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The Legends and Traditions of Onam

In India, mythology is celebrated through rich cultures and traditions. Onam is one such festival of 10 days that celebrate traditions. And, do you know Onam is the festival of which state? Yes, it is Kerala. So, how about celebrating the festival and witnessing its grandeur while visiting Kerala? You can stay in OYO nearby resorts for family and friends.

Ever wonder what rituals are performed during these ten days of Onam celebration and why they are so significant? We have outlined the significant customs observed on Onam.

The Legends of Onam

The yearly Onam event commemorates King Mahabali’s return from the afterlife. It is the day Kerala pays homage to the memories of this kind monarch who sacrificed all for his followers.

The Ten Days of Onam celebration

Day 1: Atham

King Mahabali begins his trip to get to Earth on this day. People visit the temple in the morning and then use a flower adornment called a Pookalam to adorn the grounds of their homes.

The Pookalam is often at its finest on the first day, growing in size and complexity of design over the next ten days. If you wish to visit Tiruvendrum for the first day of Onam celebrations, you can choose a good family hotel room such as OYO 92198 Platinum Rooms or OYO Flagship 10051 Hotel Tyche Stays. The OYO hotel rooms provide a very comfortable stay.

Day 2 Chithira

A fresh layer of flowers is added to the pookalam on this day. To ensure that the celebration may be enjoyed without a hitch, families typically come together to plan for the following days. On this day, last-minute shopping is typically completed.

Day 3 Chodhi

Families and close friends visit each other on this day and exchange presents. Another layer of certain flowers is placed on the pookalam to increase its size.

Day 4 Vishakam

Onam sadya preparation starts on this day. Each family member makes an effort to offer something to the sadya. For this feast, 26 dishes are typically prepared. Pookalam gets more flowers added to it to make it bigger.

Day 5 Anizham

Because the big snake boat race is flagged off on the fifth day, there is a lot of excitement. Chundan vallams are the names of the boats, and Vallamkali is the name of the competition.

In addition to this, pookalam receives a second layer of blooms.

Day 6 Thriketa

Numerous cultural events, including Pulli Kali, Kaikottikali, and Kayyinkalli, are held on the sixth day throughout the state. As families visit their ancestral homes, there is a palpable energy in the air.

Day 7 Moolam

A new layer is added to this flower arrangement as the pookalam is built from scratch once more. To commemorate the return of King Mahabali, a swing exquisitely embellished with flowers is also added.

Day 8 Pooradam

Onam carnival continues to heighten anticipation for the celebration. People create Onathappan, clay pyramid-shaped Mahabali and Vamana idols carried around the house and kept in the centre of the pookalams. The purpose is to invite King Mahabali to their homes.

Day 9 Uthradam

Onam eve is a public holiday in Kerala. The first day of Onam is sometimes referred to as Uthradam, and the second day is sometimes referred to as the tenth day of Onam. People prepare for the main event on Thiruvonam by extensively cleaning their homes.

Day 10 Thiruvonam

In addition to home decoration and new clothing, the submersion of Onathappan in water is another common tradition. People also join in the Onasadya feast, which is generally served on a banana leaf. Fireworks displays and cultural performances are also frequent occurrences. Onam celebrations then continue into the eleventh and twelfth day.


Kerala’s most important holiday is the ten days of Onam. The spirit of the event must be experienced personally to appreciate it. The necklace of Indian heritage is yet another exquisite pearl. For Malayali people, Onam is more than just a holiday; it is a way of life. You can also book OYO family hotels in Kochi, such as Capital O 17227 Vembanad Tourist Home, to enjoy a comfortable stay here.

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