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Making Family Vacations Affordable

The family getaway or vacation is a prime instance wherein you can share every moment of joy with your loved ones, making up for the time you missed in your busy city life. Family vacations have their charm, whether it’s spending time over a campfire, scuba diving, or having a natural hideaway. But sometimes, money can be the biggest obstacle when organising a family vacation. This blog covers simple tips to make your family trip affordable and enjoyable.

Tips for Having an Affordable Vacation with Your Family

Below are some amazing tips that will help you organise your affordable vacation. These include:

Focus on the Timing

If you have a family without kids, you may not be restricted by the timings of the school vacation. For this reason, you can choose to go during the off-season. The price reduces significantly during the off-season, making the trip more affordable.  

On the contrary, if you have kids, the best time to go on vacation is during the school holidays. Though there is a rise in the price of commodities during the summer holidays, you can still plan an affordable trip by following the rest of the tips properly. 

Create a Budget

When going on a family vacation, it is natural to have some extra bills. But you can work with such a situation by having a budget. A budget will provide you with enough financial resources to enjoy your vacation without affecting your bank account. Before you go on a trip, you can consider the prices of transportation, accommodations, airfare, food and entertainment expenses, etc. If you price your itinerary, you will be able to assess whether you can even afford your trip or not. 

You can rent affordable accommodation if you take a costly flight to your destination. And instead of taking expensive tours, you could do something like beach-hopping, hiking, or visiting the top sightseeing places that may not cost as much. 

Get cost-effective accommodations with OYO

No matter where you are going for your vacation, you can reduce the cost of accommodations by finding family hotels in any city through OYO Rooms. They provide you with the best affordable family hotels, with all the amenities you need to enjoy a good vacation with your family. 

For instance, you can find the best family hotels in Pune without hassle. The hotels in OYO Rooms can be distinguished into different categories depending on your price range. 

Explore the unexplored

Regarding visiting places, there is basic economics behind their pricing. The higher the demand for a place, the higher the price. But to get on an affordable vacation with your family, you can go to destinations that may not be as popular but can be more beautiful and peaceful. 

You choose one place over the other that may be nearby but are less costly. In these places, you will need a bit of research to ensure that your kids are having fun and you can sit back and relax a little. 

Decide the transportation

Once you have chosen a destination and prepared an itinerary, consider your flight prices and the additional transportation you will need. If you go to a remote place, some riding will be involved. In such a case, you can rent a car, drive yourself, and take a cost-effective way out. 

Sometimes, when looking for flight prices, you can get cheaper flights when you are booking from certain sites or directly from the airline’s website. In such a scenario, you can avoid booking your flights from third-party websites that may charge you more than the actual price. 

Plan affordable activities

When you go to a place with your kids, your planned activities must be affordable. You can take your kids to the beach or outdoor parks. There are some fun activities which can either be free or cost less. For instance, if you are checking out the top sightseeing places in Kolkata, you can visit the Victoria Memorial, National Museum, and the Botanical Gardens, which cost the least. But at the same time, they provide a memorable experience you can cherish forever.

Save money on food

If you purchase snacks from around the sites you visit, it can be much costlier than it has to be. Instead, you could prepare snacks and take them on the road. 

Also, when it comes to eating out, instead of going to expensive restaurants, you could go to local restaurants or even enjoy street food which adds to your travel experience cost-effectively. When saving on meals from the beginning, you can also afford to get some of the best bites towards the end of your trip.  


When planning an affordable vacation for your family, it can be effortless if you follow the tips given above. Moreover, no matter where you are going, you can always choose OYO Rooms to get affordable quality hotel rooms that are fit for your family.

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