Southern Sojourns: Exploring The Untapped Beauty Of Idukki And Kuttikkanam

The south of India is one of the best places to visit for all those who wish to enjoy a memorable vacation/holiday. All those searching for picturesque hill stations for their next big family vacation can give Idukki and Kuttikkanam a try.

Kuttikkanam is a hill station that sits right in the middle of the Idukki district (Kerala). Known for its lush green tea plantations, Kuttikkanam is a place that would be of interest to all those who wish to treat themselves to the beauty and charm that is associated with Kerala (and its vicinity).  Also, do remember to book hotels in Idukki this summer if you plan on travelling to this lesser-known but beautiful hill station.

How to Reach Kuttikkanam?

Kuttikkanam lies in the south of the country, in the state of Kerala. This means those wanting to travel to this part of the country will have to undertake a long journey. Travelling by flight is the best option for all those who wish to travel from Delhi/Punjab/UP to Kuttikkanam. It goes without saying that road and/or train journeys to Kuttikkanam from India’s north Indian states are going to eat up a lot of time (and money). Moving on, book Kuttikkanam hotels without fail before getting on with the journey. The nearest airport connecting Kuttikkanam is the Cochin International Airport, which lies at a distance of about 125 km from Kuttikkanam. Undertake a journey from Kochi to Kuttikkanam by road after getting down at the airport.

By Road:

Al those residing in the various states spread across the southern part of the country can undertake a road trip to Kuttikkanam with ease. The roads to Kuttikkanam are well designed and offer a memorable driving experience. Also, the good part is: Kuttikkanam is located at a distance of 550 km (approx.). So, it can be said that a road trip from Bangalore to Kuttikkanam can be undertaken. Also, those travelling from Chennai to Kuttikkanam will have to cover 600 km in order to reach their destination.  Do remember to book Kuttikkanam hotels near some of the major tourist attractions in and around the area to enjoy a splendid vacation this summer.

Where to Stay in Kuttikkanam?

Kuttikkanam has a set of popular hotels for people to check out. As tourism is the primary business in the region, the place houses some of the top hotels in the region. Also, budget-oriented Kuttikkanam hotels can be found with ease, but people visiting the region will have to act fast as the place can get a bit crowded during the peak season.

The Best Places to Visit in Kuttikkanam

Cheeyappara Waterfall

Those travelling via the Kochi-Madurai Highway would be able to reach this waterfall within no time. The place happens to be a visual delight and needs to be visited by all those who wish to explore Kerala’s natural wonders.  Apart from all of the natural (and visual) beauty that it has in store, the place is also a popular trekking destination. Enjoy a trek and set up s camp near the waterfall to enjoy a memorable (and adventurous) vacation in this part of Kerala. Do remember to book Kuttikkanam hotels today if you wish to explore this waterfall.

Vagamon Pine Forest
Vagamon Pine forest is a symbol of the peaceful life of Kuttikkanam. All those who wish to walk through the woods can visit this place. Also, do not forget to carry the camera along as the Vagamon Pine Forest is the ideal   spot for giving birth to the photographer in you. The place is peaceful and a symbol of unmatched beauty. Similarly, the Vagamon Meadow Lake is a popular destination for those who wish to spend a peaceful weekend in Kuttikkanam. Visit this place without fail and do remember to book hotels in Idukki if the idea is to explore the beauty of this hilly land.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary
Have a taste for wildlife? Well, if the answer is yes, then the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal place to visit for you.  In simple words, the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is no less than a visual spectacle that would end up capturing the imagination of all the travellers and touring parties. One can spot the Sambar deer, bison, and the grey hornbill from Malabar and wild dogs in the vicinity. Safaris in the region are a popular attraction, and should be tried out by just about all those who plan on enjoying a memorable day out with family and friends.

Valara Waterfall

All those who wish to explore waterfalls that sit bang in the middle of dense forest cover can give this natural wonder a visit. The water tends to fall from a height of 1000 feet. It is a mesmerising view that should not be missed. The Valara Waterfall is also a popular trekking destination and photography spot. Make it a point to book Kuttikkanam hotels well in advance before getting on with the trip.

Other popular tourist attractions in the region are: Echo Point, Thrissanku Hills, Periyar National Park, Ammachi Kottaram, etc.


Do Remember to Check Out These Culinary Treats

Do try out the iconic Mexican Beef at one of the barbeques in Kuttikkanam. This tourist attraction in Kerala is just the place for you if you love non-vegetarian delights, including beef and pork. The Open Kitchen Barbecue in Kuttikanam serves mouth-watering beef that has to be tried out by all those who have an inclination towards spicy and savoury delicacies. Pair the dish up with a plate of Timba rice and enjoy a flavourful meal. Several hotels in Idukki serve this very delightful and tasty delicacy.

Shopping in Kuttikanam

Spices happen to be a popular commodity in Kuttikkanam. If you wish to buy a bunch of authentic south Indian spices, then do plan a visit to Abraham’s Spice Garden. Here, you would get to buy a bunch of exquisite spices. Also, tea plantations are a popular attraction in Idukki. So, do make it a point to try out the various exciting (and lesser known) varieties of tea. Also, it will be great if you can book a hotel in Idukki beforehand because searching for a hotel after reaching the destination is going to be a real task.

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