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Explore the Wonders of Vapi

Vapi is a beautiful city in the Valsad District of the vibrant state of Gujarat. It amalgamates everything amazing about Gujarat to make one amazing city. Vapi, currently, is one of the largest industrial hubs in Asia, and it contributes significantly to the Gujarat economy. However, despite modernization, Vapi has not lost its charm. The city still lies dotted with enchanting natural sites, pristine beaches, and enthralling local culture. There are many places to visit in Vapi, and you would not spend one boring moment here. Every moment here is a celebration that you would love to be a part of! 

Vapi is located on the banks the Damanganga River at the southern end of Gujarat. Vapi lies studded with ancient Indian temples and is deeply rooted in history, culture, and traditions, much like the rest of Gujarat. The places here hold significant religious value and can be of great interest to archeology and history enthusiasts as well.

Find Best Hotels In Vapi

Vapi is not your usual run of the mill city. It is an excellent spot for getaways that are both diverse and unique owing to its impeccably hospitable environment. Vapi is a scenic city that has no dearth of places to visit. Once in Vapi, you will be overwhelmed by everything around you. From festivals to spirituality to food and culture, Vapi makes everything worth celebrating. 

Places to Visit in Vapi:

  1. GIDC Garden
  2. Silvassa
  3. Explore the beaches of Daman
  4. Udvada
  5. Pay a visit to the wonderful Vanganga Garden, Silvassa
  6. Mirasol Water Park
  7. Take a trip to the rustic St Jerome Fort
  8. Unai

1. GIDC Garden

The banks of the Damanganga river running through this city makes for an abundance of picnic spots. The GIDC garden is one of the most popular and beautiful picnic spots in Vapi. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and features a carpet of green grass and flowers in full bloom. It is an amazing picnic spot, and you can come here to spend some quality time with your friends and family. There is a beautiful Amba Mata Temple situated near the gardens. During the evenings, this temple lights up and offers a beautiful blend of festivity and tranquility. Do pay a visit to the Amba Mata Temple after spending a relaxing day at the GIDC Garden.

2. Silvassa

Silvassa lies at a distance of 19km from Vapi in the southernmost part of Gujarat. It is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and is known for its lush green surroundings, stunning boulevards, and tax-free alcohol. It used to be a Portuguese colony, the remnants of which are still visible. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Silvassa with its several water-based parks is the perfect place for you. If you love shopping and exploring the local culture of a place, Silvassa with its vibrant and colorful culture would offer you the right opportunity. You can find some of the most exquisite handcrafted items and famous Warli paintings. Warli paintings are an ancient form of paintings that use geometric patterns to depict the various elements of nature. Tribes around Mumbai practice it. The existence of these paintings dates back to the 10th century AD. If you visit Silvassa, do purchase these beautiful paintings that stand as a symbol of India’s treasure trove of art. 

In Silvassa, you can enjoy some moments with the amazing flora and fauna at the Lion Safari Wildlife Park or find bliss and solitude at the Vanganga Lake. If you fancy a city that has a bit of history, culture, natural surroundings, and wildlife, then Silvassa is the perfect spot for you.

3. Explore the Beaches of Daman


Daman is just 12kms from Vapi and is a place filled with heritage, culture, and pristine beaches. If your idea of a vacation is pleasant weather, lush green surroundings, sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters, and heritage sites, then Daman is the perfect spot for you. 

Daman is a quaint little city that is flanked by Maharashtra, Gujarat, and the majestic Arabian Sea. Since Gujarat is predominantly a dry state, many travelers flock to Daman to enjoy a relaxed evening over sea-food and alcohol. But Daman is so much more than the party culture people associate it with. It is a city with a fabulous soul, impressive history, and amazingly hospitable people. 

If you love water sports, then you should visit the Jampore Beach here. It offers a variety of options including jet-skiing, motorboat rides, parasailing, quad-bikes, and sand biking. What’s more, this attractive beach is located south of Moti Daman and offers low tides and calm waters, making it one of the safest beaches for swimming. Other pristine beaches here include Devka Beach, Vanakbara Beach, and Jallandhar Beach among others. 

4. Udvada

Situated at a distance of 14km from Vapi, Udvada in Gujarat, this sleepy little town has special significance to the Parsi community. It is believed that the earliest Zoroastrians traveled from Iran to India and settled in the quaint, sleepy town of Udvada. Their most revered temple was built here in the eighth century AD. However, people outside the Parsi community are not allowed to enter this temple. But don’t worry, you will get to taste the mouthwatering Parsi cuisine here. Tourists from different religions travel to Udvada just to get a taste of the unique Parsi cuisine. The place has some picturesque streets that would form stunning backdrops for your photographs. You can also head to the Udvada Beach to spend a relaxed evening away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. It features a beautiful shoreline comprising of muddy brown sand and rocky terrain. The area around the beach is inhabited by fishermen. There is a small port of Sanjan that houses a pillar marking the spot from where the Parsi community entered Udvada. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Faredoon Cottages. These are ancient cottages that reflect the history and culture of the Parsi community in India. Most of these Parsi cottages are popular for their double otlas or porches- it is their distinctive feature. The inner otla is used for praying and the outer one is used for growing vegetables or gardening. Also, pay a visit to one of the many quaint cafes here to taste some of the most delicious Parsi dishes. 

5. Pay a Visit to the Wonderful Vanganga Garden, Silvassa

Vanganga Garden

Situated at a distance of approximately 15km from Vapi, the Vanganga Garden is one of the most picturesque tourist places around Vapi. The garden is spread across an area of seven hectares and is located on the Silvassa-Vapi road. It is located near a beautiful lake and features beautiful lawns and colorful flower beds. The gardens are paved with jogging tracks, so if you are a fitness freak who loves to exercise in nature, then this is an ideal place for you. This garden has seen numerous Hindi films being shot. You can also click pictures here and feel like an actor in a Bollywood movie! 

6. Mirasol Water Park

Located just a few hours from Vapi, Mirasol Water Park is an ideal place to visit if you are traveling with kids. But even if you are not, you can still come here to let your hair down and have a lot of fun playing in the water. There are a lot of water slides, coasters, and rides coupled with miles of tubing adventures. The park is lined with fancy restaurants serving international delicacies to satiate your hunger pangs after hours and hours of frolicking in the water. 

7. Take a Trip to the Rustic St Jerome Fort

At a distance of 12 km from Vapi is the huge St Jerome Fort in Daman that greets you with its river facing gateways. It is also known as the Nani Daman Fort and houses a large statue of St. Jerome, one of the most eminent fathers of the Catholic Church, inside the fort premises. The complex is also home to other attractions, namely the church of Our Lady of the Sea and a Jain Temple. This majestic fort offers an amazing view of the nearby fish market- beautifully juxtaposing the ancient with the modern. It stands as a tribute to the past, and the picturesque surroundings and tranquil ambiance make it one of the most sought-after tourist places around Vapi.

8. Unai


Situated at a distance of approximately 89kms from Vapi, Unai is known for its various hot water reservoirs. It is believed that this city dates its existence back to the Ramayana era. According to  legend, Lord Rama along with his brother Laxman and Goddess Sita, while they were in exile, reached Dandakaranya ( Dang District of Gujarat ) where they were welcomed by Sage Sharbhang. He looked after them with love, affection, and care. The sage was suffering from leprosy. When Lord Rama was leaving the place, he went to see him off despite being in pain. Laxman came to know about his condition and informed Lord Rama about the same. Lord Rama, moved by his hospitality, pierced the earth with his arrow. A hot spring with medicinal properties erupted from this spot. Sage Sharbhang took a bath in this spring and he was immediately healed. Hence, it is believed that the hot water reservoir here has healing properties. The temple here is flocked by devotees from all over Gujarat and the rest of the country. 

Vapi is a unique place that is blessed with many places to see. You should visit here to experience the best of Gujarati food, culture, and hospitality. It is an ideal place to come with your friends and family and spend some quality moments.

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