Have Your Fill Of Fun At These Pubs In Indore

  1. Downing Street
  2. Trance- the Pub
  3. Quorom Lounge
  4. F Bar and Kitchen
  5. Calypso
  6. Vidorra- EGO the Club
  7. Victoria Club and Lounge
  8. Mustang Lounge
  9. Level 3
  10. Lancer Cocktail Lounge
  11. Kyro
  12. OPM Bar and Lounge

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Indore is one of the main cities in Central India and since immemorial, this city has served as a major connecting point within the northern and southern parts of the country. The city is known for its amazing culture, great street food, heritage buildings and great marketplaces. However, Indore is rapidly evolving and it now has all the means of entertainment and fun like any other big city. Hence, there are a number of top nightclubs that have come up in the city and they have become the frequent haunts of the youngsters. Good food, great ambience, a friendly crowd and a great music- these pubs in Indore are ideal when you want to catch up with friends over drinks. Here is the Indore pub list some of the best ones in the city:

Downing Street:

No, the Prime Minister of England does not live here, but it is still a very happening address! This English- themed pub, amongst other things, also hosts ladies nights and karaoke nights. The Bollywood nights are very popular and the special events are looked forward to by everyone. The acoustics are great, which make for great music and the dance floor is ideal to let your hair down. The ambience is very friendly and happening at the same time and the décor is soothing and enigmatic. The food and drinks served are one of the best in the city and the Happy Hours have 1+1 offers. You will not want to leave this place once you are here.

Location: Vijay Nagar

Cost for two: INR 1500

Trance- the Pub:

This pub is great for those who love to party hard and the best thing is that it can be done without burning a hole in the pocket. The food served is delectable and there bar is really well stocked, with wines, spirits, beers and other drinks. The best cocktails and mocktails are available and there are many blends and combinations to choose from. There is also a dedicated smoking area. The trance music played here is really a great way to soothe your senses and have a great time. You can come here for a night out with friends or even with your spouse or partner.

Location: Vijay Nagar

Cost for two: INR 1600

Quorom Lounge:

This happens to be one of the most vibrant nightclubs in Indore and has quite a following of wine lovers, party lovers, music fans and cigar smokers. The lounge scenario of the city has been redefined because of this lounge. The ambience is luxurious and the warm décor and great food and drink, make it a place of must visit within the city. The music scene is really great and you get to experience soul, roc, trance, concert and even music nights and organized here which provides a great platform for the budding performers of the city.

Location: Vijay nagar

Cost for two: INR 1400

F Bar and Kitchen:

This lounge has a great party ambience and the rocking nightlife of Indore has been redefined with this nightclub. The DJ nights here are looked forward to by everyone and the open air- seating is the USP here. The poolside ambience is really cool and you can also enjoy yourself on the dance floor. The food, wine, music are all top notch and the place has a very good staff as well.

Location: Vijaynagar

Cost for two: INR 2000


This is one of those great nightclubs in the city which boasts of a colorful nightlife. The ambience of this place is to die for and the striking décor is great for a night of partying. The best DJs of the city are known to perform here and the food will alone want to make you come back yet again. The bar is well stocked and all kinds of events are also organized here. The best thing about the bar is that the drinks are really unique with some blends not available anywhere else.

Location: Vijay nagar

Cost for two: INR 1800

Vidorra- EGO the Club:

This bar is known for its great rooftop dining experience and it offers beautiful views of the city of Indore and its skyline at night. The nightclub is known as Ego, and it has a very international look and feel to it with state of the art sound system, disco lights and a rocking dance floor. The live music scenario here is very promising with some of the best names performing here. The guests help themselves to great food and drinks and you will love the friendly ambience as well.

Location: New Palasia

Cost for two: INR 1200

Victoria Club and Lounge:

This is a nightclub with a lounge atmosphere and it happens to be the biggest asset of this place. You will feel like relaxing and grooving to the music and the elegant and chic ambience lends this place a very upscale look. The place has a great crowd and a number of North Indian and Chinese food items are served here. The drinks, and especially the cocktails are to die for. The rocking music and the great dance floor will make you forget all your worries while you are here. As this a pocket friendly place, many college goers also visit this place.

Location: South Tukoganj

Cost for two: INR 1000

Mustang Lounge:

This bar is all about elegant designs and contemporary looks and has a good rank among the party hoppers of Indore. The décor is truly amazing and the plush ambience will immediately put you at ease. This is a great rooftop restaurant and the lounge seating is very relaxing. You will get to enjoy great views of the city from the rooftops as you enjoy your food and drinks. The DJ nights here are very popular and the place is jampacked whenever they are held. The crowd grooves to the great dance numbers and the staff is also very friendly.

Location: Vijay Nagar

Cost for two: INR 1200

Level 3:

Not only is the pub very happening, but it is situated in one of the most happening corners of the city as well. The nightclub has a very elegant décor and the lounge ambience is just what you want after a tiring day at work. The food served here is the best part and you get to choose from Chinese, Mughlai and North Indian dishes. The club has an amazing dance floor and the resident DJ plays the best ever music which will immediately set you out on a mood to party. The cocktails and mocktails here are exquisite and the mixture of spirits is a heady combination. There are also fruit juices for those who do not drink. The club also has a VIP section which can be accessed only by a privileged few.

Location: Vijaynagar

Cost for two: INR 1500

Lancer Cocktail Lounge:

This lounge is making all the right noises in the city of Indore and the overall mood of the place is further heightened by the great cocktails, mocktails. Other kinds of liquor are also available here and the place has a warm, British ambience, which is great for those who like the classy atmosphere and do not prefer loud noises and rowdy crowds. Because of the upscale ambience, many business people also meet here and socialites also frequently hold their parties. This is a great place to hang out with friends and be it partying or just a good conversation, you can enjoy everything here.

Location: South Tokoganj

Cost for two: INR 1400


If you want the lounge experience, complete with pool side eating on a roof top setting, then this is the place to be in. The wonders of this place do not end here as to top it all, there is also a very charming décor and cozy seating arrangements to look forward to. The warm lighting of the interiors with stunning décor completes the look. The DJ corner is where you can request your music and there is a dance floor as well to let your hair down. The food is great and you are sure to get your choice of drinks from a wide range on offer. There is also provision for some great tasting finger food to go with it.

Location: Bhawar Kaun

Cost for two: INR 1300

OPM Bar and Lounge:

This is one of the best nightclubs in the city to hang out with friends and the amazing interiors and eclectic décor is just what you need to break the monotony of the day. The ambience is cozy and friendly and there is great food to enjoy, ranging from Mexican, Italian and North Indian dishes. The liquor available in this place is quite renowned and there are a wide range of cocktails which one can enjoy as well. This nightclub hosts really good musical nights and New Year has special programs.

Location: Vijay Nagar

Cost for two: INR 1600

If you are looking for a venue to hang out with friends in Indore, then try some of these amazing nightclubs. It is sure to change your perspective about the city and you will fall in love with the nightlife of the city.

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