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Is Durga Pujo a Good Time to Visit Kolkata?

Kolkata is known for its rich heritage and culture. Besides, it is also known for the people and, most importantly, for ‘Durga Pujo’. The way Kolkata celebrates Durga Pujo is incomparable. The pomp, grandeur, themed pandals, delicacy, and lights contribute to the beauty of Durga Pujo in Kolkata. So, answering the question – Is Durga Pujo a good time to visit Kolkata? – Yes, it is. In fact, it is the best time to visit the ‘City of Joy.’

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5 Reasons to Visit Durga Pujo in Kolkata

Let’s look into the five reasons that make Durga Pujo the best time to visit Kolkata.


The artisans in Kolkata are pretty creative. The way they carve the idol with dedication is incredible. If you’re a true devotee, visit Kumortuli, where the making of the goddess takes place and see the ‘Chokkhu Daan’ ceremony. In this ceremony, the artisans draw the eyes of the idol, which is considered a solemn event.

Pandal Construction

The artisans make the pandals with finesse. So, if you visit Kolkata, you must see how they make pandals with canvas, bamboo, and coloured cloth. Every pandal is structured and decorated differently. So, you can visit a few days before the onset of the puja to see how the artisans work on the pandal interiors and exteriors.

Shopping Sites

Another reason you should visit Kolkata during Durga Pujo is that the shopping sites offer huge discounts on their sales. As you visit the street shops, you will see many tourists and locals buying their favourite jewellery and clothes and munching on their favourite snacks. Kolkata goods are generally cheaper than in most cities, and if there is a puja discount, you can expect to buy a great collection of your favourite items at a reasonable price.

The Spirit of Durga Pujo Festival

The spirit of Durga Pujo at Kolkata is worth experiencing. You’ll see the streets adorned with lights when you step into the city during Durga Pujo. Besides, you’ll also see people being excited about the puja and enjoying the festival with their friends and family. From Mahalaya to Dashami, the excitement would also keep you charged throughout this time. Make reservations at one of the hotels near Kolkata, visit the pandals during the Durga Pujo and participate in the rituals and the workshop, and you’ll surely get enlightened!

Bengali Bhog

Many of you might think that ‘Bengali Bhog’ during Durga Pujo is all about sweets, especially ‘Roshogolla’. However, the fact is not true. Bengali Bhog is more than just sweets. ‘Khichuri’, ‘Begun Bhaja’, and ‘Labra’ are the primary Bhog dishes you’ll try in Kolkata. When you visit here during Durga Pujo, you’ll often see this Bhog being served in the pandals. The Bhog is a treat to devour.


For all these reasons, Kolkata is an incredible place to visit during Durga Pujo. If you’re planning for a trip during the Durga Pujo, you must visit Kolkata or else your Durga Pujo tour will be incomplete. Before your visit, book flight tickets and a room at one of the best family hotels in Kolkata so you can explore the city without accommodation worries. Venture out for pandal hopping, try the delicacies, appreciate the artwork, and engage in the magnificence of the festival to your heart’s content. Visit Kolkata for a trip with your family and friends, and you won’t regret it.

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