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8 Best Places in South India to Visit this Summer

This summer, plan a family vacation in South India dotted with sandy beaches, palm trees, rocky cliffs, and rolling waves! Take a break from the hustle of city life and escape to the serene oasis of natural beauty and tranquil surroundings. 

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Here is a list of scenic South Indian destinations to explore on your next summer vacation: 

  • Explore the cultural heritage in Pondicherry

Take a tranquil walk with waves washing over the sandy shores of the Rock beach. Some of the other beaches to visit are Pondicherry Beach and Tranquility Beach. As Chennai can get crowded during the peak travel season, it is advisable to book a hotel in Pondicherry in March/ April. 

Other great places to visit in Pondicherry are Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Ashram that attract tourists worldwide. As a city of cultural diversity, most of the population in Pondicherry are Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French. Book a hotel in Pondicherry at least two months in advance to avail of attractive travel deals. 

Oyo rooms in Pondicherry and other locations adhere to all WHO safety protocols to ensure a safe stay for all its guests. 

Fun Activities: Walk by the beaches, water sports, nature walks

Majority of travelers: Couples, Solo travelers, Family

Easiest Route: The nearest airport to Pondicherry is Chennai, 148 km away. You can also take the state-run bus to reach Pondicherry from Chennai. 

  • Visit ancient caves & historical sites Mahabalipuram 

Mahabalipuram is located on the Coromandel Coast overlooking the Bay of Bengal sea as a much-loved tourist destination. First, plan a day trip to the ancient temples and medieval caves in Mahabalipuram. Then, bask in the sunshine and serenity of the breathtakingly beautiful white sandy beaches. 

The must-visit tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram are the UNESCO world heritage sites like the Shore Temple. Book a hotel in Chennai in the idyllic beach resorts in Kovalam and Sadras. 

Fun Activities: Shore Temple. Beaches 

Majority of travelers: Couples, Solo travelers, Family

Location of the beach: Tamil Nadu, India

Easiest Route: The nearest airport, which is 22 km away, is Chengalpattu, the nearest railway station. Chennai railway station is located about 60 km from Mahabalipuram. 

  • Plan a beach picnic at Poompuhar Beach

Overlooking the roaring waters of the Bay of Bengal sea, Poompuhar Beach is a great beach to visit in Chennai. The rugged coastline stretches from the Kaveri River to the outskirts of Neithavasal. You can book your stay at hotels near Chennai airport while visiting the local beaches. 

Fun Activities: Take a stroll by the beach or plan a picnic by the beach. Attend a prayer service at the Zion Church. Explore the artistic talents at the Silapathikaram Art Gallery.

Majority of travelers: Couples, Solo travelers, Family

Location of the beach: Tamil Nadu, India

Easiest Route: The best way to reach Poompuhar is by road. You can drive to Poompuhar Beach from Chennai and other cities. 

  • Explore Puducherry & Karaikal Beach

Are you looking for a captivating holiday destination in Puducherry this summer? Soak in the sun, sand, and solitude of the untouched Karaikal beach. You can book your stay at the best hotels in Chennai while visiting Puducherry. 

The region offers a mishmash of French and Indian culture reflected in the food, culture, festivals, and local life. Book the best hotels in Chennai in advance for hassle-free travel this summer. 

Fun activities: Take a stroll at the Karaikal Beach

Majority of travelers: Couples, Solo travelers, Family

Location of the beach: Tamil Nadu, India

Easiest Route: You can drive to Karaikal beach from Chennai or any other nearby city. 

  • Enjoy majestic sunrise & sunset views at Manginapudi Beach

Enjoy the tranquil natural surroundings of the Manginapudi beach, which a popular destination for tourists traveling to Chennai. Capture some instaworthy photos of the sun setting across the silhouette of a picturesque skyline. Avail of attractive offers on hotels near Chennai airport during your summer vacation in Chennai.

Walk barefoot on the sandy seashore while holding your beloved’s hands. Watch the fishermen busy gathering the day’s catch and savor delicious seafood at local street food stalls. 

Fun Activities: Long walks by the sandy shoreline.

Majority of travelers: Couples, Solo travelers, Family

Location of the beach: Tamil Nadu, India

Easiest Route: You can drive from Chennai to the Manginapudi beach or hire a private cab for local sightseeing. 

  • Visit Universal Kingdom Amusement Park at VGP Golden Beach

As one of the untouched beaches near Chennai, VGP Golden Beach is a must-visit beach for couples and families.  

Enjoy a fun ride at the VGP Universal Kingdom amusement park, which is located around the beach. This mesmerizing beach features a long stretch of coastline along the Bay of Bengal sea. 

Listen to the cascading waves break into the rocks around the coastline while the cool breeze sways through your hair. This is one of the safest beaches in Chennai to enjoy a swim in the soothing waters of the Bay of Bengal sea. Moreover, this beach is often preferred for shooting movies owing to the unspoiled beauty and undulating landscape. Look for sea-view rooms at 3-star hotels in Chennai overlooking the mesmerizing beach. 

Fun Activities: Plan a fun day out at the Universal Kingdom amusement park. Take a walk by the beach. 

Majority of travelers: Family, Solo travelers, Couples

Location of the beach: Injambakkam, Tamil Nadu 

Easiest Route: VGP Golden beach is well connected to Chennai via roadways. You can drive, hire a cab, or travel by local buses. 

  • Go for Dolphin watching at Suryalanka Beach

Located near Bapatla, Suryalanka Beach is the ideal place to soak in the sun, make sandcastles on the beach, or go swimming. Plan a romantic weekend getaway with your loved one at Suryalanka Beach. Bask in the serenity of the beach to refresh and revitalize your senses. The coastline of this beach overlooks the raging waters of the Bay of Bengal sea. Don’t forget to dab on some sunscreen while sunbathing at the beach. Plan a dolphin sightseeing tour on speedboats, which is a significant tourist attraction on this beach. Be enthralled by the natural beauty and bask in the cool breeze while sunbathing by the beach. Capture some unforgettable photos of the sunrise on your DSLR while visiting this beach during the early morning. 

Fun Activities: Swimming, Sunbathing, Beach walks, Dolphin watching

Majority of travelers: Family, Couple, Solo travelers 

  • Take an evening stroll by the Marina Beach

One of the best beaches to visit in Chennai, Marina Beach is famous for being the second longest beach in India and the world. The sandy coastline stretches for approximately 13 kilometers. Visit this beach during the early morning or late evening hours to avoid crowds of tourists. Capture some memorable photographs of the stunning sunrise and sunset views across the horizon tainted with pink, orange, and yellow hues. 

Fun Activities: Take a walk at Anna Park. Plan a beach picnic. Go for an evening stroll by the beach. 

Majority of travelers: Couples, Family, Solo travelers

Location of this beach: Tamil Nadu

Easiest Route: Take the MRTS train to the lighthouse and cover the rest of the distance foot to reach the beach. 

These are some best destinations in South India for an unforgettable summer retreat with your family.

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