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8 Exciting Things-to-do in Kashmir for a Memorable Summer Vacation

Known for its captivating natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Kashmir is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in India. From romantic gondola rides across pristine lakes, watching the sheep graze on exuberant green meadows, to soaking in the fresh mountain air, Kashmir has much to offer to every kind of traveler. The geographic area of Jammu & Kashmir comprises three regions that are Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. Kashmir is often nicknamed the Switzerland of India owing to its ethereal natural beauty.

All tourists that are tested Covid-19 negative are allowed to visit the valley, to ensure maximum safety and precautions. You can book a safe stay at Oyo rooms hotels at your chosen destination in Kashmir. Oyo rooms hotels are ensuring best safety practices according to W.H.O guidelines for all their guests.

Check out the top activities to enjoy in Kashmir on your next summer getaway:

  1. Boathouse stay at the Dal lake, Shikara ride, & Kashmiri cuisine at Srinagar

Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the picturesque places to visit in Kashmir. Enjoy a plethora of activities like boating, trekking, bird watching, and water skiing, while visiting Srinagar. As the largest city of Kashmir, this place is enveloped by the snow-clad mountains and lush green meadows. Take a relaxing shikara ride in the pristine Dal Lake while enjoying the sunset views over the crimson skies. Do not forget to savor the delectable Kashmiri cuisine during your stay in Srinagar.

When to visit: Summer trip during- May to October. Winter trip during- December or January

Fun Activities: Book an overnight stay in a boathouse at Dal Lake. Take a leisurely stroll in the Mughal gardens. Romantic Shikara ride during sunset time.

Easiest Route:

  • Travel by flight: Srinagar Domestic Airport is the nearest airport that connects to all the major Indian cities.
  • Travel by bus: You can book a government or private bus to Srinagar from New Delhi.
  • Travel by train: The nearest railway station to Srinagar is Jammu.

Book a room at the best hotels in Srinagar in advance to avoid peak travel season charges during summer.

You can book a romantic honeymoon trip with your spouse at the best hotels in Srinagar for a memorable vacation.

  1. Wildflowers & Lush Green Valleys in Gulmarg

Be captivated with the sprawling spread of vibrant flowers overlooking the snow-clad mountains in Gulmarg. A paradise for adventure lovers, trekkers, and photographers, Gulmarg is the perfect place to enjoy skiing in the snow while enjoying the scenic views. While winter is the popular season to visit Gulmarg, a visit during the summer will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty in all its glory.

When to visit Gulmarg: Summer trip from June to October. Winter trip during December & January.

Fun Activities: During the summer months plan an exciting trek and go mountain biking. Set sail on a romantic Gondola ride with your significant other to bask in the captivating views of the valley. Visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Strawberry Field, and trek to Apharwat Peak.

Easiest Route:

  • Travel by flight: Take a flight to Srinagar Airport and hire a cab/ taxi to reach Gulmarg within 3 hours.
  • Travel by bus: If you are traveling by state-run buses to Srinagar, take a connecting bus to Gulmarg.
  • Travel by train: Jammu is the nearest railway station.

Book the best hotels in Gulmarg ahead of your trip as it can get overcrowded during the summer months.

Avail attractive discounts at the best hotels in Gulmarg that are specially for couples and honeymooners.

  1. Exuberant pastures dotted with beautiful flora in Sonmarg

Bask in the stunning views of vibrant wildflowers and scenic trekking routes through an exuberant green meadow. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and mesmerizing aura surrounding this ‘Meadow of Gold’. Plan a trip this summer to Sonmarg during the months of May-June, when the valley is bursting with exquisite flora that will keep you spellbound.

When to visit: Summer vacation from June to October. If you want to enjoy the snow plan a trip during December or January.

Fun Activities: Enjoy adventure activities like trekking, camping. Go for nature walks amidst the valleys dotted with a blanket of flowers.

Easiest Route:

  • Travel by flight: You can take a cab or private taxi to reach Sonmarg which is located at a distance of 70 km from Srinagar airport.
  • Travel by bus: Board a bus till Srinagar and a connecting bus till Sonmarg.
  • Travel by train: The nearest railway station to Sonmarg is Jammu.

Book Sonmarg hotels at least one month in advance of your preferred travel date to avoid peak season tariff.

You can hire a local travel guide working with Sonmarg hotels for a more personalized experience.

  1. Go trekking, camping under the stars at Leh

A biker’s and trekker’s paradise, Leh is one of the popular tourist spots to visit during summer. Surrounded by colossal mountains, azure lakes, and rugged terrain makes Leh an ideal getaway for nature lovers.

Be captivated while driving through one of the most picturesque driveways in India.

When to Visit Leh: Summer months- April to June,

Fall/ Autumn months- September to October. All the connecting roadways remain closed after November owing to snowfall.

Fun Activities: Plan a trekking and overnight camping trip by the lake. Go mountain biking across the rugged terrains and rocky highways. Visit the Zanskar Valley, Pangong Tso Lake, and Kargil valley.

Easiest Route:

  • Travel by flight: The nearest airport is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport.
  • Travel by bus: You can reach Srinagar by bus and board a connecting bus to reach Leh.
  • Travel by train: The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi

To get attractive deals at the best hotels in Leh, book at least two months in advance from your preferred travel date.

You can check in your belongings at the best hotels in Leh while planning a trek to any nearby locations.

  1. Scenic Mountain Views, evergreens, and pristine lakes in Pahalgam

Located at an altitude of 2740 m, Pahalgam is a picturesque hill town that seems to have come to life from the brushstrokes of a talented painter!

This serene hamlet is surrounded by evergreen forests, cerulean lakes, and meadows dotted with spring wildflowers. Take a solitary walk across the scenic pastures while basking in the surrounding tranquility. For a rejuvenating trip to refresh your soul, plan a trip to Pahalgam this summer.

When to visit Pahalgam: Summer months- June to October, Winter months- December & January

Fun Activities: Trek to the scenic Aru Valley. Enjoy horseback riding. Go canoeing. Visit the Sheshnag Lake.

Easiest Route:

  • Travel by flight: Reach Srinagar by flight and you can hire a cab to reach Pahalgam.
  • Travel by bus: You can board a connecting bus from Srinagar to Pahalgam.
  • Travel by train: Jammu is the nearest railway station.

Book hotels in Pahalgam for a relaxing vacation in this quaint little hill station. You can book hotels in Pahalgam in advance as they can get booked quickly during the peak summer months.

  1. Quaint hamlet with historical sites at Pulwama

Witness nature’s beauty in this solitary village of Pulwama on your next trip to Kashmir. You can check out the local sightseeing tours in the vicinity of Pulwama. Enjoy pleasant weather, bask in the aroma of saffron fields, and exploring the local culture of the region. Don’t forget to get the purest saffron from the local vendors in Pulwama.

When to visit Pulwama: Summer months from April to October

Fun Activities: Enjoy adventure activities like trekking and mountaineering in summer. Enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding during the colder months.

Easiest Route:

  • Travel by flight: You can reach Srinagar airport by flight and hire a cab/ taxi to reach Pulwama.
  • Travel by bus: Take a state-run bus from Srinagar to Pulwama.

These are some picturesque spots to visit in Kashmir on your next summer getaway this year.

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