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Famous Markets Of India

When it comes to indigenous ambiguities provided by different places in India, there are multiple markets that you will find. Each market has a history of selling goods depicting the local culture or taste of the inhabitants residing. Here is a detailed overview of some of the famous markets of India. To make your stays super seamless, OYO has a variety of family hotels in all of these places. You can select between premium accommodation or a budget luxury as per need. Now carry on with your reading task to explore them all.

Sarojini Nagar Market (Delhi)

The Sarojini Nagar Market is located in South Delhi and is famous for various dressing options and accessories available at affordable prices. The nearest metro station is Sarojini Nagar Metro Station on the Pink Line. You can visit any time around 10 am to 9 pm.

If you have considered Sarojini Nagar in your list, OYO has multiple room options available for you around this place. Choose between premium, townhouse, flagship, etc. Amenities included are complimentary breakfast, daily housekeeping, free Wifi, etc.

New Market (Kolkata)

Located in the Esplanade region, New Market is a popular spot that you would never want to miss. The nearest metro station is Esplanade, and multiple bus routes connect the market to the rest of India. The market dates back to 1874 and was known as Sir Stuart Hogg Market. Visit this place between 10 am to 9 pm to buy the clothes and accessories of your choice. Also, this place has a variety of food joints offering taste delectables.   

There are many OYO family hotels in and around the Esplanade region. While booking, you can pay through a card or choose the option “pay at the hotel.” There is a 5% off with Wizard Member OYOs in Esplanade and the rest of India. For a customised experience, log in with your email ID.

Johari Bazaar (Jaipur)

All the buildings in this place are painted orange, brick, burnt pink and terracotta. One of Jaipur’s famous and oldest markets is known for precious stones. In English, the name stands for gem shop road. On your visit, you will find multiple shops and showrooms displaying necklaces, rings and bracelets of all ranges.

OYO offers several family hotels located nearby and in Johari Bazaar. While choosing facilities, you can choose between the room size, bedding arrangement and payment type. Also, some will offer you in-house meals and assistance with luggage and travel to the top sightseeing in Jaipur.

Floating Vegetable Market (Srinagar)

The floating vegetable market on Dal Lake makes for a picturesque location. If you plan to visit this place, reach by 5 am to experience the ultimate rush. You can book a Shikara for Rs 500-700 to get a tour of the floating vegetable market. The vegetables for sale are locally grown in the natural wetlands of Srinagar.

You can choose from OYO Capital O, Palette, Home, Flagship and Spot On Family hotels in Srinagar. To indulge in the ultimate experience of the place, choose from home or palette hotels and experience Srinagar at its best. The in-room amenities are similar to that of a regular hotel.   


As explained, each market in India is unique, offering access to the authentic and best finds indigenous to the place. Adding some zeal and relief to your finds are OYO family hotels by helping you with a comfortable stay. What are you waiting for? Book your stay today and expect comfort at its best.

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