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Fasting While Travelling? Here are a few tips!

Should you refrain from travelling while you are on a fast? Definitely not! It is true that if you don’t care for yourself while fasting and travelling, you could end up feeling unbelievably exhausted, and it will definitely not be how you had planned your vacation. But don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered with these tips that will help you stay healthy and happy during your trip while you are fasting.

Time it right

During fasting, there are specific hours of the day when you are allowed to eat. For example, In Ramadan, you are allowed to eat before sahur and after iftar. It would be best if you could pick a flight that departs during this time to avoid travelling while fasting. If that is not possible for you, you could go for a flight time that does not involve having to break the fast while you are on it. After all, you would want to do that in a calm and relaxed place. If you are wondering where to get good food, just google family hotels near me for dinner. Book your stay ahead of time with OYO and include a complimentary breakfast to avoid end-minute ordering.

Know when to break the fast

If you are travelling between two countries, there might be some differences between the time zones of the two countries. In such a situation, you should know when to break the fast. Generally, you are not required to stick to the fasting times of your arrival or departure country when in transit. Rather, you need to follow the time of the place you are currently in.

Pack emergency snacks

From delayed flights to traffic jams, unforeseen circumstances can crop up anytime when travelling. You might find yourself having to break the fast while on the go. Make sure to pack some emergency snacks to help yourself in such situations. Energy balls are a good option to carry with you as these contain oats, dates, honey, and nuts. Pack easy-to-carry snacks such as dates, nuts, or a cereal bar. A juice tin and a pack of biscuits also do the job.

Plan ahead

Before travelling, make sure to do your homework and plan. You can do the necessary research about the country or place you are arriving in. Check OYO for the most accommodating hotels near the place you are visiting. Book the hotel in advance, list the places you are planning to visit, and figure out where the nearest prayer areas are to you will be staying. This will ensure you won’t have to wander around wasting your energy looking for them.

Communicate your needs

Even though you might not realise it, sometimes all you have to do is ask. While travelling, you can let your tour guides, flight attendants, and hotel staff know that you are fasting and will require to eat or rest at a certain time. They will most likely have services to accommodate you in such circumstances.

Respect the local culture

Lastly, when travelling to a country where people don’t follow the same cultural and religious beliefs as you, respect their opinions. The locals may not understand the significance of your fasting and may insist on trying local delicacies. The restaurants may not understand why you are not eating at certain times. It’s totally fine. The best way to deal with this is to kindly explain to them the significance of your fasting and request to be excluded if you are uncomfortable with something they are asking you to indulge in.


We hope that the tips given here will allow you to accomplish your travel comfortably while you are on a fast. If you find it too hard to fast while travelling, you can skip doing it and make up for the days later when you are back home. It can be a last resort kind of option but taking care of your health is also important.

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