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A Trip Down South: Witnessing the Raw Beauty and Charm of Kochi Over 3 Days

Kochi is one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the country. Talk of the best cities in Kerala and Kochi would automatically fly through your mind. The place is known for its lush green surroundings, beaches, ports, and an immensely rich culinary scene. Also, one of Kochi’s striking features is its love affair with colonial-style churches and cathedrals.

All those who want to visit some of Kerala’s most popular tourist attractions need to start by adding Kochi to their travel wish list. Also, a trip to Kochi would take you through the vibrant culture and traditions of South India.  The city also houses some of the biggest churches, which means you will get to learn a lot about the popularity of Christianity in Kerala.

Plus, Kochi is well known for its love affair with seafood. Take this for an example: Kappa Boti and Kerala-style fish curry. Kappa Boti is a must-eat dish for all the lamb eaters out there.

As far as tourism is concerned, Kochi houses some of the best tourist attractions. To begin with, please visit the Dutch Palace of Mattancherry. The monument is one of the settlements that throw ample light on the history of the Dutch colonies of Kochi.

How to reach Kochi?

Car journeys to Kochi are advised when you happen to be located in Kerala itself, or in other parts of South India, such Tamil Nadu. For those travelling from the north, air travel is the best

option.  The international airport at Cochin is well connected to all other parts of the country. It accepts flights from all over the world.

Those residing in Chennai need to travel along the Theni Highway. It is the fastest route to travel from Chennai to Kerala via road. However, you will require 2-3 drivers while making your way to Kerala from Chennai. Also, make a few stopovers along the way in order to refuel yourself (and your vehicle as well).

Buses from different parts of Kerala would also take you to Kochi. If you are planning to travel to Kochi anytime soon, then do make a list of the places that you need to visit without fail. Also, here is how a 3-day trip to Kochi needs to look like (roughly).

Day 1 Start with Fort Kochi and Kerala Kalakriti Centre
Kochi Fort
Fort Kochi is one of the best places to visit in Kerala. The town is known to house some of the old buildings from the colonial era.  If you wish to gain deeper insights into the colonial history of Kochi, then Fort Kochi is just the destination for you. Also, the town is known for its colourful vibes. Hire a scooty or a bike and ride through the town with ease. The town would remind of one of those cities in Portugal or The Netherlands.  If you’re feeling hungry, then check out one of the rooftop restaurants near Fort Kochi. Do try the traditional Kerala-style beef fry at the Bayview Rooftop Terrace Restaurant in Kochi. The authentic Kerala-style fish tikka is also a popular dish that needs to be tried out.

Once you have appeased your tummies, make your way to the Kerala Kalakriti Centre in order to gain a few interesting insights about the culture of Kerala. Here, you will get to watch the traditional dance of Kerala. Trained performers would rock your senses with Mohiniyattam. It is also a Kathakali centre that would treat you to some memorable performances. Dance courses are also available at the centre.

After enjoying a mesmerising show at the Kerala Kalakriti Centre, embark on a shopping spree. The local markets of Kerala (near Fort Kochi) offer access to high-quality organic food products. Also, there are several museums in Fort Kochi that have souvenirs on offer for the touring parties. Perfume shops are also a common sight in Fort Kochi. Explore one of the best seafood restaurants in Kerala if you are planning to enjoy a lavish dinner.  Fusion Bay is one of the best seafood restaurants in the area, and is known for the prawns that it prepares.

Make your way back to the hotel and enjoy a hearty sleep.

Day 2: Visit the Marine Drive and the Backwaters (Veeranpuzha Lake)
Veeranpuzha Lake
Enjoy a hearty breakfast at the hotel before hitting the streets of Kerala. A trip to Kerala would certainly be incomplete without visiting the Backwaters. If lagoons, canals and inlets tend to bring out the best in you, then do visit the backwaters without fail. Also, if you have a flair for boating, then the Backwaters of Kerala are tailor-made for you. Also, photography is quite a thing in Kerala. If you wish to put your photography skills to use, then the Backwaters of Kerala are just about perfect for you.

Ernakulam houses one of the best coffee shops in Kerala. Also, it is stationed just 10 km away from Kochi. Taste the best coffee in Kochi and pair it up with an authentic south Indian dosa. You will love the taste of those authentic south Indian spices.

Also, if you are in Kochi, then do shop at the Jew Town. It is one of the places where you’ll get your hands on the best antiques. There are several antique shops in the region that would end up capturing everybody’s imagine. Also, the spice market in the Jew Town is one of the biggest in the city. Buy the best south Indian spices for your home and add a pinch of spice to home-cooked food.

Get back to the hotel and check out the dinner menu. Do grab a quick bite before you go to bed.

Day 3: Check Out the Willingdon Island Before Leaving

Do try out a ferry trip at Willingdon Island if you are in love with the sea. It is known for its quaint surroundings and Instagram-friendly locations. It is one of the busiest ports in India and happens to be brimming with people for most of the day. Do check out the Heritage Museum @ Willington Island before leaving.
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