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Exploring the Royal City: A Tour of Mysore

Mysore, also known as Mysuru, has a royal heritage like no other city in Southern India. The city blends different cultures perfectly with glittering buildings, magnificent palaces, and forts. Apart from royalty exuding from the monuments, you can find several royal and expensive items in the Mysore markets. Sandalwood, rosewood, and inlay work with ivory and silk sarees are the crown of this city. 

Explore The Royal City Of Karnataka

If you have not already visited this beautiful city in Karnataka, you should treat yourself by visiting this royal city. We list down the main attractions of a classic day tour of Mysore. 

Chamundi Hills

The first stop is the Chamundi Hills in Mysore. It gives you a splendid view of Mysore city. Once atop the hill, you can quickly identify the Mysore Maharaja Palace and the Karanji Lake. Do not forget to bring a windcheater, camera, and binoculars with you when travelling here. However, the highlight of these hills is the Chamundeshwari Temple. As one of the city’s most visited temples, many devotees and visitors take the stone stairs to pay their respects. Apart from devotees, many architectural enthusiasts visit this temple to admire the Dravidian style of architecture. 

Sand Museum

The Sand Sculpture Museum is one of the top sightseeing locations in Mysore. It is a privately maintained museum depicting several arts, such as the Dasara procession, wildlife, Disney world, early civilisations, etc. Every structure here is made with sand and water, and visitors marvel at the hard work and creativity of making them. But Shree Ganesha’s fifteen feet long statue remains the main attraction of this place. The place leaves you mesmerised, with many memories and inspiration to take home. 

Mysore Palace

Located at the heart of the city, Mysore Palace leaves everyone speechless. The royal family of the town still resides here. However, that part of the palace remains closed to tourists. The magnificent masterpiece underwent renovations multiple times, but its beauty and majesty increased each time. You can marvel at the Indo-Saracenic architecture and the beautiful garden encircling the palace. Constructed in 1912, the palace faces the Chamundi Hills. 

Brindavan Gardens 

Just like you can not miss Cubbon Park in Bangalore, you should not miss Brindavan Gardens when in Mysore. The garden is famous for its symmetric design and its large area. With a grand entrance, majestic fountains, lawns, and illuminated terraces, the park attracts a lot of nature lovers and tourists that go top sightseeing here. The Musical Fountain show is sure to leave you spellbound. 

Philomena’s Cathedral 

The church was earlier named Saint Joseph Chavez when it was built in 1936. Made to honour the needs of the European residents, the monument is a sight to withhold. It is the epitome of architectural beauty and holds a lot of religious and historical importance. 

Karanji Lake

To see pristine beauty and experience calmness, visit the Karanji lake adjacent to Chamundi Hills. Most people are surprised that Karanji is not a natural lake but was constructed as a percolation tank by the King of Mysore. This lake was used for bathing, washing, and other chores by the local people, but now it has a pathway for walking and experiencing the beauty of this place. For differently-abled people, the authorities also provide wheelchair services. 

Lalitha Mahal

Located near Chamundi hills, the palace was built in 1921 to give the Viceroy of India a resting place. The palace is pure white and has now been transformed into a heritage hotel under the supervision of the Government of Karnataka. You get a splendid view of the Chamundi Hills and Mysore City from the balcony. 

Devaraja Market

After visiting such ancient, beautiful, and regal places in Mysore, every tourist loves to see the Devaraja Market. It has many shops which offer a wide selection of items on sale. From flowers, fruits, and vegetables to coconut water and puffed rice, you can buy anything here. 


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While Mysore goes by several names, such as the Cultural Capital of Karnataka and the City of Palaces, it has also emerged as a central IT hub in the state. Therefore, whether you travel for leisure or business, OYO family hotels in Mysore can provide a regal experience in the royal city.

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