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Thinking of a Navratri Vacation? Consider These Destinations!

Navratri is one of the most cherished Indian holidays. Nothing can be more joyful than planning a vacation during this Navratri season in some of the greatest destinations because it is time to witness the arrival of Maa Durga, the unstoppable warrior goddess who is worshipped throughout India.

The article compiles some suggestions to keep in mind for places where you can plan your Navratri vacations and what all things you can do there to make your trip more memorable. These locations are reachable from Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata. Thus, you can easily resolve the question most travellers ask on how to travel from their location to these places with these central locations. You are one click away from checking out some of the best family hotels for the journey you have been waiting for to enjoy the best Navratri celebrations around India.

Prepare yourself to experience this festival’s rhythm throughout India. To reserve your family suite, you can check the online availability of the best family hotels in these locations. Let’s look into the locations where we can participate in this vibrant Shakti festival.


Gujarat’s Navratri celebration is unique in its sort. The unparalleled Garba dances, the captivating Dandiya nights, the mouthwatering holiday fare, and those exquisitely decorated Durga temples invite discerning travellers. Travelling to places like Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Patan, Gandhinagar, and many others is worthwhile. You can plan your Navratri vacation by booking the best hotels in Gujarat, like the SPOT ON 49752 Hotel Super Guest House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Given that Uttarakhand is Dev Bhoomi, or the “country of the gods,” why shouldn’t the Navratri festival in this Indian state (India’s top sightseeing location) be something to see? During this time of year, the temples of Kasar Devi, Naina Devi, Mansa Devi, Dhari Devi, and Chandi Devi are replenished with mystical energies. Surely, this is the ideal time to receive the great goddess’s blessings. Additionally, you can look for the best family resorts in Uttarakhand and choose OYO resorts like OYO 92578 Shobhan Inn Hotel to unwind from the holiday weariness.

Bengal West

Who can resist West Bengal’s enthralling Durga Puja celebrations? To participate in the lavish celebrations, visitors and Bengalis from other parts of the country travel to Kolkata and other districts in the state. At this time of year, Bengali society as a whole radiates happiness. Among the attractions of this colourful festival are the rites of sindoor khela and visarjan. To relax from the vacation fatigue, you can also search for the top family hotels in Kolkata and select OYO hotels like Collection O Hotel Raj Palace Near City Centre 2.

Himachal Pradesh

The presence of numerous Durga temples is a blessing for the state of Himachal. There is a lot for pilgrims to take in during Navratri in Himachal Pradesh, whether it is the Jwala Devi in the Kangra district, the Chintpurni Temple in the Una district, or the Tara Devi Temple in the Shimla district. The well-known holiday, Kullu Dussehra, is observed in the Kullu Valley’s Dhalpur Maidan. A location is chosen to assemble the idols of the regional deities, and on the riverbank of the Beas River, the rite of burning Ravana is carried out.

Additionally, the presence of top family hotels in Shimla, such as OYO Home 77721 Krishna Monal Delightful Stay, makes this location more appealing to tourists.


Varanasi, also known as Kashi, is the oldest and holiest city and shines with celebratory enthusiasm during Navratri. Many tourists visit this city to see the dramatists’ epic Ram Leela. The ghats are filled with the sounds of Ram Charit Manas’ hymns throughout the festival. In addition, during the ten-day festival, the temple of Goddess Annapurna, one of the reigning goddesses of Banaras, is thronged by countless thousands of visitors. This region is more enticing to travellers because of the number of fun family resorts in Varanasi, such as OYO Collection O Swarna Banquet BHU Rd.


Every region of the country has its customs and traditions for celebrating the festival, demonstrating the religious diversity that coexists with national unity. Organising a vacation to these locations during Navratri will let you experience India’s vibrant culture. It’s time to celebrate and get back together with your family to remember these ten days of festivities.

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