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Experience the Fervour of Holi at These Five Places

Holi is a special festival celebrated in different ways at different places all over India. And to experience this unique celebration of Holi you must consider visiting these top 5 places. No matter where you go, you will experience a high level of enthusiasm and festive fervour. 


When you choose to go to a specific place to spend your Holi, you would have to consider whether you would also visit any sightseeing places. Also, you would have to consider your accommodations. Here OYO Rooms makes it really easy for you. It provides you with the comfort and amenities you would need at a great price to enjoy your stay. 


Celebrate Holi in The Best 5 Places in India


Agra, Uttar Pradesh

You could visit and experience the grand Holi at Agra if you are close to Uttar Pradesh. In this place, the festival begins with a bonfire during the night of the full moon. Every corner of the streets is decorated with traditional fires that symbolise warding off bad omens and evil spirits. 

While in Agra, you can find many offers and benefits by booking the best family hotels in Agra through OYO Rooms. OYO Rooms also provides several options that ensure a comfortable stay in whichever hotel you choose. 


Imphal, Manipur

In Manipur, Holi is celebrated as a part of the great festival of Yaoshang, beginning on Phalguna’s full moon. In Manipur, Holi is a six-day affair showcasing cultural extravaganza. You could witness many folk musicians and dancers performing around fluorescent bonfires and lamps. 


While in Imphal, you can stay at the OYO Flagship 807392, The Thangal Hotel, at an affordable price with the amenities of getting power backup, free wifi, along with TV, Geyser, and AC. With OYO Rooms, you could have a comfortable stay in the family hotels in Imphal and also get to view the places of top sightseeing in Manipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan

During Holi the Pink City turns into a medley of a colourful rainbow. At the City Palace, you could witness gala celebrations, you would see a mix of Rajasthani folk dance and music with a mixture of gulal play. 


While in Jaipur, you can stay at many comfortable OYO Rooms, which are among the good family hotels in Jaipur. These may include OYO 7794 Hotel Raghukul, OYO 35787 Hotel Lily Bay Prime, etc. These specific hotels are even close to the airport. But if you want to stay in a hotel close to some of the landmarks, then you would have to choose from the many options with OYO Rooms. 


Pushkar, Rajasthan

In the holy town of Pushkar, Holi is celebrated with high vigour. The town’s main square witnesses a huge party with people playing with colours and live music. The excitement is further increased with a chilled glass of thandai, and colour bombs.


While in the city, you can visit the other places of top sightseeing in Pushkar and find accommodations at the various family hotels in Pushkar using OYO Rooms. With OYO Rooms, you can get great deals with the best quality. 


Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

A day before Holi, Vrindavan’s Banke Bihari Temple celebrates a unique Holi with flowers. The priests shower the devotees of Lord Krishna with flowers, and on the main day of Holi, the temple opens its doors to all devotees and provides a memorable experience in the birthplace of Lord Krishna. 


While being there, you would be able to visit many other temples and sites, but you would also need accommodations. You can live at a premium family hotel in Vrindavan, a Collection O or Townhouse, or whatever other option you prefer through OYO Rooms. The hotels would accommodate your needs and ensure you have the best experience.



No matter where you choose to spend your holiday, you will have a great experience. And by booking your accommodations from OYO Rooms, you not only get to choose the best accommodation within your budget, but you can also get many offers and benefits that might not be available elsewhere. You can also get OYO Money you can get by creating an account with OYO Rooms. It would help you in booking future accommodations.

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