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Places You Need to Visit in Mussoorie to Make your Trip Memorable

Are you tired of your swamped mundane life? From a 9 to 5 job, heaps of pending files and nags of your superiors? In that case, this is the call for you. Get ready to experience one of the best trips of your lifetime. Verdant green lands – exquisite mountain tops – the abode of serenity; Mussoorie has it all. Nestled by beautiful Himalayan ranges, resting under the foothills of Garhwal Mountains, it is nearly 35 kilometres away from Dehradun. It is fondly called the ‘Queen of Hills’.

It is one of the most visited hill station destinations in the country toured by Indians, foreigners and mountain veterans. It is a perfect getaway for people from the Northern hemisphere of the country, which naturally tends to make Mussoorie crowded on weekends. Especially if you have enjoy trekking, fret no more as it is one of the most visited trekking destination in Uttarakhand. Here is a list of such tourist places that you can visit on your trip to Mussoorie to make it a top-notch getaway.

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Top 20 Places to Visit in Mussoorie

  1. Gun Hills
  2. The Happy Valley
  3. Lake Mist
  4. Camel’s Back Road
  5. Benog’s Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Mossy Falls
  7. Lal Tibba
  8. Bhatta Falls
  9. Soham Heritage Art Centre
  10. Nag Tibba
  11. Cloud end Mussoorie
  12. Jwala Devi Temple
  13. Chakrata
  14. Kaletar National Park
  15. Company Garden
  16. Dhanaulti
  17. Kanatal Hill Station
  18. The Mall
  19. Jharipani Falls
  20. George Everest’s House

1. Ropeway to Gun Hills

Gun Hills is reckoned as one of the most interesting tourist places in Mussoorie. It is a 10 minutes ride on a 400 meters cable from Jhulaghat to Gun Hill. No matter whichever season it is, do not forget to carry your winter garments. On your way up, you will find plenty snacks bar serving hot beverages and lip-smacking dishes.

Whilst you come back on the cable wire, you will be spellbound with the sightseeing. If you ever get a chance to watch the sunset, consider yourself lucky. You just saw one of the most precious things in the world, reserved only for the fortunate. You get to have an aerial view of Mussoorie from your ride up there.

Insider Tip – The best time to avail this benefit is in summers. It is one fine escape from the smothering heat waves in the urban cities. Plus try to get this ride before 3 PM, as it gets too crowded after that, at times.

Things to do – Of the many adventure sports available to get your adrenaline pumping, one such is balloon shooting game. It will definitely test your shooting skills. However, it is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, so you better plan your day accordingly.

Entry Fee – INR 60

2. The Happy Valley- Ode to peace

Just like the name suggests, it is valley that promises happiness, keeping afar your sorrows. It is home to copious estates, landscapes, and temples. Also, it is said to be the geographical end to Mussoorie’s borders.

But most importantly it is identified for IAS coaching academies and Tibetan temples. You can easily take a walk from the Hathipaon Estate to the Liberty Point and culminate to the Clouds end all at one go. Throughout your way, you will get extra amenities like storage or lockers/cloakrooms wherein you can keep your belongings safe.

Insider Tip –The best time to pay a visit to The Happy Valley is in the months from March to May. To that try to go before its evening.

Things to do – You can go around for brisk jogging and this needs almost 1-2 hours. You can take magical blessings from the Tibetan temples, which opens at 9 AM -12 PM, and then again at 4 PM- 9 PM.

Entry Fee- Free

3. Cascading Beauty- Lake Mist

With a bewitching aura and lush greenery around, Lake Mist is again an amazing tourist place to call for. Tucked under the waters of River Kempty, it is a pristine lake to revel in. It is home to small dainty waterfalls whose gurgling acts as a backdrop musical score to this enchanting ambience. The way these waters cascade down to the ground is amazing sightseeing.

Insider Tip – The best time to swing by this lake is in the weekdays, mostly in the early hours.  By the time it is dawn, this place engenders huge flocks of people making it clumsy and balmy. Prefer the months from June to September. The timings are from 9 AM in the morning and shuts down exactly at 5 PM.

Things to do – There are several boating options rendered in the proximity of lake. Since you have come this far, do stop off at Kempty Falls, which is just another 4 -5 kilometres from this spot. You can absolutely relish floating in this piece of beauty and gaze around the grandeur of the milieu. Sumptuous foods and hot beverages are served around the corner.

Entry Fee- INR 125

4. A Walk to Remember- Camel’s Back Road

A Walk to Remember- Camel’s Back Road

Due to layout’s semblance with that of a hunched back of a camel, hence is the name labelled. The length of this road starts from Liberty Point and ceases at Kulri Bazaar, measuring almost 3 kilometres. It is like a walk in the lap of mother nature- truly tranquil which soaks in the last ounce of stress off you.

Insider Tip- The best time to call in on this road is in winters especially due to its calming effects away from the noisy hustles in the city. One can also stop by the summers but it is when this place is vehemently crowded and gets a lot of foreign tourists as well.

Things to do- You can go out for horse-riding. It is one of the most different hobbies that you can take up. Over and above, hot chai and snacks are served near the Doon Valley’s circumference. If you are planning to go with your special someone, then you can also be the guest of romantic sunsets and sunrise, which is a treat to eyes.

Entry Fee- Free

5. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary- To entice the ornithologist in you

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary- To entice the ornithologist in you

A dwelling habitat to millions of species, this is yet again one of the most visited tourist places in Mussoorie. From exotic red magpies to mountain quails to white-capped Redstart, it is the home to a couple of other fauna like deer, bear, leopard, goat etc. It is a part of Rajaji National Park and resides 11 kilometres away from Liberty Point. Nonetheless, it is mostly renowned for its variety and enormity of different kinds of birds. If you like to be a bird-watcher, this paradise will seriously bring out the ornithologist in you. The place is also known for its diverse floral species. Presence of medicinal plants, Firs and Pine trees is also common.

Insider Tip- There is no particular time to head to this paradise. However, it opens at 7 AM in the morning to 5 PM every day.

Things to do- Trekking it is! This sanctuary paves way for a wonderful trekking experience. You can view the spectacular vistas of Chaukhamba and Bandarpunch peaks.

Entry Fee- INR 125 (For Indians, only for 3 hours)

INR 600 (For Foreigners, for a day)

6. Mossy Falls- A Treat in Disguise

Forest-clad, musical waterfalls, and scenic panorama are some of the adjectives that describe the next destination in the list. The falls drop down staggered from a height of 150 meters at myriad ranges such as 12 feet, 17 feet, 20 feet etc. Whilst this happens, white mist emancipates from the falls creating a soothing temperature.

Since it is just a few kilometres from Mussoorie, you can start early and have the falls all for yourself. You can meander around or even take a quick dip in the chilly waters. Later in the days, it generally gets throngs of tourists making it difficult to tour with ease.

Insider Tips- The best time to hit this spot is supposedly post-summer. This is the time when the temperature of the waters is not that spine-chill. You can delve in the quite of the mountains and hear to the music created by the falls- it is an experience to cherish in itself.

Entry Fee- Free

7. Lal Tibba – Over to the top

Lal Tibba translates to red coloured hills in the local language. It is where you can behold nature’s utmost beauty in shades and hues. It is the divineness of sunrise and sunsets that make it one’s go-to. It is the highest peak in Mussoorie, which lies at a high altitude of 8000 meters from sea level.

It caters the immaculate Himalayan ranges along with the magnificence of Garhwal Mountains. It is home to glorious pilgrimages of the country- Kedarnath and Badrinath. Presence of a Japanese telescope has made it even convenient for the tourists to dig into this art of felicity.

Insider Tips- You can drop over this spot any time of the year however it is recommended to avoid monsoons. In monsoons, the top surface turns watery and slippery causing a lot of complications. And there are no specific timings to drop by.

Things to do- There are many local markets in the surrounding zones. On top of that, you can also go camping at Indian Military Services or pay a visit to All India Radio and Doordarshan stations. Apart from that, there are many depots in the residence.

Entry Fee- Free

8. Bhatta Falls – Say yes to Picnic!

Bhatta Falls – Say yes to Picnic!

Situated about 6 kilometres from Mussoorie, it is the face of paradise in the city. The great sightseeing in this place signals a massive tourist attraction all-round the year. Pangs of less industrialization/ commercialization have given this place the warmth of comfort and contentment. This acts as a catalyst for photography lovers to collect memoirs for eternity.

Insider Tips- It is open every day from 6 AM to 6 PM. You will find myriad food stalls, which serve hot noodles, tea, coffee, snacks etc. They are tagged as ‘drops of heaven’ by the tourists.

Things to do – Waiting for a Picnic? Buckle your shoes right now. Lately, this place has turned into a major picnic spot apt to be enjoyed with family and friends. You will get everything around to complete your frolic activity.

Entry Fee- Free

9. Soham Heritage Art Centre

Soham Heritage Art Centre is an ideal spot if you want to experience the culture and history of Himalayas. The place beautifully displays the cultures and traditions through canvas paintings, sculptures, murals as well as scrap art. The purpose of the place is to display the diversity of Himachal at one single place and has been doing so very efficiently. If you are a lover of history or art, you must include Soham Heritage Art Centre in your Mussoorie sightseeing plans.

10. Nag Tibba

Located at an altitude of 3022 metres and merely 75 kilometres from Mussoorie, Nag Tibba is known to be one of the best places near Mussoorie and a popular hill station. The place boasts of an 8 kilometres long trek, which will take you to the top of Nag Tibba to cherish the awe- inspiring views of Gangotri peaks.

11. Cloud End Mussorie

Located about 7 kilometres from Mussoorie, Cloud End is one of the ideal Mussoorie places to visit surrounded by beautiful green Oak and Deodar trees and provides a beautiful view of hills nearby. You can bask in the calm of nature with cloud under your feet when you next visit Mussoorie. Once here, do make a visit to famous Jwala Devi Temple and Tibbi Point.

12. Jwala Devi Temple

Known popularly as Jwala Ji Temple, it is known to be a centre of faith of devotees of Goddess Durga. Surrounded by beautiful oak and Deodar trees, the temple is located on Benog Hill and considered as an important place to see in Mussoorie. While many people from around the world visit the temple to visit goddess Durga and seek her blessings, the place is not only popular for the devotion. It is also a great place for nature lovers as lush green forests surrounding the temple are a source of peace and calm and the temple is located away from the hustle bustle of city life. Located merely 8 kilometres away from the main city, it is a must visit place near Mussoorie.

13. Chakrata

Known for its famous and highly alluring trekking trails, Chakrata is considered to be a heaven for backpackers. It is one of the best places to visit near Mussoorie where you can indulge in the beauty of nature surrounded by mountains, waterfalls as well as lush greenery and beautiful flora. One can also enjoy skiing during their visit in winters

14. Kaletar National Park

Located merely a few kilometres away from main Mussoorie city, this national park is home to a variety of flora and fauna and surrounded by foothills of Shivalik Mountain Ranges. Travellers often visit here for bird watching and to catch a glimpse of rare species of leopard, red jungle fowl, Chital etc. if you have a slight interest in nature or wildlife, the place is a must to be added to your list of places near Mussoorie for sightseeing.

15. Company Garden

One of the most popular places near Mussoorie, Company Garden is situated in the Happy Valley and a popular place that boasts of its extensive flora, beautiful fountains and a small amusement park. This is a famous picnic spot for families and one can indulge in activities like boating.

16. Dhanaulti

Also known to be an icy heaven, the place has recently emerged as a popular tourist destination for winters due to its close proximity to Delhi and other cities of Uttarakhand. If you are visiting Mussoorie, adding Dhanaulti to your list of places to see in Mussoorie will only add up to your enjoyment. It is a magical station located at an elevation of 2286 metres above the level of sea and offers a panoramic view of Himalayas. The tinsel town is quite accessible from Mussoorie, Tehri and Chamba and is enveloped by tall oak forests. Many tourists visit the place in winters to experience heavy snowfall.

17. Kanatal Hill Station

Kanatal is a charming hill station located in beautiful settings of Garhwal Himalayas and works as a perfect weekend getaway for your tired soul. Sun kissed mountain ranges and velvety trees, the hill station is yet to be explored to its full potential. Located at about 8500 feet above the sea level, it is right on the Mussoorie Chamba road and a perfect winter destination for experiencing snowfall and camping among the hills

18. The Mall

Located right in the heart of Mussoorie, the Mall is identified with benches to sit and various modern shops lit with lamp posts, gaming stations as well as skating rinks. You can find a myriad of bookstores filled with authors and book lovers. There are also various local vendors selling wooden crafts and photographers ready to take pictures of you. People often try out clicking pictures in traditional local attires here.

19. Jharipani Falls

Jharipani Falls are located 6 kilometres downhill from main Mussoorie Town and you can reach here in just a 30-minute walk. This location is popularly known for having some of Mussoorie’s famous boarding schools like St. George’s, Oak grove and Wynberg Allen around it.

20. George Everest’s House

This house, as the name suggests is known to be owned by Sir Everest in Mussoorie and he spent 11 years living here while using it as a laboratory and observatory. The house is said to be built in 1832 and located in Park Estate which lies around 6 kilometres on the west of Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie. The house is also widely known as Park House among tourists and a famous place to see in Mussoorie.

When you think of Mussoorie you think of lush green hills, peace, bakeries, nature, boarding schools, and more. This famous hill station in Uttarakhand offers all this and more.  Here is the time to visit Mussoorie and make sure that you check out all the famous places present in and around it to maximise your holiday experience.

The list goes endless. There stands an undisputed competition when it comes to the peace and sublimity of Mussoorie. This could be your best dream-come-true moment. Book your tickets right away before it’s too late. Take a chance to explore Mussoorie with all hearts.

Happy Travelling!

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