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Experience the Fervour of Onam at These Five Places

Onam is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. Most popular in Kerala, the Onam festival is the harvest festival of the Malayali people. The Onam festival celebrated in the month of Chingam is one of the major harvest festivals celebrated in India. It is a cheerful and colourful festival with delicious food, games, and activities. The celebrations last for ten days of Onam.

Legend of Onam

The festival of Onam honours the famous ruler, King Mahabali. According to the legend, the king returns to his kingdom every year to look after his subjects. God granted him a boon to visit his people so dear to him. So people celebrate the king’s return every year in the 10-day festival of Onam.

The Onam Experience

From games and combat arts to graceful dances, the 10-day Onam festival has much to experience. Onam is an enjoyable festival that everyone must witness at least once in their life. Some of the super-interesting traditions of the festival are:

  • The Snake Boat Race – Vallamkali. Beautifully decorated boats compete in the race on the Pampa River.
  • The grand feast – Onasadya. The major attraction of Onam is the nine-course meal cooked in Thiruonam. It offers 11 to 13 dishes served in banana leaves.
  • Onakalikal – The sporting event. Men go on to compete in exciting sporting events.
  • The women decorate their houses and design flower mats to welcome the king. Two beautiful dance forms, Kummattikali and Pulikali, also put up a magnificent show.

The Best Five Places to Enjoy Onam

To fully immerse yourself in the celebrations, there are five best places you can visit. It’s advisable to plan and book the best hotels and family resorts in Kerala beforehand as many tourists are visiting at this time of the year.


Trivandrum is one of the best places where you can witness the celebration of Onam in its full swing. During the celebrations, the city is adorned with flowers and lights. There are numerous events at numerous venues where you can experience the joy of the festival. Trivandrum is well-connected with other parts of the state, and you are sure to find nearby family hotels like Collection O 81621 Golden Avenue.


Along with the Onam celebrations, artwork display is also an attraction in Ernakulum. For ten days, the location is beautifully decorated. Take night strolls and explore the beautiful art forms during your stay. Find a family resort in Ernakulam like OYO 86248 Shalom Palace and rejoice in the celebrations of Onam.


Alleppy is also known as the Venice of the East. It is famous for its backwaters and beaches. Alleppy is also famed for the celebration of the Onam festival. As a place known for its water bodies, it is a hub for snake boat races in Onam. Enjoy the races while enjoying the delicious cuisine. It is a prime tourist hub, and you will find quality family resorts and hotels for a comfortable stay. OYO HOME 90585 Eden Gardens would be a good choice.


Thrissur is a prime destination spot in Kerala. People from around the country come together to celebrate the festival of Onam in Thrissur. The main attractions are the tiger dance and the puli kali dance. There are many attractions to enjoy at the festival as well. Dancing to the traditional beats is sure to lift your spirits in Thrissur. Get the best hotels in Thrissur, like Capital O 14702 Kovilakam Residency in Thrissur, to enjoy your stay.


The most famous attraction of Onam is the Snake boat race. And to experience the Snake boat race, Aranmula is the place. Watching hundreds of boats complete the nail-biting competition is a thrilling sight. The songs and excitement will give you an adrenaline rush. Aranmula is also famous for its ancient Krishna temple. You can look at the selection of the best hotels like OYO 77995 Modern Rooms Alappuzha to facilitate your stay.

With its roots in Kerala, the most authentic way to experience the real zest of Onam is by visiting Kerala and participating in its traditions.

Happy Travelling!
Happy Onam!

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