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Most Romantic Places to Visit in Hyderabad for Couples

Hyderabad definitely has a romantic side to it. Not for nothing is it the city of Nawabs and all things elegant and beautiful including the imposing Charminar. There are various charming places to visit in Hyderabad with your special someone for company. After all, the city’s multi-hued streets, plethora of natural and man-made wonders, lip-smacking food and of course, its warmth, make it an amazing haunt for couples in the mood for romance.

Romantic places in Hyderabad that you must visit

If you’re booking couple friendly hotels in Hyderabad, make sure that they’re located in central areas with good connectivity to major landmarks of the city. That is the touristy bit. Here’s looking at the most romantic experiences that you can savor here with your beloved.

Enjoy a unique meal together in the dark

Situated at Inorbit Mall in Madhapur, on the 5th floor, Dialogue in the Dark is an experience that will bring you two closer by all means. The timings are between 12.30-3.30 PM and 7.30-9.30 PM with the core specialty being the delicious four-course meal that patrons are expected to sample in total darkness. This unique initiative is part of a global project on sensitizing citizens towards the difficulties of those who are differently abled or visually impaired.

Use your sense of taste, touch and smell to complete your meal together in the dark and enjoy the hospitality of visually impaired staff members who will guide you every step of the way. This is romance with a capital R, particularly if you’re looking for something heartwarming.

Indulge in cocktails and heady views at Altitude Lounge Bar

Situated at Tank Bund Road, right opposite to the Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, this amazing joint has all the ingredients to spice up your weekend rendezvous! Located atop the 8th floor, you get fabulous views of the beautiful lake from Altitude while sampling the fabulous selection of classic beverages including classic cocktails like Sex on the Beach and Singapore Sling.

Some of the house specials will leave you both excited. Try French 75, their spirited mixture of gin, sparkling wine and lime juice or even Aviation that’ll get your spirits flying with its concoction of cherry liqueur, gin and lemon juice. Munchies on the plate include Karare Paneer or Hawker’s Chilli Fritters (top marks for the unique name) and even classic Fish and Chips or NZ Lamb Rack. This award-winning lounge signifies extensive indulgence of the romantic kind (something we’re sure you’d be happy to try!).

Rooftop meals rock at Coco’s

Coco’s at Plot Number 217, Opposite to the KBR Park, Banjara Hills, is where you should head for that perfect rooftop brunch/lazy lunch! Open between 12 PM and 12 AM, you’ll experience a truly comfortable, lounge-esque yet warm ambience at this amazing joint. Nestled on the terrace of a building with several other crowd favorites, you will fall in love with the hut-esque mini-roofs and thatches that offer both romantic privacy and eclecticism for company! The muted lighting and soft music (yes there are live performances too) are plus points along with the cushioned seating which is truly relaxing.

Savor top-notch cocktails like Tango Woo Woo or Costa de Sol along with the grilled and Tandoori specialties dished out by the experts. If you’re looking for something more lively in the evening, simply watch the relaxing rooftop transform into one of the city’s hottest party dens.

Enjoy an exhilarating night cruise on the Hussain Sagar Lake

Night cruises indicate adventure, thrill and of course, oodles of romance. Take one on the Hussain Sagar Lake, one of the most beautiful sights in Hyderabad. Built on a Musi River tributary back in 1562, you’ll be awed, gazing at the 16 meter Buddha statue in the center along with the amazing illumination all around.

Boats can be hired to the statue from the Lumbini Park on the Hussain Sagar Lake bank. Water scooters or speed boats are also availed along with a dining cruise at night. While you’re both entranced in the magical ambience, don’t forget to take a selfie (or two) for that Insta-feed!

Romance royally at the majestic Taj Falaknuma Palace

Arguably Hyderabad’s most popular landmark after the Charminar, the Taj Falaknuma Palace is located at Engine Bowli and spreads over all of 32 acres filled with fountains and gardens. The former home of Hyderabad’s Nizam, this palace now houses the luxurious Taj hotel, overlooking the city, 2,000 feet above it. Savor the fabulous views from this historic structure. The Taj Hotel now offers 60 premier rooms filled with the royal classics ranging from marble staircases, statues, murals and stained glass windows to chandeliers and antique furniture.

The Palace Library has enough to keep you two occupied if you’re bookworms (with its rare collection only!) while the Adaa and Celeste restaurants will take care of hunger cravings with signature Italian, Mediterranean and Hyderabadi dishes. Romance in royal style, tasting signature dishes from the Nizam’s kitchen including Shahi Dastarkhaan and Shikhar ka Khaana. The hotel has its own heritage walk as well, in case you’re interested. A little royal indulgence never did anyone harm. Save this treat for a special occasion!

Drive down the pristine Necklace Road

One of the most romantic things to do in Hyderabad is simply driving down the popular Necklace Road at night. This boulevard is where the city comes alive, linking Lumbini Park and NTR Gardens to Secunderabad’s Sanjeevaiah Park. Enjoy driving beside the beautiful gardens along this stretch while you two can always halt for some live music or exhibitions at People’s Plaza. The stretch adjoining the Hussain Sagar Lake is ideal for that big proposal or a sudden surprise!

Enjoy charming walks around the Chowmahalla Palace

One of the most romantic places in Hyderabad, the Chowmahalla Palace is where you can enjoy those long winding walks with each other for company. Situated at 20-4-236, Motigalli, Khilwat, the palace is closed on Fridays. It stays open between 10 AM and 5 PM on other days of the week. Drawing inspiration from the palace of the Shah of Iran in Tehran, this one has four majestic structures used previously for conducting durbars and playing host to the British viceroy.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Chowmahalla Palace encompasses 12 acres of delightful gardens, courtyards, fountains and palaces with the Grand Khilwat on Durbar Hall sure to take your breath away! Lose yourselves in the mesmerizing Italian marble, Belgian chandeliers and the marble throne of the Nizam. For a culturally enervating walk through history and some romance in the bargain, the Chowmahalla Palace is a good bet!

Now that you know of Hyderabad’s top romantic haunts, what are you waiting for? Surprise your better half by ticking off these destinations one by one!


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