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Preparing for Holi, What Do You Need To Know?

The festival of colours is celebrated with great pomp in the entire country. Holi marks the beginning of the harvest season and represents the victory of good over evil. Therefore, it is one of the most important occasions in India. A lot of preparation and excitement goes into the two-day festival, which is followed by loads of excitement. 


If you are also planning to have an amazing Holi this year, mentioned below are a few things you need to keep in mind. 


Things To Do Before Playing Holi


Prep your Hair

No matter how much you enjoy playing with the colours, you need to protect your hair and skin. So, do not forget to apply a sufficient amount of oil to your hair before you go out to play Holi. Doing so will prevent chemicals from the colours from settling down in your hair strands. Thus, minimising the risk of your hair being damaged, dry and frizzy. 


Prep your Skin

Colours can damage and dry out your skin too. Before you get into the festivities, lather your skin with a good amount of almond oil or coconut oil. Applying oil acts as a protective layer between your pores and the chemicals. If you do not prep your skin, the harmful chemicals from colours may seep into the pores of your skin and wreck your pH balance. 


Furthermore, the oil layer on your skin helps you get rid of the colours after you play Holi. Additionally, you should also use a good amount of sunblock or sunscreen if you plan to be under the sun for a long time. 


Protect Your Eyes, Nails, and Lips

Avoid wearing contact lenses while playing Holi. If any coloured water or powder gets into your eyes, it may irritate them and even harm them. Though you can wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from colours. 


While playing Holi can be fun, the stains on the bed of the nails are not appealing. Therefore, to protect your nails, you can apply dark-coloured nail polish. It acts as a protective layer. If you do not want to colour your nails, opt for a coat of clear nail paint. Similarly, protect your lips by applying a layer of chapstick or petroleum jelly. 


Hydrate Yourself

Staying Hydrated is important. The chemicals from the colours, the sun’s heat and the enthusiastic celebrations can cause your body to be severely dehydrated. Therefore, you need to hydrate yourself before, during and after playing Holi. 


Things To Do During the Holi Celebrations


Do Not Wear Expensive Clothes

Since you will be playing with colours and throwing them around, your clothes are bound to get stained. It makes no sense to wear expensive clothes or clothes that you do not want to get dirty. Wear old clothes or those that you do not mind getting stained. Another thing to remember is to tie up your hair or cover them all together using a scarf, cap, etc.


Avoid Swallowing Colours

While playing Holi, because of water colours, powder and water bombs flying around, it is possible for some of it to land in your mouth. However, it is very important to avoid swallowing it because it may bring you down with stomach flu! 


Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Wear non-slip footwear to avoid tripping. 
  • Use earplugs or cotton pads to avoid getting water into your ears. 
  • Beware of pickpockets. 


Things To Do After Playing Holi


Experience The Magic of Ubtans

To get rid of all the colours and stains, take a bath with milk or curd mixed with gram flour. You can also try a mix of rose water, turmeric and lemon juice to scrub off colour without being harsh on your skin.


Moisturise Your Skin

Always remember to moisturise your skin after bathing. It provides much-needed moisture and pampers your skin. Avoid using strong, chemical-based soaps, shampoos and cleansers before, during and after playing Holi. 


Where to Stay During Holi?

If you are not at home or have travelled to one of those fancy Holi events, such as the Holi Moo festival in Delhi, finding good accommodation during the Holi season can be difficult. However, if you choose OYO Rooms, you can enjoy first-class facilities and great amenities at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for family hotels in Delhi or family resorts in Jaipur, OYO Rooms has it all. 


Here are some categories of accommodations you can find at OYO:

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To have an amazing Holi experience, make sure you choose the best family hotels in the city for your stay and enjoy the top sightseeing in the best way possible. Choosing OYO Rooms gives you a complete experience. 



The unique traditions, beautiful colours and the brotherhood involved make Holi one of the most loved festivals in India. The festivities have become the top sightseeing in any city in India. However, follow the tips and suggestions mentioned above, beware of troublemakers and have a fun, safe, and responsible Holi!

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