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Places To Have A Romantic Dinner In Gurgaon

Sometimes, expressing your likeness for your better half can help reignite that lost spark and relive some memories from the past. While we all know that life in Gurgaon, a tech city, can be busy, a romantic dinner date can be a fantastic idea to surprise your partner. Buy them a dress, take them out, surprise them with the best cuisine, and then head to a late-night movie just as they like. 

Over the dinner, share your emotions, your thoughts about this bond, and how you imagine the rest of your life with them. You can later enjoy the top sightseeing spots in Gurgaon. It will truly be a rejuvenating experience for your relationship, strengthening this beautiful bond of love and respect. Moreover, if you are unsure where to go, here’s a list of places to have a romantic dinner.

Places To Have A Romantic Dinner In Gurgaon

Moving on, here you have some eminent restaurants marked for your D-day, which will surely be of help. If you are a tourist visiting Gurgaon, you can use these spaces to surprise your lover with a special date on vacation. But make sure to get a comfortable accommodation booked first. You can always choose OYO family hotels in Gurgaon for the best amenities and complete safety.  


When searching for a warm and cosy environment to spend with your special dinner date, Impromptu is the place. Here you can choose from indoor and outdoor seating areas adorned with beautiful lights and soft music playing in the background. Also, this space has a diverse menu for the foodies, including national and international dishes. As you enjoy the company of your lover, choose from North Indian, Continental, and Asian dishes listed on the menu.   

The Pasta Bowl Company 

The Pasta Bowl Company has an immensely elaborate menu offering the best taste. The space has nicely done wooden interiors, which make up a perfect ambience for heartfelt conversations on a special date. Further, the pretty taper candles, huge windows, warm lighting, and picturesque city views add to the vibe. Apart from pasta & your favourite dishes, try out their cold coffee, hot chocolate, and virgin mojito on the menu.  This place is also good if you are looking for the top sightseeing in Gurgaon.

Cafe Wanderlust 

If you and your partner are quite book people, there is no other space better than Cafe Wanderlust that you should head into. Initially, it will appear no more than a regular book cafe, but give it some time, settle down, and you will start feeling the space’s vibe. Here you have different seating arrangements, and you can choose between bean bags or traditional rocking chairs for the rest of the date. Further, the cafe’s shelves are all filled with books, and you have eccentric music playing in the background, making a perfect date ambience. 

Raise The Bar

At Raise The Bar, you get to enjoy a differential ambience with sheer energy from the crowd, dining simultaneously. Visit the place when you and your soulmate are ready to taste some flavourful drinks and their newly fermented lager. Coming to the space’s ambience, you have the tables lit with glass boxes and a lovely city view waiting outside the glass pane. This place is ideal for filling your stomach with delicious food and drinks.

Cilantro – Trident Gurgaon 

The place is located within the Trident Hotel, making for a sophisticated and romantic dining location for you and your partner. Once inside, you can select between indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. For the indoor space, you have contemporary decor awaiting your presence, while the outdoor dining area has you seated by a tranquil water body. Overall, this place, with its elaborative grandeur, will serve just as the perfect ambience for couples who believe in old-school love & romance.

Go With OYO Accommodations: Your Ultimate Choice! 

After a romantic dinner, you will definitely want to make a comfortable accommodation. OYO family hotels in Gurgaon let you enjoy the most comfortable stay within a budget. Here, you can save on a romantic date with your better half and make them feel extra special with a gift that they had been recently obsessing with. Even when providing rooms within budget, OYO never sacrifices the quality of the same. The rooms are fully furnished with all the basic amenities – TV, AC, Wi-Fi, and an attached bathroom. 

If you are visiting Gurgaon and require a comfortable stay, you can stay at Super OYO Capital O 8902 Hotel Ronald Inn, Super OYO Townhouse 1179 Tipsyy 007 Near Bestech Central Square Mall, Super OYO Townhouse 18557 Near Appu Ghar, Super OYO Townhouse OAK Elite Oakland, etc. 

Also, your stays are insured under ACKO, a complimentary benefit. Moving on, all the staff at OYO family hotels are completely trained and will help you with the best intentions. Further, when booking with OYO, you can visit the top sightseeing places in Gurgaon and the shopping joints. Also, the hotels and homes are rightfully CCTV surveilled and guarded, along with adequate fire safety measures. 


A romantic dinner with your partner can be quite a mood lifter when bored or feeling burnt out because of your regular 9 to 5 jobs in Gurgaon. Over food, you can share important ideologies about life and express your future plans for this relationship. By the end of the date, you will have a better understanding of your personal spaces and have a strengthened bond to cherish. Also, when visiting Gurgaon as a tourist with family, you can choose these places over the top sightseeing spots in the city. Plan a surprise dinner date and spend quality time with your better half in the most mesmerising way possible!  

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