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Taj and Beyond: Exploring the Best of Agra in 3-Days

Agra, one of the most popular cities in Uttar Pradesh, is known for its ‘Mughal’ connection. Both Agra and Fatehpur Sikri are known to house some of the best monuments built during the Mughal rule. Be it Akbar’s Tomb or the ever-popular Taj Mahal, there is always something memorable and mesmerising that deserves to be visited in Agra. All those who want to come to terms with the royalty and splendour associated with the Mughal rule need to make their way to Agra without wasting time.
Fatehpur Sikri

Also, Agra houses several other monuments that need to be visited by the touring parties. Those residing in Delhi (or in other parts of the north) would be able to make their way to Agra with ease. Talk of Agra and the Taj Mahal would automatically come to mind. However, a trip to Agra would let you explore a lot more than just the Taj Mahal.

Reaching Agra by Road, Rail, Air and Train
Buland Darwaza
Those travelling by train need check out train timings and schedules right away. It takes close to a couple of hours for people to reach Agra from Delhi. Get down at Agra Cantt. And you will be good to go.

Driving on your way to Agra is yet another exciting thing to undertake. Again, it needs to be noted that Agra is well connected to Delhi by road.  Travel along the Taj Expressway and you will be able to reach your destination in a little over four (4) hours. Do opt for stopovers along the way to provide yourself with a few much-needed breathers along the way.

Flights from Delhi to Agra are also available for bookings. Those travelling from other parts of the country to Agra would be well aware of the fact that Agra has an airport. The airport at Agra is accessible from all parts of the country. Moreover, those getting down at Agra will have to book taxis and/or cabs to reach the heart of the city.

As soon as you reach Agra, make your way to the hotel straightaway in order to catch a breather. Rest up a bit and get yourself ready for all the excitement.

Here is how a 3-day trip to Agra would look like:

Day 1: Make Your Way to the Anguri Bagh in Agra
Anguri Bagh
Whenever one thinks of Agra, a sepia-tinted picture of the Taj Mahal is bound to come to mind. However, there is a whole lot more to Agra than just the Taj Mahal. The Anguri Bagh, for instance, is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Agra. It is yet another symbol of Shah Jehan’s love affair with architecture.  Several popular restaurants are located in the vicinity. If you want to try out an authentic Mughlai restaurant, then do not think twice before opting for Gaylord.

The restaurant is peaceful and family friendly, and serves a wide range of delicacies, right from quick bites and snacks to elaborate meals. Also, the Fakira Café is a restaurant that you’re going to love if you are a hard-core meat/chicken eater. This multi-cuisine restaurant serves mouth-watering Mexican and Asian delicacies. Do try out the authentic chicken biryani without thinking much because it is one of the most-loved dishes at the restaurant.

After you’re done with the meal, check out the local market and buy a few things for yourself. Agra’s Subhash Emporium is the ideal place to barge into if handicrafts and locally-made products tend to spark the flames of desire within you. Here, you will find a great deal of products, right from table cloths to handmade candle holders. The prices of all of these products would be on the higher side (slightly), but all of these products symbolise quality and durability.

Agra’s Jama Masjid is one of the most important places for religious gatherings. Not just the pilgrims, but tourists, too, make their way to this mosque. It is one of the liveliest places in Agra. Shops selling local products, such as ‘itr’ happen to be a common sight around Agra’s Jama Masjid. Do shop for flowers and chaadars (these are to be offered at the mosque).

Once you have visited the Jama Masjid, make your way to one of the best restaurants in Agra and treat yourself to a lavish dinner. Opt for Fakira’s Café in Agra if eating tasty dinner sits atop your mind.  Enjoy a good night’s sleep at the hotel.

Day 2: Check Out Akbar’s and Miriam Zaman’s Tomb
Mehtab Bagh
A trip to Agra would certainly be incomplete if you do not visit Akbar’s Tomb. Grab a quick breakfast at the hotel itself before hitting the streets of Agra. If you are planning to visit the Taj Mahal, then do also make it a point to explore the Mehtab Bagh. Lush green expanses of greenery would greet you the moment you enter Mehtab Bagh’s premises.
Mehtab Bagh
If you wish to explore Akbar’s Tomb, then do also explore Miriam Zaman’s Tomb, which lies within striking distance of Akbar’s Tomb. Both these tombs are nothing but rich examples of the architectural styles that were preferred during the Mughal era.

All those planning to shop for sweets in Agra need to get their hands on ‘Petha’, which is one of the most-loved sweets in Agra (and in various other parts of north India).
Also, if you are planning to eat out in the streets of Agra, then make it a point to try out the traditional ‘Dalmoth’. Agra’s Panchi Petha Store serves the best dalmoth in the entire city, or so the tourists say. Plus, the tandoori chicken served at various outlets in Saar Bazar (Agra) is mouth-watering, to put things simply. Rest a bit at the hotel after treating yourself to a full plate of Tandoori Chicken.

Day 3 Do Shop Around a Bit Before Packing Your Bags

Again, enjoy an early breakfast at the hotel itself and begin the last day of your Agra trip by visiting Itimad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb, which presents yet another fine example of the architectural style followed by various Muslim rulers in the country. Do try out the mouth-watering ‘Bedai’ on your last day in Agra. The best Bedai in Agra is found at Deviram Sweets ( Mahatma Gandhi Road, Pratap Pura).

Do buy yourself a brand-new pair of shoes at Agra’s shoe market. The ‘Hing Ki Mandi’ area in Agra is the best place to buy shoes at affordable rates. Do convey your goodbyes to the city before parting ways.

Happy journey, folks.

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