmanch Farms

If you want to spend your day surrounded by nature, Rangmach Farms is the best option. It is located near Gurgaon and is spread over 12 acres. This space has approximately 10,000 plants, including fruits, medicinal, and aquatic plants. Plan a visit to the Rangmanch Farms with your family for the best experience.  

  • Leisure Valley Park

Leisure Valley Park is ideal for a peaceful picnic with family or friends. With artistic walkways and well-maintained greenery, it is also one of the best parks for joggers and morning walkers. 

  • Museo Camera

For history buffs, this place is best for a day out. Founded in 2009, it offers more than 40 years of collection of antique cameras gathered by visual historian and popular photographer Aditya Arya. Even cameras from the 19th century are found here. 

  • ISKATE by Roseate

Spread over 15 thousand square feet, the ISKATE by Roseate is the country’s largest and only all-weather indoor ice skating place. The place features real ice and has the capacity to accommodate 150 people altogether. 

  • SkyJumper Trampoline Park 

The country’s favourite entertainment and trampoline choice, SkyJumper Trampoline Park, is over 13,000 square feet. It features best-in-industry interconnect, wall-to-wall covered trampolines. The place also has a dodgeball, volleyball, a huge foam pit, and trampolines (both vertical and horizontal)for visitors of all ages. 

  • Basai Wetlands

Basai Wetlands covers around 250 acres of land and is a popular birdwatching place. Big Typha reed beds and a few fields of Paspalum grass predominantly cover the area. You can visit this place to catch a glimpse of the diverse and beautiful species of birds. Home to 300-plus common and rare species of migratory birds, the IUCN recognises Basai as a key biodiversity area. 

  • The Hidden Hour

If you like games with suspense, mystery, and thrill, then The Hidden Hour is the best place. It is considered the country’s top Escape Room space. You must complete the mission in an hour and find clues in a room full of mysteries while here.  

  • Qutub Khan’s Tomb

If you are fond of history and want to explore Mughal architecture, then you will like this place. It was built around the 18th century in remembrance of the general of the Emperor of Akbar, Adam Khan. The Qutub Khan’s Tomb boasts an octagonal structure worth visiting. 

  • Damdama Lake

If you’re looking forward to experiencing nature up close, Damdama Lake might be your spot. In 1947, the British commissioned the lake for rainwater harvesting. It is home to over 190 species of birds and is a magnificent spot for boating, picnics, and adventure sports. 

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