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Tips To Plan A Budget-Friendly Vacation To The Hills

A vacation helps you rejuvenate and get rid of the monotonous life. Book a family hotel in a hill station and take a break from the harshness of life. Also, it works as a great relief from the continuous hustle in the professional and personal space. However, while travelling, taking care of the budget and settling for an amount that will not dig up a hole in the pocket is also essential. So here is a detailed guide on how you can do so.   

Come Up With A Budget

Experts say the average amount dedicated for a family vacation must be 5-10% of the total income. Once you know the budget, the rest will fall into place. You can start by checking on the climate of the place and then shop for the appropriate clothes. Especially around winter, make sure to invest in winter-appropriate jackets, hiking boots, caps and jeans.

Next, divide your budget according to accommodation, travel, food and shopping. If you have plans to visit top sightseeing spots in and around the place, keep aside a specific amount for travel-related purposes. Remember to keep aside an emergency fund for your trip, which you can add back to your travel fund after the trip ends.

Book In Advance

Most resorts, lodges or family hotels in any place will charge you higher rates when booking at the very last moment or during peak seasons. So make it a point to book in advance or plan your vacation to the hills during the off-season. There is always a chance for you to crack in some good deals.

Be flexible with your choice of vacation, hotels in the place and travel options. Research for the best resources and then finalise the ultimate. When travelling on a budget, choosing what is essential and rationing out the unnecessary deals is vital. Focus on exploring the hill station and making memories of a lifetime.  

Opt For OYO Family Hotels And Resorts

OYO offers a wide variety of affordable family hotels in several hill stations in India. All you have to do is download the App or visit the website and check for the availability of rooms in the hill station of choice. Click on the “all cities” option, and you will get to select OYO family rooms across 348 cities from different parts of India.

Here is a list of the various hotel options available:

  • Villas and apartments
  • Capital O
  • Collection O
  • Premium
  • Flagship
  • Town House
  • Spot On

Because you are travelling on a budget, go for OYO family hotels or Spot On. Also, check out Wizard Member OYO hotels for 5% off on every booking. You can pay through a card or “pay at the hotel.”

Always log into the OYO App or website with your email ID to get extra discounts. Each hotel has a dedicated page on the OYO website, where you can check out the ratings and other facilities available.

OYO cares for your safety, and all your stays are insured under Acko as a complimentary gift. Also, there are CCTVs in the common space, and the building is fire secured. Remember to carry your ID card (voter/aadhar) for check-in.

Moreover, the OYO family hotels are located across prominent tourist destinations. That way, you will save a few more bucks on travel when planning for top sightseeing in any place you choose.  

Indulge In Local Preparations

There are many ways to make the most of your budget trip, one of which is opting for local delicacies when it comes to food. Make sure to indulge in the local authenticities while ensuring they are of the ultimate quality.

For example, you are visiting Coorg on a budget. Here is what you shall eat:

  • Kadambuttu (Steamed Rice Dumplings): This dish is prepared from broken rice, known as Thari. It will melt in your mouth when you have ginger and some coconut chutney.
  • Noolputtu (Steamed Rice Noodles): The noodles are prepared from a steamed dough made of fine-grained rice and water. The ultimate way to taste it is by mixing a thin jaggery syrup with coconut paste is the ultimate way to taste it.
  • Baimbale Curry: A special monsoon delicacy of the place, where you get to eat tender bamboo shoots, cut and peeled into small slices. For a greater taste, team up the dish with akki roti.

These local delicacies are found quickly and will never be heavy for your pockets. Further, you will taste something new and carry a recipe home to try.


The hills call for adventure and a new experience on the whole. OYO has the best comfort to offer across various prominent hill stations of India. So why not mix both and start your journey? Ensure you have done adequate research and planned your trip well.

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