A 3-day Itinerary To Follow In Solan This Vacation Season

Solan is one off the best destinations for travellers and tourists planning to visit Himachal Pradesh. Solan, located near the towns of Shimla and Dharamshala, Solan is a lesser-known, but mesmerising jewel that needs to be visited at least once.  All those who want to spend quite vacation with family and friends whilst keeping the hullabaloo associated with city life at bay need to add this place to their travel lost without fail. The place is just about ideal for visitors who wish to explore peace and harmony like never before.

Also, hotels in Solan need to be booked well in advance if you want to enjoy a hearty vacation whilst keeping 11th hour books aside. Enjoy the best hospitality in Solan by going for a hotel in the area booked well in advance. The town of Solan does end up attracting a considerable number of tourists and visitors.

Reaching Solan by Rail, Road and Air

Those travelling from Shimla to Solan can travel by road with ease as both the cities are separated by a distance of just 48 km. So, travelling via road from Shimla to Solan is the quickest way to reach the destination.

As far as flights are concerned, you can book a flight from anywhere in India to Chandigarh or Shimla. Chandigarh is located at a distance of around 70km. This makes Chandigarh a popular stopover for those travelling to Solan. Also, hotels in Solan need to be booked well in advance as Solan does end up attracting a great deal of tourists from all over the country during summer time.

Those travelling by rail can get down at the Kalka Railway station in order to travel by road to Solan. Shimla and Solan can both be covered by the tourists visiting the area. Make sure to book hotels in Solan before you reach the place to keep all last-minute confusions at bay.

Here is how a 3-day trip to Solan should look like:

Day 1: Visit the Meditation Centre at the Bon Monastery
Make your way to one of the hotels in Solan and rest up a bit. Once you have rested, make a list of the places you wish to visit. First and foremost, the Bon Monastery should definitely be there on your travel lust/itinerary if you’re visiting Solan this summer. Meditate and rejuvenate your senses by spending some quality time within the confines of this monastery. Those who wish to take up yoga a bit seriously can plan on visiting this place.

Also, Christ Church is one of the many popular spots in the region. All those who wish to enjoy a hearty vacation while treating their eyes to some of the colonial-era buildings. The church brings to light the architectural styles that were popular during the British era.  Also, make it certain to book hotels in Solan to stay ahead of all the discrepancies that might end up popping up out of nowhere.  Explore Solan and its vicinity with ease by booking a hotel in the centre of the city. Once you have visited both these places, make your way to the hotel and enjoy a hearty meal.

All those who do not wish to eat out at a hotel can try out the traditional Poode, Lushke and Pachole. Do make your way to Solan if you love spicy stuff. Plus, there quite a few restaurants in Solan that offer a luxurious fine-dining experience.

Day 2: Ride the Toy Train and Visit The Fort of Kuthar

On your second day in Solan, start your day by grabbing a cup of tea at a nearby tea stall. Then, book a ride in the Kalka-Shimla Toy Train as it is one of the major attractions in the region and offers a spectacular view of the surroundings. The train journey from Kalka to Shimla (via the toy train) has been attracting a lot of visitors for over a century. Plus, do make it certain to visit the Fort of Kuthar, which is a symbol of Gurkha valour and bravery. Fresh water springs can still be found within the confines of this fort. All those who wish to get a slice of history can plan on visiting this fort this summer. Also, hotels in Solan can be booked near the Jubbarhatti airport, which is hardly an hour’s drive away from the Kuthar Fort.

Also, the Gilbert Trial happens to be a popular destination for those who wish to explore the beauty of Mother Nature in Solan. All those who are tired of the never-ending nature of city life can pay a visit to the Gilbert’s Trial. Also, do not forget to take your camera along because the trial offers some of the most scenic attractions and landscapes for the touring parties to take notice. Do book hotels in Solan as soon as possible to make your stay comfortable and easy.

Day 3: Visit the Solan Brewery and The Monkey Point
Check out the Solan Brewery, which is an old-school attraction that dates back to the colonial era. Started in the 1850s, the brewery is believed to be one of the oldest breweries in India. The brewery is now owned and operated by Mohan Meakin Limited and is still operational in the area. It is one of the most popular breweries in Solan and is known for its rich history and heritage. The brewery in Kasauli is also a popular attraction in Himachal Pradesh.

The Water Park and café in Sadhupul is one of the major attractions for families and kids. The tourists visiting Solan, Kufri or Chail to make it a point to pay this water park a visit without fail. Enjoy water sports and a hearty snack at the venue and give rise to countless memories. Do book a hotel in Solan near the Water Pakr if it happens to be on your travel list.

Viit Solan and give rise to numerous fond memories. Enjoy the vacation, folks!

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