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Best Gurgaon Live Music Spots for Unforgettable Performances

Over the years, Gurgaon has risen to fame as India’s second-largest IT hub and third-largest in the financial and banking sector. Life here is mostly work-centric! People travel to the city from different parts of India to make the dream career they have always wished for. Offering steady relief after work and during the weekends are the live music spots in the city, where soulful music plays. Whether you have just arrived in Gurgaon or are looking for a new experience, we will help you find the best spaces in the blog. We have listed some of Gurgaon’s best live musical spots for unforgettable performances. Also, if you are a tourist, we will make you understand why booking your stay in one of the many OYO Hotels in Gurgaon will be a great decision.

Best Live Music Spots in Gurgaon

The following are some live musical performance spots in the city to make your nights unforgettable:-

Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy

A wooden staircase takes you to a precarious basement with tables tightly positioned and a stage with dim lights. A lively getaway from the work-life hustle in the corporate enclave, Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy is a separate vibe to enjoy. The place is a paradise for jazz lovers! They have audio sets heavily concentrating on jazz, funk, and the blues. Since seating is limited, arriving early is always advisable. Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy hosts live music gigs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They are a bit picky when selecting performers; the best only get to perform at this place.

Time: 5 pm to 12 am.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the few cafes equipped with a live museum of musical items belonging to classic artists you will surely love. Also, their ever-changing collection of international music memorabilia is the best one to experience. Hard Rock Cafe organise live band performances on Thursdays and Sundays. The musical performances are so wonderful that you will begin dancing until you get exhausted.

Time: 12 pm to 1 am


Raasta in Gurgaon serves you well for wonderful music and Rastafarian nights. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for time-to-time updates on the upcoming musical gigs. Raasta hosts band nights every Sunday, letting you enjoy the perfect weekend. New, skilled, and talented artists are featured regularly. This restaurant bar spills a thrilling chiller vibe and organises fabulous gigs always. Because of their astounding Bollywood nights, this place is regarded as the most attractive escape. If you are seeking complete enjoyment and nothing else, participate in the orchestrated karaoke nights hosted by the place.

Time: 12 pm to 1 am

Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe is yet another live music spot in the cyber city of Gurgaon. It organises famous Indian musical acts across different genres – Dualist Inquiry, Hari, Sukhmani, and Karsh Kale. Also, in this space, you will experience a few intriguing collective performances by drummer Rijul Victor and DJ Sandee. The Farzi Cafe is an excellent addition to your weekend trip, with an inventive kitchen and bar. Do plan a visit to the Farzi Cafe on Saturdays if you wish to enjoy live musical gigs.

Time: 12 am to 1 pm

The BrewHouse

The Brewhouse is among the most elegant places in the lavish Fortune Select. In addition to serving lip-smacking food and thirst-quenching drinks, it is always brimming with elite crowds and mesmerising performances in an exquisite ambience. They organise live musical performances every night, except on Tuesdays. Dhruv Sangar and Ammrapalli Soni are famous artists you will see live there!

Time: 11:30 am to 11:30 pm

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It is by far the most surprising that Gurgaon, the land of corporate and professional, also has many exciting spaces to catch live music. Each place has a complete vibe on its own! After a long day, You can unwind and chill over delectable snacks and flavourful drinks. The live music is an added bonus, making the experience even more enjoyable. Also offering special help are the OYO family hotels in Gurgaon, where you can easily book your stay and enjoy the city interests at their best.   

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