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Smart Travel Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Solo Travel

Solo travel is an experience that one cherishes for the rest of his life. No matter how old you get, you will never forget the first solo trip you were a part of, don’t you? Also, traveling solo is fun because it is a symbol of freedom and self-reliance. So, enjoy a memorable travel experience while rolling solo this summer. However, a few things need to be kept in mind before going for solo travel.

First and foremost, planning everything is the essential step that needs to be taken care of. Book the best hotels in India (whichever destination you are traveling to) to enjoy a comfortable stay.  Looking for a hotel after reaching the destination is something that nobody would like. So, planning forms the heart of your solo trip.

Here are a few tips and tricks that would help you travel effectively while traveling solo:

Have Everything Chalked Out in Advance
Planning everything will go a long way in making life easier for you even before you step out of doors to travel solo. Planning everything makes it possible for travelers to rid themselves of the loose ends.  Also, the best hotels in India are found when you move fast and get everything booked beforehand.  The peak tourist season can make it difficult to search for last-minute accommodation as the rooms are in great demand. 

Choosing the Right Accommodation is Important

Booking a hotel is not enough. Travelers, especially the ones rolling solo, need to look for accommodations that are safe and secure. Here, it is essential to note that going for the cheapest option for the sake of saving a few bucks isn’t always the right way to go about things. No price is too high to pay to remain safe. Make sure you go for a trusted hotel online partners and websites. Go for hotel bookings online by choosing the best (and the most trusted websites). Spend wisely on hotel bookings, but do not go for the cheapest option available. 

Public Places are the Best, Always
Solo travelers, especially women, should go to public places that are crowded. If you love traveling during the night-time, it is best to opt for crowded public places. The chances of getting robbed in a crowded public place are low. Moreover, it is essential to keep the emergency numbers handy for use. If anything goes haywire, then you will have someone to help you out, right from the cops to your family members. Also, do not think twice before going for the most trusted hotel bookings online. Moreover, keep a first-aid kit handy to keep yourself covered if and when an injury ends up complicating your travel plans. 

Carry Adequate Identification Proofs

Carry all of your identification proofs if and when you are planning to travel. Also, do not store all the money in one place. Instead, make small bundles of currency notes and store them in different places. In this way, even if you end up getting robbed, you won’t lose all your money at once. It is always a good idea to carry a theft-free bag. Keep your identification proofs in it, and keep them handy for use at all times. Also, keep soft copies of all your identification with you (in the form of PDFs) to be on the safer side. Hotel bookings online also require you to submit identification proofs. 

Travel Light       

Yes, carrying too much weight on your back is not a good idea at all.  Seasoned backpackers are well aware of the fact that carrying an overweight backpack can not only restrict your moment but can also end up draining you of all your energy. Instead, carry the things that you require, such as a few pairs of clothing, sanitizers, maps, smartphones, spare batteries, flashlights, first-aid kits, etc. Also, leave a copy of the itinerary that you are expected to follow and stick to it. In this way, those who care for you will be able to track you down in case something (or everything) goes wrong. 

Inform a Friend Where You Are Going

Yes, if and when someone is traveling solo, it is essential to keep people informed. No matter wherever you are, someone from either the family or your friend circle should know your whereabouts. So keep your phone switched on at all times. Also, make sure you’re carrying a set of spare batteries (for emergency use). Also, taking a portable charger/power bank is also recommended because travelers might not find charging slots everywhere.

Get a Medical Check-up Done Well in Advance

Medical check-ups are essential even if the travelers do not have a significant medical history. In this way, the travelers would keep all of the potential health risks at bay. Get your sugar levels and BP tested as part of the routine check-up and carry all of the medicines that have been prescribed. Locate all of the nearby medical stores and dispensaries to keep yourself covered. The best hotels in India also have a doctor on duty throughout the day. So, make sure you only go for the best hotels while leaving out the rest. 

Trust Yourself 

The idea is to stay confident at all times. Do not let the bystanders standing alongside you to think that you’re alone. Take this for an example: if you cannot locate a destination: ask people for directions by stating that you are supposed to meet a friend of yours at the location.  Also, remain confident and keep all of your vulnerabilities under wraps.  The secret to enjoying a memorable solo trip is: have faith in yourself (and in your abilities).  Also, remember to get the budget hotels in India booked as soon as possible if and when you are planning to travel during the peak tourist season. 

Enjoy rolling solo, folks!

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