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Take a Bike Tour to Explore Gurgaon’s Enigmatic Leopard Trail

Gurgaon, India’s second-largest IT hub, is often associated with its towering skyscrapers, business parks, and vibrant nightlife. However, amidst the urban sprawl lies a hidden gem: the Aravallis, a 600-million-year-old mountain range that forms the backbone of northern India. And within these ancient hills lies an unexpected treasure trove of biodiversity – the Gurgaon Leopard Trail. It allows you to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and drown yourself in the region’s natural beauty and tranquillity. The trail is a hiking and trekking route, taking you through the leopard’s natural habitat. It is home to numerous wildlife and birds other than the leopards. 

The place is a must-visit destination if you are a wanderlust by heart, always seeking adventure. Read along, and we will guide you on a tour through the beautiful trail in the Aravallis. It includes all the essential details about the Leopard Trail that you should know before visiting! Also, we have explained why you should check out OYO Hotels and book an eminent room for yourself.

How to Reach the Leopard Trail?

The road to Leopard Trail is well connected by road and metro route. The adjacent bus stop is the Aravalli Biodiversity Park, whereas station numbers 55 and 56 are the closest ones to the place. 

You can take a taxi or a cab from the metro station or bus stop and reach the trail location. If you travel by car, you need not worry as the Leopard Trail has adequate parking places. Nevertheless, you will experience the best trail if you travel by car.

What to Expect on the Leopard Trail?

The road to Leopard Trail is 5.2 km from the bustling city of Gurgaon. Once here, with the mesmerising views of the place and the wildlife involved, you will surely have a gala experience, unleashing the adventure monger in you. 

Whether travelling solo or with family, including elders and children, there are multiple cafes and food joints to sit back and rest. The cafes have good ambience and great-quality food. At some places, you can even bring your pets along.

Once done enjoying the culinary delights, a magnificent natural landscape awaits your attention. You will see numerous birds like peacocks, doves, and parrots around you. Also, foxes and rabbits come into sight while trekking around the place. 

Leopard Trail Gurgaon amalgamates nature’s beauty and exciting experiences, creating unforgettable memories you will cherish forever. So, wait no more and lose yourself in the enchanting experience of the trail, forging a lifetime of exploration. Experience the essence of unforgettable adventure in this remarkable haven. Besides mesmerising nature walks and mouth-watering delicacies, Leopard Trail lets you indulge in of-roading, hiking and cycling. When nothing works and you just want to chill, this place is also great for family picnics. 

Best Time to Visit Leopard Trail

You can visit and explore the Leopard Trail whenever you want. It is open to travellers throughout the year. Nevertheless, the summer days can be tremendously hot. It is advisable to avoid visiting the Leopard Trail after dark, as the area is home to the wild.

Cafes Around Leopard Trail

There are multiple cafes around Leopard Trail serving quality food. The most famous is the Throttle Shrottle. It is also a meeting point for ardent bikers who stop at the cafe for breakfast. A few other cafes you can stop by are as follows:-

  • Café Toraa,
  • Beige Cafe
  • Rathi Cafe
  • Ashoka Hills Jungle Cafe
  • K.P. Food

These cafes and other eateries around Leopard Trail serve delicious food and beverages, including Maggi, paranthas, burgers, pizzas, tea, coffee, and omelettes. Piping-hot tea or paranthas are ideal after an exciting bike ride around the Trail. In contrast to Gurgaon’s chaotic and busy city life, the Leopard Trail’s greener and more peaceful surroundings are a much-needed break.

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To conclude, the Leopard Trail is a winding road in Gurgaon that everyone who wishes to uncover offbeat destinations must check out. The gorgeous, abundant hillocks on the two sides of the narrow roadway will surely serve as a breathtaking experience. The enigmatic Leopard Trail is mostly deserted, so exploring in groups with – friends, family members, or relatives is advisable. Also, make sure you are checking into one of the OYO hotels for a revitalising stay!

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