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Looking for a Quarantine Facility Near You? Visit Your Nearest OYO Hotel

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to make inroads into people’s daily lives, finding a reliable quarantine facility has become a real task. A severe dearth of beds has prompted state governments to come up with contingency plans. In a bid to do its bit, Oyo Rooms has come up with sanitized living spaces to ensure a secure and healthy environment for those undergoing quarantine.

The initiative comes as part of the Oyo Cares Campaign wherein Oyo Cares seeks to raise INR 10 crore for underprivileged patients undergoing quarantine. Oyo-branded quarantine hotels in Delhi are equipped with the best services to ensure a safe and isolated room to those undergoing quarantine. As many as three (3) of Oyo Cares’ properties have been turned into quarantine centres. This initiative encompasses Oyo-branded properties in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi/NCR.  Apart from providing living spaces to COVID-19 patients, these centres also provide them with meals.

Conversion of Dedicated Oyo Properties into COVID-19 Centres
As a huge chunk of the Indian population has been struggling to keep itself together during the second wave of the pandemic, Oyo has decided to step in to fulfil its duty towards its country. Quarantine hotels in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru are all well-equipped and offer patients with all of the basic amenities and facilities, such as hygienic food and living conditions, which they would require whilst recovering from the infection.  Furthermore, we, at Oyo, have been collaborating with various government bodies and hospital chains, including Apollo, to make way for safer quarantine facilities. Moreover, these facilities can be availed by both asymptomatic as well as symptomatic patients.

“With OYO Care, our doors are open to everyone who needs a safe space to isolate to protect their loved ones & to frontline workers who need a safe space near hospitals.” Rohit Kapoor, OYO’s CEO for India & South- East Asia, said whilst sharing his views on the development.

Also, these quarantine facilities can also be availed by healthcare workers and other health professionals working tirelessly in order to stem the flow of COVID-19. It is also to be noted that some of the biggest sanitised hotels in India are being used as dedicated quarantine facilities.

In order to give rise to a streamlined quarantine arrangement, the company has come up with a feature, named ‘Oyo Care’ as part of its mobile application. Users and patients searching for suitable quarantine facilities can get these rooms booked using the app itself. As stated earlier, apart from patients, healthcare professionals and frontline workers in the field can also put these quarantine centres to use.

At present, Oyo is also working towards fulfilling accommodation requirements of employees working for various government bodies. OYO has also made it a point to make arrangements for tourists’ post travel isolation. Moving on, the company has also made it certain that all of the people visiting Oyo-branded properties are safe. In order to ensure the same, Oyo has come up with ‘Sanitized Before Your Eyes’ initiative to ensure contactless check-ins, payments and a lot more. Plus, the entire area remains under CCTV surveillance throughout the day, which means those opting for Oyo’s quarantine centres do not need to worry about security and safety. According to reports, approximately 3.5 million safe check-ins have been reported by Oyo since the initiative got underway in October last year. All you need to do is: book quarantine hotels in Delhi/NCR, and in other parts of the country, by clicking on the Oyo Care feature.

As country is battling the second wave of COVID-19, the extent of stress on infrastructure pertaining to healthcare has grown by leaps and bounds. Also, with over 3 lakh cases being reported on a daily basis, there has been a severe dearth of medicines and oxygen cylinders and beds in hospitals and medical centres. Oyo Rooms, much like many other commercial establishments, believes in doing its bit in the hour of need to help those who are in need of quarantine facilities and living areas. All those in need of quarantine facilities can avail Oyo’s quarantine facilities by opting for quarantine hotels in Bengaluru, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Oyo, an integral part of the start-up ecosystem, as some up with various initiatives, such as the one in collaboration with GiveIndia to raise a hefty sum for those in dire need of medical help.

Facilities and Amenities Provided to Doctors and Workers
Doctors and healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients are provided accommodation in various hotels and living spaces that fall under the Oyo brand. All of this is being done to provide reliable self-isolation facilities to the members of the medical fraternity that have been working day-in-and day-out to provide treatment to all. Also, specialised isolation wards have been set up in various hospitals to ensure effective treatment. Also, the self isolation facilities provided by Oyo’s quarantine centres allow members of the medical fraternity with reliable and stress-free living conditions during the times of COVID 19. Meals are also being provided to doctors, nurses, etc. at all of the quarantine hotels in India.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I Make Hotel Bookings Through Oyo?

Booking quarantine hotels in Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad can be done within a couple of minutes by opting for the Oyo Care feature  on the Oyo Rooms app. Quarantine hotels in India can be booked within minutes by putting this app to use.

Which are the Quarantine Centres That Have Been Earmarked by Oyo?

As many as three (3) dedicated Oyo properties have been earmarked as Oyo quarantine hotels. These are Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Rooms for quarantine can be availed by people by using the app. Also, all of these properties are equipped with the best amenities and facilities, such as clean rooms, meals, etc. for the patients serving quarantine.

What All Facilities are Provided to Patients Undergoing Quarantine at Oyo Quarantine Centres?

If you are a patient undergoing quarantine at one of the quarantine facilities branded under Oyo Rooms, then you would be provided with a clean and tidy room. Also, meals would be provided to those who serve quarantine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and provided to all of the patients undergoing quarantine at Oyo. Also, it is ensured that only one patient is accommodated in a room (to avoid overcrowding). In this way, Oyo quarantine hotels in India are lightening the burden on the country’s healthcare system at present.

Will I get Breakfast and Meals in Hotels During Quarantine?

Yes, all patients undergoing quarantine with Oyo are provided meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of the food provided is prepared fresh in order to ensure complete nutrition to those undergoing quarantine and/or treatment. Check out all of the quarantine hotels in Delhi and in other parts of the country to find the most suitable option for yourself.

Can I Stay in Quarantine hotels in Delhi Near Airport During Quarantine?

Staying near the airport during quarantine is definitely a great option as it ends up saving a lot of trouble. All those who are weak because of the infection can get rooms booked in Oyo’s quarantine hotels near the airport to avoid aimless travel. Check various quarantine hotels in Delhi branded under Oyo to know more. Apart from Delhi, such hotels can also be availed in Bengaluru and Hyderabad as both these cities house specialised Oyo Care Properties that have been turned into quarantine centres.

What is the Oyo Care Feature Available in the Oyo Hotel Booking App?

The Oyo Rooms app has a specialised ‘Oyo Care’ service that lets COVID-19 patients and medical practitioners, such as doctors, nurses, etc. with an opportunity to stay freely in Independent rooms. Meals are also provided to patients as well as medical practitioners whilst ensuring that they have a stress-free stay while focusing on the patients’ welfare and care.

Can Doctors and Nurses Stay in Oyo Quarantine Hotels in Delhi and Hyderabad?

Yes, doctors, nurses, and various other members of the medical staff catering to COVID-19 patients can stay in quarantine hotels in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Delhi. All members of the medical fraternity are given meals and can also keep themselves isolated in order to keep the virus at bay.

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