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Plan Your Journey to the Golden Temple with These Tips

Nestled in the Northwestern region of India, Amritsar is a lively city known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and delicious food. While modernity effortlessly blends with ancient traditions in Amritsar, the Golden Temple that lies at the heart of the city is its pride. Also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib Temple, it is one of the top sightseeing spots in Amritsar. The temple gets its name from the layer of gold that covers its dome, which makes it shimmer and shine all the time.

While being breathtakingly beautiful, the Golden Temple holds a lot of spiritual and historical significance. Thousands of devotees and believers travel to Amritsar every day to seek blessings and peace. Due to its marvellous architecture and surrounding Amrit Sarovar, many tourists come here to witness the incredible beauty and offer prayers.

Tips to Plan Your Journey to the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is a place of deep reverence and devotion for millions of people worldwide. Therefore, it is no surprise that lakhs of people visit it daily. If you are also planning to visit this sacred place to witness its beauty and engage in the ecstatic gurbani chants, you are on the right page. In this post, we give you some tips on how to plan your journey to the Golden Temple.


While the Golden Temple is open to visitors throughout the year, the best time to visit is from October to May, when the weather is pleasant, and the crowd is decent.


Even though people from all faiths and tourists come here to marvel at the fine architecture and beauty of the Golden Temple, it is a place of worship. So try to dress modestly. Also, both men and women must cover their heads with a scarf, which signifies respect for the place.

Be Prepared

As mentioned already, the Golden Temple witnesses heavy footfall across the year, you need to be prepared for it. Stay patient, and wait in line for your turn.

Temple Etiquette

Anyone who visits the Golden Temple needs to maintain the dignity of faith. For example, you need to remove your shoes before entering the temple and also wash your hands and feet before entering the shrine. Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited on the premises.

Try the Langar

When you plan your trip to the Golden Temple, make sure you include the langar. The communal kitchen at the Golden Temple offers free meals to every visitor. Sitting in lines with strangers while the food is served is a great way to experience the community spirit.

Hire a Guide

If you are interested in the Golden Temple’s historical significance, you can hire a guide who will take you on an in-depth tour around the temple complex and show you the unique way the langar food is prepared.


While on the premises, make sure you take care of your belongings as it is a crowded destination. Avoid carrying any valuables or important documents, but in case you do, keep them close to you. 


While in Amritsar, you can also go to the top sightseeing spots in and around the city, such as the historic Jallianwala Bagh, or visit the local markets and try out the local delicacies. Stay open to new experiences and mingle with the locals to learn more about the Sikh community and their faith.

Amrit Sarovar

The Golden Temple is surrounded by holy water known as Amrit Sarovar. It is considered to be sacred, and it is believed that a dip in this water can cleanse sins and cure illness. Alternatively, you can feed the fish in the water as it is thought to bring good luck.

Where to Stay in Amritsar?

Amritsar is much more than a religious destination. The busy streets complement the serene beauty of the countryside. Therefore, when you arrive in Amritsar, you need an accommodation that can provide you comfort along with all the modern and essential amenities. OYO Family Hotels in Amritsar lets you choose a hotel according to your preferences and budget.

You can choose from various options. Choose a Flagship hotel near the Golden Temple to visit at times when the crowd is less and have a sublime experience. You can book your OYO family hotels in Amritsar online through the OYO mobile app hassle-free.


The Golden Temple is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites due to its architectural and cultural value. It houses several historical artefacts and documents. The temple symbolises humanity, brotherhood and hope because its famous community kitchen serves free food to people of all faiths. Whether you are a devotee or a tourist, use the tips mentioned above when you plan your trip to the Golden Temple and witness its beauty with your own eyes.

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